My love affair with stripes continues – get some for yourself!

by Sylvia

Striped dress from Max & Co, pants from Calvin Klein

As you all know by now I love stripes, I love assymatry and I love this old pink colour. So if  I can manage to put all of these in one outfit, I am one happy girl.

I bought this striped dress in the sales a few months ago at Max & Co and I must admit that i has not been the easiest garment to wear. Although this dress is meant to be worn as a dress, I always thought of it more as a tunic / wide jumper. It’s one piece of clothing that you have to be creative with and try out different ways on how to wear it. It is a very versatile item as you can button it open almost the whole way.

I was looking to wear it with some skinny jeans, but alas I have very few of those. Almost all my skinny pants are currently cropped. This is partly a good thing as it’s right on trend right now, but it is a challenge to wear with cropped pants with lots of style. I like the silhuette of long legs and I need to be careful not to shorten my legs too much with cropped pants, espcially ones that are severely cropped like these calvin Klein pants.

But I do love the comfort of these cropped pants and the colour, so when I spotted them in my wardrobe and checked the colour to combine with my striped dress, it was love at first sight.  Leaving the dress partly open lenghtened the legs and combining it with chunky mid heel shoes, solved the shortening leg problem. I’m happy to say that I loved wearing this outfit. It’s the perfect combination of comfortable and trendy for me, combining some of my favorite trends. I wore this outfit before with with leggings.

Cropped pants with tunic

Want to get some stripes as well?

Stripes are particularly huge this season. I showed you my  blue stripes outfit 2 weeks ago and I don’t feel I will get enough of them any time soon. I found some wonderful striped dresses and blazers that are available in shops right now if you want to get into the stripes trend as well.

Striped dresses

I would wear the shorter ones as tunics or on the beach! I also find quite a few great striped blazers and a few more great graphical dresses which are all great if you like to incorporate the graphical trend into your wardrobe.

Will you be wearing stripes this season?



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I love the assymetry of the striped top which makes the top be more than “just another” stripe top. You look great.


Yes, I always like my tops to be just a little bit different (when possible)….

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

You look really fab in stripes, Sylvia. I can see why they are among your favorites. And oh boy, do I love the Ralph Lauren and Hilfiger dresses you’re featuring. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday too : >


Thanks Patti. Yes plenty of good striped dresses to buy in shops right now. My favorite from all the above may possibly be Cusp dress, but would probably wear that over pants.


Gorgeous stripes!



Thanks Kim!


I also love stripes….it looks good on u!


thanks Rebecca!


Oh, I like the possibilities of this dress/tunic. Have you tried it with a pair of leggings?


I love that dress, and you look really great in it! I have to mention again how good you look with that new haircut and colour, by the way:) I love wearing stripes, but I mostly stick with narrow stripes as I’m short:) But I’d like to try vertical stripes, it might work, too!


Thanks so much Nanne. Yes, should definitely try. Try something on in shops and see how it looks…..

Anne @ The Frump Factor

Wow, just wow! I love that, and I can see how it becomes a surprisingly versatile piece once you start playing around with it. I totally hear you about the cropped pants issue — they are perfect for certain kinds of weather, but I always wind up dissatisfied with the legline. Yours look great, though — perfect cut and shape. (And I’m insanely envious of your palm-fringed photo-taking spot, just so you know!)


Thanks Anne. Should write an article soon about cropped pants as they are truly hot, but such a challenge to wear….

megan, the frugalista diaries

you always have the greatest one of a kind like dresses!


Yes, I do try to find them. Have to keep myself entertained. I spotted this one during sale time…


You wear stripes very well. Great look.


Thanks Debbi!

Fashion By Alicia

Gorgeous stripes! I definitely will be wearing stripes this spring.


thanks Alicia. Look forward to seeing your stripes!

The Style Crone

I love the striped tunic on you and it looks great with the cropped skinny jeans. I can see why this outfit makes you happy. Stripes are always in my inventory – I just have to find them!


this outfit DOES make me happy. Especially as I bought this dress on sale. It was a risk, but it’s paid off.


Perfect. From head to toe. From hair to shoes.
The colours of your dress wouldn’t suit me, but the style would. Is Max & Co. A sub brand of Max Mara? because I love Max Mara and Sportmax.


thanks Greetje. I’m not quite sure if it’s a sub brand. It sure is a lot cheaper than Max Mara (but not cheap by any means….)


I love it as a tunic. You have fabulous legs!


Yes, this dress is definitely best worn as a tunic. And the possibility of keeping it open makes it very versatile. Thanks!


Your hair looks fabulous Sylvia!
Thanks for the stripe inspiration…I’ll take #1 thru #10!
I love how you wore the dress as a top! Nice!


thank you Jeannie!


This is one of my most favorite outfits you have posted. You look great – young and thin and happy! I love it. 🙂 And your haircut/color is perfect. You make forty look fabulous!


Hi Suzanne, I’ve been missing you… Thanks for the thumbs up on the outfit. I think you are always most keen on outfits with slim pants. Still need to buy a good skinny pants in white some day…. Although I still love my wide pants!

Heather Fonseca

You are really making me want some stripes in my wardrobe! I like how you unbuttoned the dress to shoe some leg. It’s really cute that way.


thanks! Let’s see if I can unbutton it even further next time…..

Mary Kenyon

I Love to wear stripes specially black and white, fit to wear in any style and good to the eyes.


Thanks Mary, You know I agree!


I love this top! It is totally my style! I hope I can find something similar.


I could not find something exactly like this but the striped dresses I featured in this article are pretty nice too….


Oh gosh, THANK YOU! I am on the hunt for a particular striped dress, and that Ralph Lauren one may be exactly what I’m looking for.


Great! Hope it is still there in your size. You would look great in horizontal stripes!

Nicole Feliciano

That outfit is so fab & flattering! Fun Monday Mingle post. This week I’m taking on a fashion assignment for Norma Kamali–one top styled 6 ways!


Thanks Nicole. That’s always fun to do; styling an item different ways…

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