Creative black tie and the fascinator at Bedat launch event

by Sylvia

how to dress for creative black tie

I was invited to the launch of Bedat watches at a local shopping mall Wisma Atria here in Singapore and the dress code was: “Creative black tie”. So what to wear? Mind you, the setting of this event was not going to be a big ball room but right in the middle of a luxury shopping centre. I decided to stick to the ‘black tie’ dressing code and opted for a long silk skirt. Combining the skirt with a simple silk top would still make it ‘casual’ enough for the setting of the event and incorporating the latest blue and black trend.

I also opted to wear a fascinator (but more on that later). The pictures above would have been so much nicer if I had held a clutch, but of course I took my big camera with me again so had to sacrifice style for practicality!

My friend Jenny

Jennie in sparkles

My companion for this evening was Jennie, a woman whom I know from my time in Shanghai where she usually beat me at tennis. Jennie has come back into my life as well, as she has just moved to Singapore. She was also not sure about the dress code considering the location of the event. After initially planning to wear a long dress, she decided to wear a very nice sparkly cocktail dress instead.

How to wear a fascinator

how to wear a fascinator

As you could see from the above pictures I decided to wear a fascinator. This is actually the first time ever I have worn any fascinator, so had no idea how to wear this particular one. Before going out I tried a few different alternatives. Where are the hat experts when you need them (Judith, Kathleen)! Of course I should have consulted them well before going, but in the end I had to make do with guess work. As you can tell I wore the fascinator even more to the side on the actual evening, but I still have no idea what the correct way of wearing is.

The Angelina Jolie leg pose

You can’t see the skirt in its full glory on the pictures. I think it actually looks nicer in real life. It has various layers of satin and voile silk and has a lovely movement when you walk. Of course it’s not perfect. It’s too short for my high heels (by the way I think this is the first time in a VERY long time that I’m wearing pumps!) and the tightening at the top is rather tricky. But look how perfect my Angelina Jolie leg pose is in this skirt!

The Bedat watches launch event

Bedat watches event Singapore

In the end people came to the event in a combination of cocktail dresses and evening gowns, although shorter dresses were definitely more popular. The watches on display were pretty spectacular and I love both the watches worn by the models above.

Bedat watches

There was a little fashion show as well with all dresses provided by Benten Fashion from Indonesia.

models wearing benten

Here are some of the ladies from Benten Fashion showcasing their gorgeous evening dresses.

dresses from Benten fashion

There were plenty of spectacular shoes as well!

shoes seen at Bedat

These ladies are looking very elegant indeed in their very colour coordinated black, white and grey dresses.

Bedat Wisma Atria event

It was a fun event and I very much enjoyed my champagne, the beautiful dresses and watches and talking to various interesting people. A great way to debut my fascinator.

Linking up to visible Monday.

Do you wear fascinators and know exactly how to wear them? 

1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I think you chose a perfect outfit, Sylvia. The skirt is so graceful and the top has both gorgeous color and special details. Thanks for sharing these great pictures with Visible Monday!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

3 Bella Q

I love fascinators! I think you did marvelous job with it- to me a jaunty side is perfect! And you are most elegant in your dress- showing the black and blue can be chic, and not like a bruise.

4 Sylvia

thanks Bella. I’m loving the royal blue and black combi right now!

5 Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Yeah that’s a creative black tie outfit you’ve pulled together Sylvia….stylish!!!


6 Sylvia

Thanks Rebecca!

7 Rachel @

Sylvia, I think your fascinator looks lovely! And seriously, I was looking for Brad Pitt once I saw that leggy… the resemblance is uncanny… :-). Thank you for sharing such a good time with us!

8 Sylvia

Thanks Rachel. Yes, Brad Pitt would be a very nice accessory….

9 The Style Crone

Sylvia, you look stunning in your fascinator and thank you for the mention. Obviously you had no need for consultation. I love the skirt of many layers and you nailed the pose.

10 Sylvia

Glad it got your approval Judith!

11 Greetje

Yes indeed Sylvia, you look stunning. Never throw out this skirt (I don’t think it is too short, not at all) or this top. Or these heels or the fascinator.
I think the fascinator looks good both ways, as well in the photos you took before as at the event.
The beautiful cocktail dress your friend Jenny was wearing, looks a lot like the pretty dresses shown by the designer. Lovely to have your friends close to you again.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. Yes, it’s nice that old friends are closer again. Unfortunately, I’m losing just as many as I gain. Part of leading an expat life….

