Discovering Boulder in Colorado and meeting Ana!

by Sylvia

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After Yellowstone National Park we drove further south towards Colorado. We decided to make Boulder our first pitstop there. The town is known for its beautiful setting amongst the mountains, its outdoor lifestyle and liberal outlook.

They also have a lively  open air mall where you will find various street performers.


We visited the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park which offers spectacular views of the American rockies. We took one of the unpaved roads up the mountain where the views are steep and astonishing. We even spotted a beaver along the way.



At the top!




boulder-13opt boulder-14opt boulder-15opt


On the way back we stopped at a small town called Nederland. That is funny as it’s the exact way we Dutch spell our country. It’s a different way to say ‘low land’ which isn’t exactly the case for this town!


Back in Boulder we also had a lot of fun ‘tubing’. And if you think that it’s just sitting in a tube lazily sliding down the river, think again!

This white river had fast streams, small waterfalls, rocks and it felt like a challenging obstacle course. Needless to say, we fell many times in the (very cold) water and stepped away with a few scratches. It was a lot of fun too though and we could not stop laughing when my husband lost his tube and could not catch up with it.

He therefore went back for a second ‘ride’ and I filmed him falling off and almost losing his tube again. Only a ‘superman’ dive could rescue it this time. Check this instagram video if you like to see the short video.


One of the great things about travelling, is that it allows me to meet some of my blogger friends. Ana, aka Mrs American Made has been featured many times on this site and was interviewed here. She is just as wonderful and beautiful in person as she is on her blog. She and her family really love the Boulder lifestyle.


Of course she was game for a little photoshoot.


boulder-23opt    boulder-19opt



And here is what I wore for our meeting. My trusted 7/8 pants from Zara and blue top from In Good Company that you saw earlier combined with a black skirt.

boulder-20opt   boulder-26opt    boulder-21opt

Next stop, Denver!

Have you ever been to Boulder? What did you do?


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1 Pam@over50feeling40

This post was refreshing! I love Colorado and it is fun to see your pictures and the styles both of you are sporting!!


2 Sylvia

Thanks Pam. Glad you enjoyed it!


3 Patti

Ana is gorgeous and I love her style. Looks like great fun – yes I did do some tubing near there and was freezing cold by the end! (that’s what I remember about it : > ). xox


4 Sylvia

I was pretty cold too, which is why I did not go a second time 🙂


5 Elaine

During my working years I visited Boulder on a regular basis. I loved the town and thanks to a generous expense account often stayed at the historic Boulderado Hotel. Lots of students and opportunities for outdoor life gave the town a friendly relaxed vibe. Thanks for sharing your photos. I might need to go back for a visit!


6 Sylvia

I was amazed at how friendly people were there. If I gave as much as a hint that I wanted to cross the street they would stop the car! My husband was amazed at how incredibly fit people were.


7 Rita

I love Boulder! I have a friend from high school that went to college there and was married there (reception at one of the outdoor parks…amazing!), and I have visited many time on business trips. Such a beautiful area!

Is that Flatirons Crossing for you photo shoot. A very nice shopping area.


8 Sylvia

I’m not sure as Ana took me there. There were lots of great shops there though….


9 Suzanne

Looks like fun! Great that you were able to meet up with so many other bloggers.



10 Sylvia

I know! I’m having a blast!


11 Melanie

I love the stairs on the mountains – it’s too bad they don’t grow like this on their own!
You look so happy in Boulder, and Mrs. American Made looks like great company, stylish and with big smiles. I don’t know how you do it – long drives and still smiling and fresh.
The tubing looks like it would be a blast!


12 Shawna

I’ve never been to Boulder or Colorado at all but it looks lovely and looks like you had a great visit! I fell in love with the river and with Ana’s shoes.


13 Dorrie Jacobson

Having fun and looking stylish at the same time ….lovely ladies!


14 amy

I was in Boulder this past spring. We visited Rocky Mountain National Park too, Pearl St., and Chautauqua Park. It’s so beautiful there!


15 Robyn

I have never been to Boulder but after viewing your photos I’d love to go, not sure about the tubing or the cold water. I loved Ana’s shoes.


16 The Style Crone

Stunning photos of the Rockies, and of you and Ana. Your adventures are so much fun to follow. You’re creating spectacular memories.


17 Greetje

This was a great post. Beautiful sites, husband in tube, short funny video, and of course Ana. What a fabulous time you are having.


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