Not quite an animal print skirt..

by Sylvia

Not quite an animal print skirt

This is another fall outfit in my little outfit for fall series.

This skirt is not quite an animal print (a current trend), but it comes close in terms of color pattern and feel of an animal print. This is actually a really old skirt which should have been long thrown away if I followed the general rule that you should throw away clothes if you have not worn them for a year. Clearly I don’t follow that rule, as I never know for certain where I’m going to end up next year (in which country). For all I know, I may be living in Switzerland and many clothes that I never wear now may then come in handy.

I don’t think I have worn this skirt in 6 years, but I actually quite like it. It’s is one of the very few printed skirts I have, but unfortunately has not been worn much. The skirt is too hot for Singapore as it has a polyester lining inside. It’s not that easy to mix and match this skirt with other items in my closet, but the main reason for this skirt being underused, is that there always just seems to be something nicer that I can wear. However, I do like the A-line shape and the mid length is back in trend again as well.

I think it actually looks pretty good with this Zara blouse, and I’m doing a bit of pattern mixing as well, another current trend. Difficult to do with my wardrobe as prints are few and far between!

All clothes by Zara. Boots were custom made in Shanghai, China.

So what do  you think. Should I wear this more often? Or give it away after all?

1 Suzanne

I really like the pattern mixing – the colors are perfect – but I love the boots! They are stunning.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. Yes, I agree that these are great boots. They fit me perfectly and the combination of textured leather and suede makes them interesting and also very current for today (even though they are now 4 years old….)

3 The Style Crone

I don’t abide by the rule of downsizing clothing if not worn within a year. If a piece can be worn once in 20 years it’s a keeper. Your boots are stunning! And the outfit looks great on you. It is so interesting and inspiring to me that you have unlimited traveling experience!

4 Sylvia

Hi Judith, That made me smile. Once in 20 years 🙂 It’s true of course because every trend repeats .. It’s a tough one. I like tidyness and an overseeable cupboard but I feel the same. In time I will wear certain clothes again.
Indeed I have been very lucky when it comes to traveling. I have even lived in 8 countries. Still need to discover South America though… Buenos Aires is top of my list..

5 Kari.

I also don’t abide with getting rid of clothes if you don’t wear them in a year. Get rid of clothes if you don’t like them or don’t feel good in them. That being said, I like this skirt. I’m curious what it would look like with a slouchy sweater.

6 Sylvia

Hi Kari. Thanks for your comment. Interesting suggestion. Should try that sometime….

7 Christina

What an awesome outfit Sylvia- love everything about it; skirt, boots, shirt, belt!!

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