13 Tangobabe

Looking great, Sylvia, in all aspects!

14 Sylvia

thanks Anja!

15 Rita

The outfit looks great, and a perfect Jolie leg pose! Love your mid height pumps with it…I usually stick with heels no higher than that since I walk fast and don’t want my shoes to get in the way. Those heel-less shoes are just crazy. I tried a pair on just for fun when I was in Los Angeles a few months ago and didn’t get past just standing…too unstable for me (and I ice skate so I have good balance).

16 Sylvia

Haha, I just thought it was fun to do…. As for the heelless shoes, I wouldn’t know how to walk in them. It must be a good ancle strength building exercize!

17 Cindy Swanson

What a beautiful outfit, Sylvia! Thanks so much for the tips on how to wear a fascinator…I’ve been wanting to wear one since Will and Kate’s wedding!

Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life
I’m giving away a beautiful Soft Surroundings top!

18 Sylvia

Just go get one. It’s fun to wear and you are sure to get a lot of attention!

19 Marianne

This is what I ment, I need a bigger part of blue in a combination. I love this combination. You are wearing your fascinator at the right spot. Princess Maxima, Laurentien and all the other princesses wear them a lot and they always use them at one side of their heads. So you belong to the royals, and that sexy leg peeping out, not bad at all. The watches are very femenine and they are on my wishlist, but I am afraid they will stay there for a long time.

20 Sylvia

It was actually Jennie’s idea to wear it even more to one side, so I guess she was right. Glad to have tasted a bit of ‘royalty’. I was wearing ‘royal blue’ after all…..

21 Kim,USA

Wow Sylvia you are gorgeous! Love that blue and black combination and the pose, wow!, AJ should be trembling now hehehehe.


22 Sylvia

Haha Kim, I’m not too sure about that. Did you see Heidi Klum showing off her legs the other night. I think she is going for AJ leg pose award!

23 Jeannie@gracefully50

You look glamorous! Those legs….woo hoo! That was my attempt at whistling. 🙂
So, did you come back with a gorgeous watch?

24 Sylvia

Unfortunately not Jeannie. Tempted for your sure, but I have given myself a spending ban for a few months (at least)

25 Heather Fonseca

I don’t have a fasinator and wouldn’t know how to wear one, but I think yours looks great!

26 Sylvia

Haha I don’t know either, so I just put it on my head and people seemed to like it!

27 Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Beautiful photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

28 Melanie

Ooo, very flirty slit in that skirt there. You wear it to perfection, especially with that wispy blue top. Total glamour. I can only imagine the swish factor. I’ve never worn a fascinator and am ashamed to admit I never even knew that word until they were everywhere at the last big royal wedding. Your friend is also gorgeous in that sparkly dress. You attend the coolest events!

29 Sylvia

Thanks Melanie. It’s actually a wrap skirt which is why there is a slit. I think a fascinator would suit you too! I’m getting invited to more events now because of the growing awareness of my blog’s existence. So I’m sure that will happen to you too!

30 Buckle Button Zip

What a fantastic event you went to. Everyone looks so festive, including you and your beautiful fascinator. I would would wear one – why not?!
x Laura

31 Sylvia

Thanks Laura!

32 Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

What pretty watches.

You both looked fabulous, but I am really loving your blue and black. Just stunning!

33 Sylvia

Thanks Debbi!

34 Suzanne

Sylvia! You look fabulous! “Black-Tie” is very confusing today. It once meant wearing your longest, most ornate gown but times have changed. I think your outfit is perfect though – the cobalt and black are on trend, you kept to your aesthetic of minimal and draped, and the accessories are just enough. The slit is a great surprise! Your friend’s dress is gorgeous too – and the sparkle makes it appropriate for the event. Well done!
Anytime I can drink champagne is a “gala” occasion worth dressing up for!

35 Sylvia

thanks Suzanne. Yes, that’s the position I took as well. I have so few dressing up events and this skirt had not been worn for years. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to dust it off again….

36 traceyliz65

I loved the black and blue, right on trend! The slit was a wonderful, sexy surprise!

37 Jo Monjardin

since last i tried to look for a right dress for over 40, eventhough im always in a right truck , but i need to know more fashion for my age,, and luckily saw this site very thankful.. actually i’l buy some items from your pants and stripe outfit … everyday im looking forward for your style thanks a lot .. luv all

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