How to discover your style statement

by Sylvia

As part of the finding your style series, I spoke to you before about the Style Statement and how it can help you find your style. Well, I have now purchased the book and have read and completed it halfway, so time for a little update.

What exactly is a style statement?

A style statement is a way to get more clear on your style. Carrie McCarthy & Danielle LaPorte have written a book called Style Statement – Live by your own design, which aims to get you more clarity about yourself and your sense of style. Here are few statements by them as to what a style statement is:

Your style style statment defines your authentic self.

It is a compass for making more powerful choices, a guide for designing a life that reflects your whole being.

An anchor, a symbol, a mantra. A declaration, an affirmation, a reminder.

You, fully expressed.

It should be noted that the style statement is not about labeling yourself, it is about discovering who you are.

How can you benefit from knowing your style statement?

Knowing your style statement can give you a better connection between your style choices and your inner self. If you can express the real you through your style choices, you will feel better and communicate better messages about yourself to the world.

Some benefits of knowing your style statement include:

  • You will be able to dress with more confidence
  • You will make fewer buying mistakes
  • Other people will not be confused about you as a person and you will give them a clear message through your clothes
  • You will feel more at ease, both in your clothes, your home and your environment
  • You will be able to communicate who you are in all that  you do
  • You will be more ease and efficient in your life
  • You will be more consistent

So how do you find your style statement?

The aim is to find the 2 words that describe who you are, and that are truly you. Your first word represents the core of you, your essence (80%) while the second word represents your creative edge (20%). This word represents the impression that you like to make or the experience you like to create.

In order to find these 2 words you go through an enquiry process around the lifestyle map. The lifestyle map represents the major domains of self-expression and relating. So you will answer lots of questions about:

  • Home + Stuff
  • Fashion + Sensuality
  • Spirit + Learning
  • Service + Wealth
  • Relationships + Communication
  • Creativity + Celebration
  • Body + Wellness
  • Nature + Rest & Relaxation

When answering these questions, you will see certain words or themes come back and again. All these are clues to your style statement. After answering all the questions, you will then analyze and focus the answers which will lead to your style statement

Some examples of style statements

You can find some examples of style statements in my previous article on this subject: describing your style, introducing the style statement. These words become much clearer once you have read the book as many of these core words are described in detail.

Some examples of style statements mentioned in the book include:

  • Refined Treasure (writer)
  • Sacred Dramatic (writer)
  • Cherished Playful
  • Organic Treasure
  • Cultivated Story
  • Timeless Constructive
  • Contemporary Flourish
  • Genuine Legacy
  • Simply Crafted
  • Constructed Playful
  • Genuine Elegance
  • Current Sensual

I’m well on my way to discovering my style statement and I will tell you all more about my process in a following article. I may actually enlist your views and opinions as well.

Tell me. Do you have an idea of what your style statement could be? Are you interested in finding out? 

Update: I finished my style statement and you can read about it in my article creating a wardrobe you love and fits your personality.

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1 Suzanne

A style statement of two words – I am intrigued. And I like the idea of “you, fully expressed”. But I have always considered fashion a journey and not a destination. I like to be open to new things (colors, hem lengths, shapes, fabrics) and also new experiences can necessitate a different way of dressing. I became a university mom this Fall and I love it – I have had to carefully plan and shop for the proper outfits for campus activities. At an art fund raiser I might be sophisicated, meeting the Dean I looked professional, but at a tailgate I want to be cute and in team colors. I really need to think about this. Can two words cover my style expression?


2 Sylvia

I understand what you are saying. I think though that fashion can still be a journey even when you have discovered your style statement and that you can get different outfits for different occasions. I think that a style statement can help to stay true to the real you (your core) no matter for which situation you are shopping or dressing. For example if playful is part of your statement, you would always find an element of playfulness in your clothes. No matter if you are dressing for school, work or evening. That way you will always feel ‘you’ even though you may be dressing for a ‘role’. Does that make sense?


3 Suzanne

It seems that a style statement might be a sort of core values for shopping and dressing. Most of us have a moral compass that governs how we live our life regardless of the occasion or circumstance. I guess those few words of style would be the guiding principle of how we present ourself to the world. “You, fully expressed.” This is very interesting. 🙂


4 Sylvia

Yes, exactly. That’s how I see it….


5 GreetjeKamminga

It is interesting but it seems like a lot of work before you discover your two words. The words I try to shop by are “casually chic”, but I have to admit it is getting me nowhere. My interests are so diverse… And that is not handy. It gives my too many items which cannot be combined. But also I am terrible in combining outfits. Because there is always one combination more perfect than the other.


6 Sylvia

That is true, but you learn a lot about yourself in the process. They are meant to reflect the core of you. As for combining outfits, I think that comes with practice and lot of mixing and matching. Since doing this blog I have been very creative with outfits and once you start playing with them you DO find many interesting combis. It’s much more fun to mix it all up a bit. I get so easily bored with the same outfits, so this is also a way to make your clothes last longer.


7 GreetjeKamminga

I am ashamed to admit, but I also get bored easily with the same outfits. So you are very right in mixing and matching and avoiding boredom gives me a good incentive.


8 Helen

Hi Sylvia,
I was given this book 3 or 4 years ago now and my style statement is Grounded Creative! It really dose help with so many things in life!

Good to see you getting involved.

Kind regards



9 Sylvia

Hi Helen. Thanks for your feedback and great to read that this book has worked for you. Great style statement!


10 Sandra

Since I seem to be at a place in my life where I’m regrouping, I am so thankful to have come across the process you are presenting in this website Sylvia. Thank you! I read the style statement book a few years ago. After taking the personal style quiz, I am confident that I know my style statement already, which is Lovingly Respectable. It also fits with my personal style which is Sport Classic. Since I’ve been wearing black knit pants and a long sleeved white t-shirt daily, it’s so nice to have someplace to start in dressing according to who I am!


11 Sylvia

Wonderful to have you here Sandra. Wishing you a joyful style journey!


12 Saima

I registered but know I realized it’s for 40+ and I am 30 years old .I want to know my style statement.assertive elegant ..


13 Sylvia

The challenge is actually not age specific. I think you’ll get a lot out of it!


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