Remixing my outfits

by Sylvia

black and white ballet flats

Today I will show you 4 remixes of clothes you have seen before, but the outfits are different. This is just to show you how a versatile wardrobe can help you mix & match and create various new looks.

First there is my old A-line skirt from Zara. It’s been in my closet for a while and I find it an easy casual skirt for errands. Very easy to combine with both neutral and brighter tops. Here it is combined with my favorite red Alldressedup top that I have showed you several times before on the site.

New are the ballerinas that I managed to buy in London. It was actually pretty hard to find good ballerinas even though they were everywhere. And even now I’m not even sure I bought the right ones. I love how they look but even though they fit perfectly in the store (I swear) they feel really tight now. I have this problem with a lot of shoes which is why I always dreaded buying new shoes. They feel fine in the shop, but at home they are too tight. The problem has gotten a lot less since I almost only buy sandal shoes now. We’ll see how we go. Perhaps I should have them stretched out!

Red silk top, grey a skirt

Here is another look with the A-line skirt with on-trend colour taupe  (also from Alldressedup). Looks great too with the animal print belt and brown wedges and of course my Balenciaga bag.

taupe alldressedup top

All the below pieces have been featured before as well. Top and dress from Haji Lane, trousers from mango and Zara shoes.

black and white dots

And here is the Calvin Klein dress I wore on my recent birthday party. This time combined with a yellow belt and yellow shoes.

Calvin Klein animal print dress

How are you doing with remixing your clothes? Did you discover many interesting combinations lately?


1 Pam@over50feeling40

I like the way you did this…great job! I really like the necklace you wore with the red blouse.

2 Sylvia

Thanks Pam!

3 Jeannie@gracefully50

Great outfits, Sylvia!
Of course, I like the first one the best! Oooh, love your Balenciaga bag, the leather is so yummy!
I also love the pop of yellow in your birthday outfit….you know I love those shoes!
As for tight shoes, I invested in shoe stretchers and they have come in very handy.

4 Sylvia

Aha shoe stretchers! Should look for them and give them a try.

5 Suzanne

I like all of these looks very much. Brighter colors by your face truly suit you. The necklace, belts, bag, and shoes are fabulous. I think it is fun to use accessories to change or even update outfits. I am trying to experiment more with mixing things but the biggest obstacle I am having is the weather! Today it was 70F and pouring rain but tomorrow it will be 50F for a high. One day I am in light clothing and the next I am in warm layers and it isn’t easy keeping everything dry. I need tall, cute rainboots! 🙂

6 Greetje

Suzanne… More boots on the Forum …..haha

7 Sylvia

Yes weather can be tough. I was struggling quite in bit in Melbourne where it was so cold. My options get very limited then with just my old winter clothes. But I was very comfortable in my boots for 3 days! (Still managed to pick up a cold though…I’m just not used anymore to cold weather)

8 Suzanne

Greetje! You are always tempting me with your beautiful boots! I want to steal them all. 🙂 I’m off to the Forum to take a peek.

9 Greetje

Haha, I will have a look later to see your comments. Just know that after you have been to the Forum, I have uploaded red cowboy boots……

10 Tangobabe

Very nice outfits, Sylvia! Especially 1 and 4. In the second one I would suggest to wear the belt higher and to choose shoes in a lighter or more neutral color. Hope you are having a great time networking at the moment;-). And looking forward to catching up ‘live’ soon!

11 Sylvia

Oh I actually quite like these shoes with outfit no. 2. The belt did not really work higher. The problem is that this ‘top’ is actually a dress. There was just too much fabric. Melbourne was fun but exhausting not helped by the fact that I picked up some local flu germ. Home again now!

12 Rachel @

Hi Sylvia, I am remixing over here too, just not snapping pics every time I do so I give the illusion of never mixing, ha ha. You look great in every one of these outfits, the colors are amazing, the photos are fabulous!

13 Sylvia

I know what you mean Rachel. I often don’t take photos either. But last week I made a bit of an effort! I know some of my readers really love these remixing posts.

14 Rita

Those are great outfits, and the ballet flats are so pretty! I recently bought a pair of flats that I knew would need a tiny bit of stretching (the next half size up were too big). I’ve been wearing them around the house with socks a few hours at a time, and now I can wear them with no socks, or with nylons with no problem. It looks a little silly, but it works and that way you don’t run the risk of overstretching them.

