The best mother of the bride dresses – take your pick from shorter or longer dresses

by Sylvia

The best mother of the bride dresses |

It’s one of the happiest days in the life of any mother – your child is getting married! But now the question is – what to wear on the all-important day?

Once upon a time, mothers of the bride were expected to turn up dressed in demure, pastel shades, dainty handbags, and tiny hats. But times have moved on, and so have we. Today we are spoiled for choice for beautiful, modern clothes that flatter our figure and make the other guests wonder if we’re the bride’s sister instead of her mother!

Just keep in mind the following:

  • Take your style cues from the bride’s dress and the style of the wedding party in general, e.g., lace as a running motif, or a 40’s theme.
  • Match the outfit appropriately to the venue, i.e., covered arms for a church wedding, but more flesh-baring outfits for a beach wedding.
  • Wait until the bride has chosen her dress before you start shopping so that you can plan for any last minute changes to the overall look of the wedding party

Here are some great short and long dress options suitable for a diversity of weddings.

Short and sweet

Mother of the Bride dresses blue embellished pink fascinator |

Here are some great examples you can find in stores right now

Mother of the Bride Dresses blue silver black pink lace sequins |

Mother of the Bride Dresses Lace Jacket Pink Blue Gray Stylish |

These dresses can be found below:

Long and elegant

Mother of the Bride Dress Long Tassel Earrings Necklace Beaded Clutch |

Here are some great examples you can find in stores

Mother of the Bride Blue Pink Lace Gowns Dresses |

Mother of the Bride Lace and Beaded Long Dresses |

These dresses can be found below:

For a great selection of Mother of the Bride (and Groom) dresses, we recommend the following online (and birck and mortar) destinations with dedicated Mother of the Bride sections:

Shop the dresses above and more below.

What is your ideal Mother of the Bride look?


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