I have not talked a lot about lingerie on this website. Truth is, I’m not much of a lingerie girl. I spend very little money on it and mainly look for comfortable and practical underwear that is completely invisible under my clothes. Bras are very important (also discussed in my article on how to find the right bra) as well as shape wear  for some occasions, but I mainly it to do its job, which is to lift my bust and be invisible.

You could say I’m a bit ‘lazy’ when it comes to underwear, because I do like the look of it and how sexy it can make you feel.

Lingerie is very important for many women though and rightly so. It can make you feel sexy and better about yourself, just knowing that you look glamorous and sexy underneath your clothing. Not to mention that you will enjoy undressing in front of your beloved one. If you are currently dating then of course sexy lingerie is a must!

Reasons enough to pay more attention to lingerie on this site, so I was happy to accept an invitation for the Honey Birdette lingerie show on a glamorous yacht!


The theme for the evening was ‘sailor’ although not everyone stuck to that dressing code. This was my and my friend Janna’s interpretation.


The ladies below look the part too.



What is Honey Birdette?

Honey Birdette is an Australian brand that was established in 2006 and quickly became a hit with celebrities like Rihana, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham. The brand is now rapidly growing and plans to expand into the global market with the opening of 45 stores, starting right here in Singapore.

Here is what Co-founder of Honey Birdette, Eloise Monaghan, had to say about the brand: “Honey Birdette is a provocative luxurious lingerie brand with a rocking sense of attitude. Across the last decade, we have seen a development of women’s psyche and many are aware of both power and sensuality. Women in career or at home both possess the need to express themselves. Honey Birdette offers them a bolder and more sensual approach to lingerie aligned with their newfound confidence and sense for adventure.”

Have a look at some of my favorite lingerie on show at the event. I also like the 2 bodices at the top which provide a bit more coverage.



Here are a few more pieces from the collection.



We had a great time on the yacht and enjoyed chatting with the models after the show and sipping on some chamagne! For more information on the brand you can check out their website.


I would love to hear from you. How important is (sexy) lingerie to you? Which of these designs is your favorite?


Products images (with black background) from Honey Birdette

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