Combining fuchsia with red and gray

by Sylvia

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It was the last day of Suzanne’s stay in The Netherlands and a trip to the Stedelijk Museum was on the schedule. It is the best modern art museum in Amsterdam.

Lots of great paintings there from the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol and many others.

Wearing pink with red |

I felt like wearing lots of color for this modern art trip and opted for a red and fuchsia combination. This outfit would have looked great with the fuchsia pumps but I opted for the sensible flats instead.

red pencil skirt with pink puffed sleeve blouse |

The weather was not as great as it was earlier in the week, so a jacket was an absolute must. This gray jacket from In Good Company has been a true favorite all summer.

I know that you have seen all the items of this outfit recently, but perhaps you find it interesting to see how I remix the items for different outfits? it’s so important for a versatile wardrobe! I constantly try and remix the items in my wardrobe as I tire of specific outfits quite quickly. Finding new ways to wear items and trying different color combinations keeps things interesting.

Mixing red, pink and gray |

This is what my hair and outfit actually looked like in the chilly wind!

Bright colors on a miserable day |

And here are the other girls: Greetje, Anja and Suzanne.

Greetje, Anja and Suzanne |

Individual styles |

It turned out to be a rather miserable day with rain outside and rather cold inside, so I closed my jacket for more warmth and treated myself to a hot teac and of course another piece of delicious apple pie!

Combining gray with pink |

Skirt: Donna Karan (old)
Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: In Good Company
Shoes: Tom’s (on sale)

Would you wear fuchsia and red together? And do you remix your clothes?


1 Belen de bellepoque
2 Sylvia

Sometimes you just have to!

3 Lisa

I love color, so this gets a big thumbs up from me!

4 Sylvia


5 Heather Fonseca

I have a real soft spot for pink and red. Just love the colors together. Yes, I’ve worn them together but you definitely stand out! I don’t do it very often. I love your outfit and how you’ve calmed the colors down with grey.

6 Sylvia

You certainly do. But I figured if I go to a modern art museum full of color, I kind of blend in. Then again, sometimes I just want to stand out!
Lovely to ‘see’ you here again Heather. I missed you. Have you been well?

7 Greetje Kamminga

My livingroom is pink and red haha. And I have a cute cardigan which is pink/red/orange. So I am much in favour and like this combination. As you know I liked it even better with the strings of the jacket pulled and the jacket closed as in your last shot.
The wind was indeed fierce.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. Yes I know, you don’t shy away from your colors either!

9 Kathy

I would & DO wear fuchsia and red together! I wear bright colors but sometimes feel it is not age appropriate…I am 70. Suggestions ?

10 Sylvia

I don’t see why not? I guess it depends more on what you wear but there is no age limit as to which color combinations you can wear. If you are confident with your look you can wear anything at any age!

11 Suzanne

I love to mix colours that would normally be considered clashing. I especially love the colour blocking effect of this ensemble.

That is such a great photo of you.


12 Wendy G

Absolutely! And I love the grey jacket you put with it – the length is fun too. Cute shoes.

13 Terri Gardner

If I added a neutral, yes I would wear these two colors together.

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