What are you passionate about to change in life?

by Sylvia

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If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I’ve mentioned the style statement a few times. This is an impressive book that really looks at you as a person, to determine what you core style is. One of the writers of that book is Danielle Laporte. I thought she would still be busy doing something related to her book as it was quite successful, but it turns out she has set her mind on other things.

She went on to create the Spark Kit, which is, as she describes it, a soulful and practical guide to creating success on your own terms. She is also a regular and inspiring speaker on such topics as how to become a successful entrepreneur while doing what you love. She has now written another book The Fire Starter Sessions which will be published in April, but can already be pre-ordered.

In short, she is an inspirational woman whom I can only admire.

So it was with interest that I read her latest blog post What do you want to revolutionize, in which she asks which key area of life you want to change. It’s an interesting question. There are so many things I would like to change, but each of those would take a LOT of focus and determination and I just don’t feel that I’m the right person to do it.

I actually spent a lot of time finding out what I’m passionate about and what issue I want to be a spokeswoman for. I’m not an intelluctal so my options are not that broad. I think I found my place though by creating this blog. I found that I can get quite annoyed by the incredible fixation on beauty and youth and the invisibility of the older woman and through this blog I want to show women over 40, but also the fashion industry and the younger generations, that life is not all about beauty and youth. That a lot of beauty lies in maturiy, your personality, wisdom and a great sense of style, no matter your age or your size. I would like to give women over 40 the confidence to express their creativity and to show them that looking after yourself and beauty does not stop when you get wrinkles. I would like the younger women to know how incredibly beautiful they all are; to show them that as women over 40, even though we have more wrinkles and sagging skin, how accepting we are of ourselves. Perhaps if they realise that we can do it when we are old and have wrinkles, perhaps they can find that confidence when they are still young.

I realise that my message is quite subtle and that I don’t deliver it with large essays, but simply by giving practical tips, inspiration for your style to make you feel and look better, incentives to be more creative with your wardrobe and wear more colour and an article here and there on gaining more confidence or what it means to be a woman over 40 and feel great about it.

Not really revolutionary, but hopefully it will entertain you and will contribute to make life a little better and more joyful. At least it will be a bit more colourful! If I can ignite that spark in a few, it’s already worth it!

How about  you? What are you passionate about and would like to revolutionize?

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1 GreetjeKamminga

My goal is similar. Getting the fashion industry to realize they should design fashion for women. Not only for girls. Once I read an article of a fashion “addict”: lots of money and every year following fashion by buying the latest items. She said: ” When I turned 60, that was it. No more fashion. I could get nothing else but sensible clothes: smart trousers, nice cardigans etc. But I want FASHION. Why aren’t there S/S and F/W collections for me?” And I totally agree. We have the money to burn but they keep inventing fashion for 14 year old girls.
Having a more than full time job I cannot dedicate myself to this desired change. Which is why I am very, very happy with your blog.


2 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. I will do my best in stimulating the designers into action!


3 Anja van der Vorst

Interesting questions to ask, Sylvia. Ofcourse I would like to change the obvious and make the world free of war, sickness, suffering and misery. Who doesn’t?! Yet, for all sorts of personal reasons, I do not choose to get on the barricades for anything much or big. I stick by trying to be good and do good, just on a day-to-day micro scale, hoping that that will work contagious. On my blog ‘totallywowed’ I dedicated a few posts on that: spread kindness and happiness.


4 Sylvia

Sounds great Anja. We all should just do what feels right to us.


5 The Style Crone

I too am a fan of Danielle Laporte and follow her on twitter. She is brilliant and I will be reading her new book. You are doing something that is contributing to change. Advocating for older women is revolutionary.


6 Sylvia

Thanks for your lovely feedback Judith! Excited to read about your recent trip. Will start reading your blog now.


7 Mel Ann Morales

I loved this question – she has amazing questions… I’m catching up on bloggers who answered this question… I love seeing what others want to revolutionize! I love your passion! So happy to find your blog! Just exactly what I need! I invite you over to my blog to see how I answered if you are interested. Mine was about helping revolutionize connections with others – in real life – not get canceled out by technology!


8 Sylvia

Just read your post as well. I so agree. That is also one of the areas I’m focussing more on at the moment. I will need to get out more, meet more people, connect more. For sure. Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your feedback.


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