Combining the old with the new – wearing blue and white and pops of color

by Sylvia

Combining the old with the new  |

Today I’m featuring something old and something new.

The beauty of adding a new item to your closet is that you often discover the perfect old pieces to wear with it.

I was attracted to this jacket because of the unusual asymmetrical shape (of course) but had not really thought of how to wear it. I can think of a few ways though (my silk black pants come to mind) but on this day I wanted to wear it with a skirt.

Inspired by my own article on blue and white, I really wanted to try out something in that combination so went scouting in my closet for options. What I found is this old top and skirt from Alldressedup that I have not worn in quite some time, even though it was featured on the site a few years ago here.

drapes (3 of 5)opt

I felt the highly structured stiff fabric was a great contrast to the flowing draping fabric of the skirt and blouse. Unfortunately, I did not tuck in the blouse properly so it shows a bit of a twist here. Please just imagine the outfit without that!

drapes (2 of 5)opt

For accessories and shoes, I could have gone for all-blue-and-white for a chic look, but I felt like adding pops of color to add a bit more quirkiness and fun. My multi colored and patterned shoes from Chie Mihara are the perfect candidate to achieve that.

drapes (1 of 1)opt

To finish the look I used an old fabric necklace from Verily, a simple golden colored bangle and bordeaux sunglasses. My handbag features some green so it became a mash of a lot of colors, but I feel it all still works.

drapes (4 of 5)opt

I have also started experimenting with my hair and am currently embracing my natural waves. On some days I can manage them without too much frizz, but did not quite succeed on this day when I had to get my hair ready too quickly. I will keep on experimenting though on how to get it right and once I have found the ‘magic formula’, I will report back to you.

drapes (1 of 5)opt

Top and skirt: Alldressedup (old)
Jacket: c/o Stella Carakasi
Shoe: Chie Mihara (old) Lots of new fabulous shoes from Chie Mihara can be found on this page)
Necklace: Elitzia (old)
Handbag: brand unknown, bought somewhere in Italy

I’m absolutely thrilled to find a new combination with my top and skirt from Alldressedup again, but also look forward to combining the jacket with other items in my closet.

Linking up with shoe and tell.

Do you often embrace the old when you find something new?


1 Petra

Those shoes 🙂 Yep, love wearing something old with something brand new – I have a couple of plain, slim, stretchy skirts that I’ve had for a few years now because they’re so versatile to dress up or down – and whenever I buy tops, I always think “will the skirts work with the top?”. Also, love your longer, wavy hair 🙂 Have a great week!

2 Sylvia

You too Petra! Yes those shoes are always good for adding a but of fun to my outfits.

3 Lisa

I think one of the benefits of knowing yourself and knowing your style is just this sort of thing. When you buy something new, you can find other things already in your wardrobe that can coordinate with it. It’s also the reason I like separates rather than dresses (for the most part). You can make so many different combinations and you are much less likely to get bored.

(And I still think those are the world’s greatest shoes.)

4 Sylvia

Thanks Lisa. Yes that is very true. Although I still like a good dress too!

5 Suzanne

The shoes the shoes the shoes! My favourites.

I like to think of things I already own when I purchase an item, so I often combine old with new.


6 Sylvia

Way to go Susan!

7 Elaine Lascher

Taking the style course has helped me reconsider older items I have but don’t often wear. I have an old black strapless jumpsuit that is about to be restyled into several new looks buy adding different jackets, belts and funky shoes (inspired by your shoes!). I love the new white jacket you are wearing. It will bring a fresh look to many basic items.

8 Sylvia

Love the sound of old strapless jumpsuit and dressing that up Elaine. Very on trend right now!

9 Cecilia

Love the shoes and jacket….

10 Sylvia

Thanks so much Cecilia

11 Sidney

Looking forward to your hair research! Mine is wavy, too, but feels a bit frowsy if I just let it dry without some kind of fussing with it.

12 Sylvia

It may take a while… Still an ongoing struggle.

13 denton

That is a great look and makes me think of spring!

14 Sylvia

Spring is almost here Denton. Not too long now!

15 Greetje Kamminga

I like!! Very modern, very feminine, very you. You did a splendid job. Love all the items.

16 Sylvia

Lovely to get your seal of approval Greetje!

17 Rita

Love, love, love your Chie Mihara shoes!!! Your hair looks really great, too. I don’t usually buy complete outfits so often have to figure out what older items I have to pair with new purchases.

18 Sylvia

Thanks Rita!

19 Ann Rourke

I love your unique sense of style! I too live in Singapore and I am trying hard to embrace the oh so hot weather yet maintain some sort of fashion sense. I love seeing the jacket layered over the dress. How do you manage the heat and still look so great?

20 Sylvia

Hi Ann. Thank you for your nice comment and welcome to 40+Stye! I always make sure to buy natural materials like cotton, silk or linen. The white blouse is a super thin cotton. The jacket is made from a thin cotton too, which makes it perfect for the indoors too. Of course outside it would still be too hot. I have also bought unlined leather jackets and have several unlined linen jackets. You can browse the What I wore section for more inspiration!

21 Sylvia

I now realise you were commenting on a different outfit than I described above (I thought you were referring to this one For this outfit the jacket is a bit thick for the outside (still cotton though) but the skirt and top are silk and therefore very light and airy 🙂

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