The purple silk dress

by Sylvia

purple alldressedup dress

By now you will all know that I’m attracted to asymetry and interesting details. That is one reason I gravitate towards the Alldressedup label as they always try to create  an interesting focal point in their clothes. I was attracted to this dress also because of the colour and the unusual draping at the front.

It’s the ideal kind of dress for hot singapore as it’s loose and of a natural fabric (silk). I also see a lot of potential of wearing this dress over pants, since it is a bit on the short side.

Although I love these interesting drapes, I also made a note to myself that I should also be looking for simpler shapes moving forward. I have a few of these draped dresses now, so it’s time for something completely different! I’m still looking for a red dress and I’m going to try and find something simpler. Still a unique shape but perhaps no more drapes.

The holidays are now fast approaching and I still have so much work to do and to plan for packing. I wonder if this dress will make it in into my suitcase… It’s going to be a challenge. 5 weeks away, 4 different countries, unpredictable (and potentially cold) climates. I still have no idea what kind of capsule I will take this time..


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Yes, this dress is very much you and it is very nice. Would not have thought it is silk but that makes it even better.
I find it is very hard to go for simpeler as you are drawn to your style every time. Your eyes seem to pick out only that. Really difficult. Everytime I come home with yet another eye catching piece instead of a simpeler piece, I think “Why? What was my goal? My intention?” Failed again.
So good hunting and have a lovely holiday.


Thanks Greetje. My intention is always to look for something different. An interesting shape. We will see how it goes. I’m still going to shop my favorite shops who now have everything on sale before I leave for Europe.

Rachel {Raw-kul}

Sylvia, this is a great look for you. I like the yellow on the shoes with that dress, unexpected but it totally works! And I have to say, your photos are amazing, so clear and the lighting is perfect! I am looking forward to seeing your capsule choices for your travels! 🙂


Thanks Rachel. The lighting is usually not that good with the images, but I always edit them in Lightroom. I take the images in raw format which allows you to do some edits to exposure, sharpness etc. I don’t really do any ‘photoshopping’, but I almost always adjust the exposure….

Erica @ Recycled fashion

Your dress, it’s amazing! The draping, color..your shoes are great too, very stylish!


Thank you Erica!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Yes, the dress sings “Sylvia”! It looks wonderful, as do you, and I do understand the desire to change things up as well. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.


Thanks Patti. Yes, after a period of style blogging, it’s pretty clear what my ‘signature’ style is….


What an amazing dress!


Thank you Tia!

Kathleen Lisson

This color is so pretty on you, and your glasses match the dress.


Thank you kathleen!

Kathleen Lisson

You’re welcome!

Mistress Bliss

This is a great color on you…such a pretty shade of purple.


Thank you for your kind feedback!

Megan Mae

The dress is beautiful on you, and I am especially loving your sandals. They look like the perfect heel height, minimalistic, but still colorful.


Thanks Megan. I would still have preferred my heels a bit lower, but as we all now, now that easy to get!

Buckle Button Zip

I really like this dress on you and the colors are really fun together. Your sandals bring a nice zing of bright color too. Pretty!
x Laura


Thank you Laura. I thought so as well!


Wow, I love this dress. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything similar, and I don’t think everyone can pull off this look. But it is perfect on you, color, drape, design. Did I say, “Wow?” 🙂


Thank you Lynne!

megan, the frugalista diaries

beautiful dress! love the draping

Xo Megan


Thank you Megan!

Sheila (of Ephemera)

Wow, what a cool dress! I love the assymetrical draping and the colour – very unusual.

Spotted you at Visible Monday! You stood out for me, for sure! Rock on!


Thanks Sheila!

The Style Crone

I love your choice! You always look great with drapes and asymmetry, but it’s fun to switch in mainstream. I also like the interesting mix of colors.


Thank you Judith!

Heather Fonseca

That dress is very cool! I love the colors and the quirky details.


Thank you Heather!

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