Streetstyle inspiration: coats – Which of these coats is your favorite?

by Sylvia

Streetstyle: coats - 10 fabulous looks, which is your favorite? |

The weather in the Norhern hemisphere is getting colder and coats are becoming a necessity. Here is inspiration from the streets of New York to inspire your winter coat outfits! 

1. Elegant and feminine

2. Layering textured pieces

Winter outfits: ideas on how to keep warm and stylish |

3. Soft pastel pink

Winter outfits: pastel pink with teal blue outfit|

4. Short coat with textured collar

Winter outfits |

5. Blue draped poncho

Winter outfits: blue poncho |

6. Glamorous red


7. Chic cape coat

Winter outfits: how to wear a cape coat |

8. Neutral wrap coat

Winter outfits: grey wrap coat |

9. Practical black

Winter outfits: all black outfit |

10. Chic grey cocoon coat

Winter outfits: Chic grey cocoon coat |

For more inspiration on how to create outfits for the colder season, you may like to visit 5 outfit formulas for winter and the best coats for fall!

This is only part 1 in a series of featured coats. Stay tuned for more textured coats and printed coats in the coming weeks!

Looking for a coat yourself? Here are some options inspired by these looks.

Which of the featured coats is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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1 Tiffany

I love the fabulous red and the neutral gray the best. These ladies look great in their various ways to keep warm. Thanks for the ideas!

2 Denton

one and seven for style but #3 to keep you warm.

3 Sherry Edwards

Gotta admit I love love that red coat. Unfortunately where I live we wear our national colour — black. I don’t even think I would be able to find a red coat here.

4 Melanie

The one I like most is surprisingly the chic cape coat, and the pink coat, but I like the wraps on top of coats too. It’s too bad that many of these women look like they are cold. It’s sometimes hard to find the perfect combination of warmth AND style. That hat with the pink coat look oh-so-cozy.

5 Greetje

Ohhh number one, number one… the whole outfit of number one please. The short one of number four is cute too, but I would wear it on trousers. The red coat of number six: yes please. And while I am on it, the bags of number eight and nine. Right, that was my Christmas list haha.

6 Elaine

#4 is my favorite. I would definitely wear it a lot.


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