I did a major closet clean out last week…culled everything that I hadn’t worn in the last year, tried on things I though I might wear and realized why I hadn’t (looked a little worn or just tired). I’ve been mixing up the rest. Happy with my new closet space and new outfits without having to go shopping. 🙂

15 Sylvia

That would be a good trick (and one I applied in Holland) but here I can’t bear to have any shoes on inside! Even outside closed shoes tend to be too hot.
Sounds like you have been doing a great job with your closet editing and cleaning!

16 Rita

Gee, it must be warmer in Singapore than I realize. We don’t wear shoes in the house that have been outside, either bare feet, socks, or maybe a pair of TOMS if my feet are cold. I’ve never been a slipper-wearer…seems so lazy. Once shoes touch the ground outside, we don’t wear them in the house. Most guest will honor our request to remove their shoes but every once in a while, someone won’t want to (my mother being one of them). So, after they leave, we go on a cleaning binge. Yes, we’re a little OCD. 🙂

17 Sylvia

Trust me Rita, in Singapore you will almost always prefer to wear nothing. Almost all houses here have stone floors and you walk on them barefoot. Anything to cool you down!

18 Greetje

I find it difficult to choose. I love these kind of post with you showing your clothes in so many dofferent ways. I learn so much from it.
The ballerinas look lovely on you. I have the same problem with shoes which are too tight when you come home. I don’t want to go through the agony of stretching them myself, so I bring them to the cobbler to stretch. Sometimes I have to bring them twice, but it works.
I like your black bag (outfit 1 and 3) a lot. And your third outfit (Haji Lane) is very well put together, looks great with the jewellery, shoes and jacket.
I too, like Anja, would like to see your yellow belt a bit higher in the last outfit. But perhaps you tried that and it was no good.
One small remark on the taupe top… Although the outfit looks good, I wonder wether taupe is your colour.

19 Sylvia

Cobblers are pretty bad in Singapore. I have yet to find one that I like…
The black bag was actually bought in Haarlem in one of those little streets. Not expensive and a very practical bag indeed!
Anja was talking about the belt in picture 2. I have a short waist, so when I put the belt up too high, it looks a bit out of proportion, which is why I keep it lower.
As for colour, I think that warmer, brighter colours suit me better, but every now and then I just wear what I feel like that day!

20 Tangobabe

In 4. I think the low belt works well. I guess that in 2. maybe the too-much-fabric aspect plays a part. I agree that warm colors and bright colors work very well for you and your complexion. The taupe is ok too. As you know it’s the pales that I find not very suitable for you.
Good that you hold your stand and that you DO like the shoes in 2.;-)

Too bad that you got a flu/cold. I got a flu here in India, now a cold, a sprained back and bruised some toes pretty bad…

Hope we will meet soon in good health in Singapore;-). Flying in couple of hours…

21 Sylvia

Ah, you are coming first to Singapore. Great! (thought you were flying straight to Holland)

22 Playing With Scarves

All these are delightful combinations Sylvia! I love them all but my fav is the first one (nice bicolor shoes. Chanel?)
I think remixing outfits is always fun. But it requires a little effort.
Personally, once in a while, I take out of my closet skirts, dresses and tops I love and I decide to “work” on new and different looks. The thing is we tend to get used to pair this and that and we fall into a kind of routine. And routine is a killer! Whereas I am sure all of us can easily create new outfits AT NO COST by just remixing what we already have. It’s fun, rewarding and worth it. Needless to say, as a scarf addict, I also love to “revamp” my scarves by wearing them differently and with various outfits too!
Thanks for this great post.
xo from Florida,

23 Sylvia

Thanks Anne. No the shoes were bought in London at a discount and around $100. Definitely no Chanel! Yes remixing and thinking about your wardrobe requires more effort, but I think it’s certainly worth it.

24 Bella Q

Again I say- I love you in bold color. The first remix is perfection to me- it looks effortlessly chic and immensely wearable- The last, the print dress with bright colored skinny belt is such a great look – it would work great for the office, but also on a weekend. Classic.

25 Greetje

I agree with you Bella, the first one is such a good combination.

26 Sylvia

Thanks Bella. It’s often the simplest looks that appeal the most to people, I have found. But that red top is just a winner. So easy to combine with a lot of things!

27 Heather Fonseca

Love your remixes! I’ve been doing a lot of mixing recently, but its been difficult to take photos because of the hot weather. I hope to share a few more outfits soon.
Your white pleated skirt is great. I love Zara. They have such great pieces.

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