Happy new year! What will you focus on this year in terms of life and style?

by Sylvia

Happy new year! What will you focus on this year?

Happy 2017!

Are you ready to make it your best year ever?

Or maybe your most stylish year ever?

I personally find the end of year a perfect time to reflect on what went well and what could be improved.

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I also look at the new year and write down all the things I want to accomplish in the new year. Both from a personal as well as a professional perspective.

I may also choose one single word to focus on this year, but as I started the review process a bit late I have not yet chosen my word.

Printed bomber jacket with faded jeans | 40plusstyle.com

One option is connection.

As I live abroad with people moving all the time, it’s not always easy not find my ‘home’ and ‘tribe’. I’m also very busy with work and although that gives me lots of opportunities for online connection, offline connection can be more tricky. I also find connection through my travels and meeting people that I connected with online, in person, which I will continue to do in the new year.

Connection is also about creating a even tighter community around 40+Style and for my other project 40+Entrepreneur. One step towards even more connection and closer relationships is the creation of the 40+Style Club. Keep tuned for further info coming up later this month! For now you can already get on the waiting list and get your free Kickstart Your Style checklist.

Printed bomber jacket with jeans | 40plusstyle.com

Freedom is also an important word for me as I find that word important in everything that I do. But that word is more my life motto rather than a single word to focus on for just one year.

Contentment, gratitude and enjoyment are also contenders as I sometimes tend to forget how much I have and and how much good there is in my life. Through the turmoil of the last year and some of the events of 2016 I sometimes forget all the wonderful things in my life. I also think it’s important to truly enjoy the moments of leisure when you have them and enjoy the process of doing meaningful work.

Printed bomber jacket with jeans | 40plusstyle.com

Then there are focus, delegation and growth. This website, my other projects are still very important to me and I want to grow the communities I have created.

I am aware though that I tend to take on too much so focus, simplification and delegation may be key to keep me going. This is a tough one as there are still so many things I would love to do and explore.

Printed bomber jacket with jeans | 40plusstyle.com

If I had to focus on style only for my word, it would probably be Simplify.

I find I have been more drawn to simple, but unique pieces. I like the idea of a simple wardrobe where a lot of pieces work well together. Creating a good basis and then adding flavor with seasonal statement pieces. You can read about the whole process of creating this kind of wardrobe in my How to build a wardrobe series.

Printed bomber jacket with jeans | 40plusstyle.com

So what is your focus this year? If you had to pick one word for the year in total, what would it be? If you had to pick one word when it comes to your style, what would it be?


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My word for 2017 is quality. I will turn 65 next month so time is taking on a different meaning. I aspire to keeping myself physically fit, develop and maintain meaningful relationships, spend time wisely, give back and reveal who I am through my style. This month begins my 3rd year of transitioning to a style the serves me well and makes me happy. My closet looks much different than it did back then! With fewer clothes I’ve focused on a simple modern classic look with a priority on color and fit. One of my 2017 resolutions is to post more pix.


I like that word a lot! And of course I love your intention of posting more pics 🙂


My word for this year is experience. I want to choose experiences over things and in doing so I will like you, reconnect with those relationships that are most important to me in my life.

Happy New Year Sylvia!



Yes that is a great word. I would consider that one of my life mottos too which is why my family consistently spends more on experience and travel more than anything else. I very much hope to reconnect with you in person this year Suzanne!


You girls are all so organized. I never have resolutions and never pick a word. Never even thought about it. But I like reading about it. I like that you want to remember more how good life is for you Sylvia. And connecting with people brings joy. So Suzanne and you are in the same courtyard. Hope to be seeing you both this year.


Really? Well maybe that’s going to change when you go into retirement as you may want to set some goals or make plans! I think it really helps to look back on what went well and what to aim for next. Not resolutions perse but some focus points and goals.
Definitely you will be seeing more of me this year!

Stephanie L. Robertson

Adorable hair cut and cute shades. Are shoulder pads coming back in?

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