Linda Fargo wearing fringe at New York Fashion Week

by Sylvia

Today is the last day of my epic 3 month adventure in which I travelled to several countries and met many amazing people. I had an absolute blast but am now also ready to join my family back in Singapore. 

I still have many photos and stories to share with you, but today I will leave you with some images of Linda Fargo, Senior Vice President of Bergdorf Goodman wearing a beautiful fringed dress. The lady at her side is wearing fringe too.

This is a trend I have seen numerous times on the streets of New York so it seems to be very popular. Linda Fargo definitely pulls it off!

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If you like to add some fringe to your style, you may like these ideas! Bergdorf Goodman has a great selection of fringed items on this page.

I will be back with more fabulous 40+Style on Monday!

Will you embrace the fringe trend this fall?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Patti

She’s fabulous – and just about my age – from gorgeous hair to gorgeous shoes.

2 The Style Crone

Your last day! It’s been so much fun to follow your adventures! Thank you for taking us with you. Safe travels home and look forward to what you do next.

Love the fringe and the hair in the photos above.

3 denton

While I am already getting a bit tired of seeing fringe everywhere, I’m still loving the whole 1970s boho vibe that is coming along with it. Floppy hats, scarves, turbans, big Afros on Black women… a return to 1970s natural is great (maybe cuz I spent my youth there.) Speaking of Bergdorfs, if you are in NYC you should check out their windows, they have one devoted to this look including a gorgeous suede piece that I can’t even imagine what it cost.

Linda Fargo is my absolute fave person in fashion. So beautiful and stylish, and a genuinely nice person to boot. When taking her photo, if you yell out and tell her how great she looks, she will flash you that dazzling smile you can see in her middle photo.

4 Jodie filogomo

Another example of great style on mature women!! It doesn’t look too “young” to wear the newer styles—-it looks great!! jodie

5 Elaine

Bon Voyage Sylvia! It was wonderful meeting you during your stay in NYC and to go shopping with you. What a treat. My new clothes are waiting for a cooler day so I can photograph outfits and post them on the 40 Plus Facebook page. In the mean time I loved reading your NYC blog posts and hope you return to the US in the future.

On the fringe look…… I’m a child of the 60’s so I did the fringe thing way back when and I agree with Denton that it may be too much of a good thing at this point. Although I admit to having a few pieces just for fun…..and I’m wearing one now so there you go. I also agree that homage to other 70’s trends is a great idea. Stephen Burrows designs still inspire me.


6 Rita

I have little leather tassels on a pair of LK Bennett riding boots that I bought a few years ago. I love the little detail, but think that is probably as fringy as I’ll get.

Safe travels home!

7 Lorna Mai

I already have a couple of pairs of boots with a fringe which I purchased before the trend is as big as it is now. I would love a fringe bag but not sure if I would want to buy an item of clothing with a fringe.

8 Greetje

Perhaps because I was so keen on fringe when I was 17 to 23, that I have gone off it. Some tassles? Yes please. Fringe? Not anymore. But Linda does look gorgeous. What a great hair too.

9 nancy

What a beautiful women, and so stylish!

10 Ellen

So beautiful, I adore her!

11 suzanne

I love all these fringe pieces, and Linda’s is style – fabulous! It’s been fun tagging along on all your fun adventures! Thanks for sharing them all with us! Suzanne

12 Anja

Wow, what a great look! Especially since I love fringes;-)

I would wear this myself.

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