I showed you Thomas Wee’s new collection a while ago and told you I bought one piece of his collection. I thought it was about time I showed you what I bought. So here it is today! A silk top that fulfilled all my current wardrobe requirements: it is made of a natural fabric, colourful, unique and playful.

I paired it with my long black dress (which you have seen before here), which is not everyone’s cup-a-tea, but to me this combination creates a bit of a Japanese vibe, which I like.

Wearing a long skirt

The top is made of silk and comprised of 3 striking colours: moss green, red and purple. I loved this colour combination which was so new and refreshing. Funny how it happens that only a year ago I bought this necklace, comprised of tubes, in exactly that same colour mix. It was the perfect accessory for this outfit.

tube necklace

The top has a unique back. It’s a signature design of Thomas Wee and he has this top in several color combinations. I now wear it over my black Japanese style dress, which you can see below the top. I can also wear this top without anything underneath, which would make the interesting arm cut-outs more visible and make the top look very sexy indeed.

purple green silk top

My red leather bag has almost exactly the same colour as the red highlights of this top which makes it the perfect bag for this outfit.

red leather bag

In my opinion this outfit looks equally good with flats and gives it even more of a Japanse vibe.

japanese style outfit with flats

My hair is a bit of a mess and a lot of grey is coming through. I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow and have it colored again. As usual I have no idea what I’m going to do about my hair style…

black green and purple

Have you already purchased something this year?


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