Style inspiration: the native women of South America

by Sylvia

Style inspiration: the native women of South America |

One of the things that delighted me most during my holiday were the beautiful women of South America.

Many of the native women of Bolivia and Peru still dress in traditional ways and it’s lovely to see how they still embrace skirts and color. Here are a few impressions of traditional South American style!

Threads of Peru: Traditional poncho |

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1 Louise

Fabulous photos, Sylvia! I feel as if I was right there. And thanks for showing so many “plus-40” women.
It’s refreshing to see that comfortable clothes for a hardworking lifestyle don’t automatically have to mean jeans and trousers — or “practical” colours, such as black. And every day seems like a good day to pattern-mix!


2 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Lovely post thanks Sylvia! It must have been a truly magical trip!


3 Greetje

Soooo different. Lovely photos.


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