If you are in business or moved into a new area, you will probably want to attend some networking events. For some of you this may be fun, but for others (more introverted people) networking events can be challenging.

  • How do you talk to people?
  • What do you say?
  • How do you approach people or get approached in the first place?
  • And what do you wear?

I will not go into detail about the first 3 questions but I do have a great idea on what you could wear which will help with all of these questions:

Wear something unique and special!

When you wear something unique and eye catching, people will automatically come up to you and compliment you on your dress or special accessory. It will make it easy for people to approach you as they know exactly what to say.

Don’t automatically think that you could never do this because you are not a stand-out dresser. A simple or fun accessory could do the trick.

Here are just a few examples of stand-out pieces, you could consider.

A special ring

Silver rings

My double fingered ring is understated yet special and draws plenty of attention. People are curious as to how this ring works. Unique earrings will work really well too.

Unique and colorful shoes

drapes (1 of 1)opt

If you like to keep your outfit neutral and understated, you can always add something special with shoes. I often wear these multicolored shoes when my outfit gets a bit too boring. (view the full outfit)

A uniquely designed top

purple green silk top

People do notice and appreciate unique design details. The back of this top is so unique that people can’t help but comment on it and approach you. (view the full outfit)

A special colorful or asymmetrical necklace


If your necklace is unique or colorful enough, others will notice and comment on it. My asymmetrical necklace (view the full outfit) always gets attention as does this big bold necklace found at Boticca. (outfit details)

leatherjacket (3 of 8)opt

A hat or fascinator


This may not be an option when you are shy but people will always approach me to comment on my hat or fascinator that I wear. You stand out automatically as few women wear them. (view the full outfit)

A special bag

boticcaGold (1 of 1)

A stand-out or colorful bag is another great option to add to your outfit.(outfit details)

Wearing something unique or fun in your outfit is a fabulous way to make networking easier as people find it easier to approach you. The extra bonus is that it makes you feel good as well and it’s fun to add a few special pieces to your wardrobe to make neutral outfits more special.

Have you ever tried doing something like this? What was your experience? If not, will you try it?


Sylvia is 40+style’s editor-in-chief and has been helping women find their unique style since 2011. An alumni of the School of Color and Design, she is devoted to empowering women of any age to look and feel their best. Read more about Sylvia and 40+style on this page.

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