It’s that time of year again that always seems to sneak up on us…holiday party season.

From office festivities to family and friends, the social commitments go up as does the challenge to find something unique, comfortable, and chic to wear. Let me give you some ideas!

Today I guide you through 15 holiday outfits and 5 makeup looks that fall into five different style personalities (artsy/eclectic, bohemian, classic, minimalist, and trendy).

From super formal to more low key affairs, the key to selecting the perfect outfit is combining the tone of the event with what you feel most comfortable and beautiful wearing.

In particular, I highlight different types of combinations you can select for the perfect holiday party look:

  • Dresses: You can never really go wrong with a well tailored dress in a length that elongates your frame
  • Pants and a beautiful top: Pants can look just as chic and dressy as a dress, if you select the right pair. One big advantage is that you can mix and match both items so you could swap them around for different parties.
  • Jumpsuit: While trickier to fit and get right, jumpsuits can create an absolutely stunning and unique look.
  • Skirts and a top: This may be a good option if you like to wear a knitted sweater and have a full or straight skirt you would like to wear. The skirt immediately dresses up the top.

From eclectic to au courant styling, let’s explore how to bring your style personality into the holiday party season

Artsy and eclectic

eclectic holiday christmas party looks |

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 holiday makeup |


bohemian holiday party looks |

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boho bohemian makeup looks |


classic blazer holiday party outfits |

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holiday party looks and makeup ideas|


minimalist holiday party outfits |

Look ⌗1

Look ⌗2

Look 3

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minimalist makeup holiday party looks |


trendy Christmas party looks |

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trendy makeup party looks |

What is your favorite holiday party look? What do you plan on wearing this season?

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