How to meet me in New York and what I wore on my first day!

by Sylvia

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If you follow my Instagram account, you know that I’m currently in New York.

On my first day I met up with Denton Taylor who has been taking fabulous streetstyle photographs of 40+women for 40+Style the last couple of years. 


He showed me around the neighbourhood of the West Village and surroundings where my apartment is located. Below you can see the Chelsea market.


His wife Teresa was there too and we wore surprisingly similar colors.


Both Denton and Teresa are the most wonderful and interesting people and they have been so welcoming to me in New York. They adore this city and it’s wonderful to be guided along by them and learn about this impressive city.

Teresa gave me a glimpse of her shoe collection which is truly impressive and full of eccentric, colorful, chic and beautiful shoes. I must show you some time.

Reader meetup

As  you may know I will have a meetup with some readers of 40+Style on 22 August. I have yet to sort out the final details and exact meetup locations, but I have already mailed the readers that have registered. If you have registered and did not receive an email from me last week, please check your spam folders or contact me here.

We will meet up in the Soho area at 10 am for coffee and tea and will then proceed with shopping and lunch in that area.

If you are interested in coming then please register on this page. I will send another email with exact details tomorrow or Thursday.

Bloggers meetup

The bloggers meetup is going ahead as well and takes place in the weekend of 4-6 September. Details and registration are on this page. Expect to meet in the West Village or Soho area. I will email all who registered with more details next week.


Outfit details
Skirt: Porto (via Getdressed2)
Top: In Good Company
Shoes: CK Calvin Klein (old)
Sunglasses: Loewe

New York so far is exciting and a bit overwhelming. So much to see and explore! I’m so happy I have a full month to do that. To keep up to date with my day-to-day activities be sure to follow me on Instagram.

Of course if you have any tips on New York and what you feel I should see and do I will be very happy to hear them!


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Christine Dodd

Looking forward to reading your posts as I’m booked to go to NYC in April next year – already planning what to wear.

2 Patti

I love NYC o much – just these pictures give me pangs. Sadly, I won’t be able to make the Sept 4th meet-up, as we are going to NYC in Mid-October and must budget for all that adventure. I hope your stay is magical, like the city. xox

3 Natalie

Coming to the reader meet-up this weekend with my sister Elaine. Can’t wait!!
See you then.


4 The Style Crone

How fun to meet Denton and Teresa! And your outfit is smashing!

5 Melanie

Hahahaha! Sylvia, oh, I am so happy to see you standing in this great city. I’m enjoying myself vicariously through your adventures and saw you on Instagram. Have a blast!! Looks like you’re off to a good start. You’re fortunate to have met such wonderful people as Denton and Teresa as guides and friends.

6 Shelley@ForestCityFashionista

I love the unique shape of your skirt and blouse. Are those the Gareth Pugh Melissa sandals? I wanted a pair but they are too narrow across the front for me.

I would love to have joined the NY meetup, but like Patti, I am going to NY in October and have to save my pennies (the Canadian dollar is sooo low compared to the US). Nice to see that you spent some time with the IF’s!

7 Nadine

Dear Silvia!

Amazing photos and a georgeous look! Your skirt and your top are fabulous, love it!

Have a wonderful time in beloved New York!

xxx Nadine

8 Greetje

Looking ever so good Sylvia. I do so envy you… a whole month in New York. I so want to join… money, money, money, that clinking clanking sound (after Cabaret). It can be a spoil sport.
I would have to take up an extra mortgage if I were to join you haha. Not only the cost of the trip and the stay there, but the things I would buy… Better to stay here.
I am glad Denton and Teresa are such nice people. I thought they would. Love Teresa’s bag and shoes.
Have a great time dear.

9 denton

Thank you Greetje if you ever come here I will teach you how to shop like a New Yorker, which is getting a lot of beautiful stuff very cheap.

10 Sylvia

You would be amazed at Teresa’s shoe collection Greetje!

11 Sherry macdonald

I also love NY. I would love to be there with you beautiful ladies but I’m going on vac in a couple of weeks. I love the red and blue together!

12 winnie

Am only 25year and i real like your styles

13 Sylvia

Welcome Winnie. Great to hear that my style inspires you!

14 Dawn Lucy

Oh love following Denton on IG and seeing his amazing pics! I wish I lived closer, because I would LOVE to meet you in person, Sylvia! Can’t wait to see the pics!

Dawn Lucy

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