40+Style inspiration: the unique Idiosyncratic Fashionistas Valarie & Jean

by Sylvia

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas Valarie & Jean | 40plusstyle.com

Since the Advanced Style movie has just been released on video (you can read my review here) I thought I feature these lovely ladies who make an appearance in the film and are frequently featured on the Advanced Style blog as well.

40+Style’s photographer Denton Taylor captured them recently at New York Fashion week.

They always look superbly unique and stylish and also chronicle their adventures on their own blog Idiosyncratic Fashionistas.

Idiosyncratic Fashionista Jean | 40plusstyle.com

They have been featured on this site before here.

Here is a video Ari Seth Cohen made a while ago where they talk a bit more about their unique style.

And here is another fun one.

I would love to have a peak into the closet of these two ladies!

The Advanced Style DVD is now available for purchase at Amazon.

What do you think of their unique style?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Accidental Icon

I am so lucky I get to see these fabulous ladies fairly often in NYC.
Accidental Icon

2 Greetje Kamminga

I absolutely love them. Hearing them speak makes them even younger. I would love to hang out with them. “Wicked women” haha. We could exchange all our sinful deeds in the seventies LOL

3 Rita

Not to be unkind, but I find more classic styles more appealing.

4 Lorraine


5 Lorraine

I would hate to think that people were looking at me for the wrong reasons. It’s nice to have attention but I would like it to be because I looked chic and well dressed rather than a bit eccentric.

6 denton

Hi Lorraine, thank you for looking. This was at Fashion Week, after all, where being very outrageous is de rigueur. These women in Ari’s blog have a long history of being in fashion and theater and they bring it to the street in a wonderful way. Who can resist smiling when you see them? They are walking works of art and style. Being eccentric is all part of it and you have to love it!

7 Rita

I agree, Lorraine!

8 Lorraine

Thanks Rita.
Denton – I have never been to Fashion Week and have a very short history in fashion but I can’t help but think that this is a form of attention seeking and is perhaps a little unattractive after a certain age.

9 Sylvia

Although it’s true that many women dress like peacocks when they attend fashion week which is different from their normal style, these 2 ladies always dress like this. I personally think it’s artistic, creative and fun and I think they look fabulous!

10 Cynthia

I’d wear that newspaper-print outfit in the first shot — in fact I think I might have fondled that jacket at FINN last time I was in San Francisco — because those are my favorite/most flattering shapes, and, well, a kooky print, why not? Fortunately I work in a job where I’m not limited to a “classic” jacket and pencil skirt every day.

11 The Style Crone

I absolutely adore Jean and Valerie of The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas. I find them very stylish, chic, interesting, exciting, creative, witty, bright and fun. Plus, their hats are divine! Thank you for featuring them, Sylvia! Great post!

12 The Style Crone

Oh, and I forgot. Stunning!

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