In my last article I spoke about the importance of loving your body and dressing it well.

It’s important to realize that you can love your body and look and feel good no matter what size it is. That’s something I can’t stress enough.

And if you need a bit of help doing that or just want to feel even better about yourself, you can work with the proportions of your body to create a great outfit. If you didn’t read my previous article, you can read it here or listen to the podcast.

If you prefer to listen instead of read, you can also listen to my podcast on how to stop overeating below.

However, accepting your body and loving it doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight or stop overeating

You can love your body AND still have a desired weight.

You can love your body AND lose weight.

So many of you feel that you need to hate your body in order to be motivated to lose weight, but you’ll actually be more successful if you come to accept your body first.

When you respect and honor your body, you’ll want to look after it

When you understand and accept that you can already be happy with your current body, losing the weight and stop overeating will be so much easier.

Why is this so important and how does this work then?

Think about the last time you ate things that you knew weren’t good for you. Why did you do that?

It’s often not because you want to. And in most cases you know that it’s not in the best interest for your body either.

So why do you still eat the snacks and the unhealthy foods?

So many of my clients eat because they feel unhappy with something in their life. Or they have a stressful day.

From a recent survey here are some reasons you’ve been giving me for why you’re struggling with your weight. They broadly fall into 3 categories

No belief in your capability

  • I have no willpower
  • I’m lazy
  • not consistent with my workouts
  • I get tired of dieting
  • I just don’t believe that it’s possible for me anymore
  • I can’t stick to a mealplan

When you start to believe that you’re lazy or you can’t do something, you will find proof of that. (you may listen to my podcast on finding evidence for your thoughts to learn more about this). It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

But what if it isn’t true? What if you are capable but you just haven’t found the right way for you yet?

I believe that you are all capable to achieve your goals when you have an important reason and are willing to look at the motivation behind your eating. When you start to truly understand why you eat and learn how to deal with your emotions in other ways, you absolutely CAN stick to your plan.

This is not done through will power. You do this by lowering your desire for food.

External circumstances

  • Covid
  • I eat what’s on my plate
  • My husband

Other times we blame external circumstances.

We can’t leave the house because of Covid so we eat more.

Our husband likes italian food so we eat it too.

We get a plate full of food in the restaurant and we feel we need to eat it all.

The truth is, these circumstances don’t need to influence our food intake at all.

Covid can be used as an opportunity to do things at home that never get done.

When you eat what’s on your plate, you let other people decide what you need. Instead you can always be in control of that. We can eat as much as our body needs and leave the rest.

We can let our husband eat his pasta and we can eat what we want.

It’s never the external circumstances that cause you to eat. It’s always your thought about those circumstances, which determines how you will feel and how you react and take action.

Noticing the difference is something you can learn and it will allow you to take back full control of your life.

Emotional reasons

  • I eat for comfort and boredom
  • I snack at night
  • I eat when I’m stressed or anxious

We love to reach for food or a snack when we experience emotions that we’d rather not feel. It’s just so much easier to eat some food instead.

We feel uncomfortable in some way and rather than understanding where this discomfort comes from or actually allowing for the feeling to be there, we prefer to numb the feelings instead. We prefer to forget that we’re even feeling the discomfort.

There are many ways to ‘buffer’ and numb our emotions. 

We do it with watching TV, working too much, scrolling on Facebook, drinking and of course, one of our favorite ways is eating.

This is emotional eating or buffering.

We’re not really hungry but we have a strong desire for food or drink, usually to distract us from something else.

This overdesire for food is also caused by the kind of foods that we eat. Usually when we are in an emotional eating mode, we crave food high in sugar. They give us an instant dopamine hit which makes us feel good.

Of course this feeling never lasts very long so then we need another ‘hit’.

This is a problem because it leads to overeating and can cause you to gain weight.

How to stop overeating and keep the weight off for life

Why is overeating a problem?

So many of you have written to the overeating and weight gain has led to dissatisfaction with your body. You can’t fit into your clothes anymore and more and more of your time is focused on getting your ‘old’ body back.

Overeating can also lead to health problems and the increased dissatisfaction with yourself can lead to mental issues.

All these stop you from tapping into your fullest, truest potential.

When you’re too preoccupied with your weight and experiencing too much stress from that, you don’t have much time for your other life goals.

And it doesn’t have to be that way

Let’s take this current COVID crisis for example.

Many of you have told me that you accumulated quite a bit of COVID weight. You probably wish that the problem would just go away and we can all go back to normal again.

COVID is not wanted or pleasant and I too wish it was over.

But the reality is: COVID is here. It will be here for a while. There’s nothing much we can do about it, other than be careful.

Resisting it and wishing it wasn’t here, will not be effective.

If you resist the current situation too much it may make you feel powerless which is not a pleasant feeling at all. And when you don’t feel good, you may want to comfort yourself with food.

Instead you can learn to accept the current situation and can ask yourself how you can make the best of it. What can you do in this moment that will make you feel that you’re moving forward?

I’ve chosen to double down on the True Potential Academy, where I help women tap into their true potential and coach women to overcome any road blocks in their path.

But let’s say that you can’t come up with anything positive as it relates to COVID and you still feel very sad about it.

Normally your first reaction would be to comfort yourself with Netflix or food.

But what if you allowed yourself to feel a bit sad for a while and feel the feeling?

That may feel like a very strange concept to you and it certainly requires some practice but when you learn how to do this, it is truly powerful. Instead of ignoring or numbing the emotion, you actually will process it and understand it.

You accept it as part of your humanness. We don’t have to feel happy all the time. We can be present for the moments that are not perfect too.

You don’t want to rely on willpower to lose weight and stop overeating

Relying on willpower is exhausting. And sooner or later it will run out.

You don’t want to be proud of yourself for resisting that cookie; you want to proud that you don’t even desire it any more.

When you no longer have the desire, you don’t need any willpower.

For example as a non-smoker I have no desire at all for a cigarette. No amount of free cigarettes would tempt me to take one.

What you want instead is a new way of life. Losing weight is not about having enough willpower, it’s largely about understanding yourself and why you have such a desire for food that is not healthy for you. You’ll want to understand your emotions. It’s about understanding what is important to you in the long-term and not just the short-term.

Once you learn what motivates you and how you can manage your emotions, you’ll find that you can largely eliminate the overeating.

When you combine this with a clear plan (that you create yourself), some helpful tools that keep you on track, along with compassion for yourself, you can create a long-term way of life that is sustainable, eliminates overeating and that keeps the weight off.

Want to get more details on my method on how to stop overeating?

I’m hosting a free training soon where I will tell you more about my unique method that helps you to both accept and love your body AND lose weight. You’ll learn to honor and trust yourself. You will develop the capability and confidence you need to reach your ideal weight.

I look forward to seeing you there.

How to stop overeating

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How to stop overeating and keep the weight off for life

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