Getting older is a gift but there are some things that are unwelcome.. And one of those, unfortunately, is swollen feet. So, it’s super important to have shoes that are comfortable for you that won’t squeeze. But don’t worry, if this is something you tend to suffer from, there are plenty of stylish shoes you can choose from that won’t look “old ladyish”. This article has our picks if you’re searching for the best shoes for swollen feet.

Why might you get swollen feet?

Anyone can experience swollen feet from time to time. Perhaps because you’ve been standing for a long time, maybe during traveling, or you can get swollen feet due to the effects of medication.

Swollen feet tend to be more common as you get older. If you’re on your feet for a long time, then the effects of gravity mean your blood flows into the veins of your legs and feet, and some of the water in your blood will enter tissues in your feet, causing swelling.

If you do find you’re suffering from swollen feet, then obviously make sure you check what could be the cause with your doctor, as there are certain medical conditions that can cause swollen feet.

To keep yourself as comfy as possible, it’s vital to choose the right footwear.

The best shoes for swollen feet |

What to look out for in your shoes if you have swollen feet

We’ll get onto our recommendations in a minute. But first, what are some of the features should you look out for when thinking about the best shoes to wear for swollen feet?

1. look for a Wide toe box

If you have swollen feet, you’ll know they get better and worse during the day. Make sure you give your toes plenty of room at the front.

2. adjustable fastening

Shoes you can adjust are fantastic for swollen feet as you can change the fit depending on how severely swollen they are.

3. natural materials

Natural materials have more give than synthetics, and they tend to rub less.

4. stretch

Shoes that stretch will be easier to get on and will be more forgiving for swollen feet.

Best shoes for swollen feet

If you’re asking what I should wear if my feet are swollen, let’s move on to some recommendations. Don’t forget to tell us your own in the comments at the bottom so we can make this article an even better resource.


Skechers are often recommended if you need extra arch support or you have plantar fasciitis, and they’re a great choice for swollen feet, too. The Skechers slip-ons (below) are easy to get on, super light, and feature memory foam cushioning. Wearers say they love how comfy these shoes are.

Best shoes for swollen feet - Skechers Microburst One up Sneaker |

Skechers Microburst One up Sneaker


Mary Jane styles are on trend at the moment, and the style below has the American Podiatric Medical Association seal of approval. They come in four colors, and reviewers say they like the ease of the strap fastening and the wide-toe box.

Best shoes for swollen feet - JBU by Jambu Fawn Mary Jane Flat |

JBU by Jambu Fawn Mary Jane Flat
(Amazon / Zappos)


The Clarks sneakers (below) have easy velcro fastening and come in burgundy or black. Reviewers say they are well-constructed and comfortable.

Best shoes for swollen feet - Clarks Caroline Holly Oxford |

Clarks Caroline Holly Oxford
(Amazon / Zappos)

Dr. Scholl’s

We love the texture on the Dr. Scholl’s slip-ons (below), which adds an on-trend element. Plus, the elastic details on the side make them easier to get on. They come in a huge range of colors so you should find a favorite.

Best shoes for swollen feet - Dr. Scholl's Nova Sneaker |

Dr. Scholl’s Nova Sneaker
(Amazon / Zappos)


A bit of leopard print for you now. The Revere Mary Janes (below) are soft and comfy, and they come with a fitting pack so you can adjust the fit for you.

Revere Osaka Mary Jane |

Revere Osaka Mary Jane


Mephisto’s strap loafers (below) are a good choice because of the easy to get on and easy to fasten design. They’re made from full-grain leather and feature a removable footbed and soft air technology.

Mephisto Colombe Monk-Strap Loafer |

Mephisto Colombe Monk-Strap Loafer
(Amazon / Zappos)


Add a pop of color to your outfits with the textured flats (below). They’re fun, and comfortable, and reviewers say they help with mobility issues.

Arcopedico L15 Flat |

Arcopedico L15 Flat
(Amazon / Zappos)


If you’re searching for comfort shoes, then Propet is a good go-to. Below, you can see three different styles from the brand, whether you prefer sneakers, slip-ons or a sturdier pair.

Propet 3PedWalker Shoes |

Propet 3PedWalker Shoes

Propet TravelActiv Mary Jane Walking Sneaker |

Propet TravelActiv Mary Jane Walking Sneaker
(Amazon / Zappos)

Propet TravelFit Prestige Slip On Sneakers |

Propet TravelFit Prestige Slip On Sneakers
(Amazon / Zappos)


ECCO is a favorite of ours as they’re good at mixing on-trend details with comfort. The three straps on the white sneakers (below) will help you to alter the fit along the length of your foot. Plus, white sneakers are a classic that won’t date.

ECCO Street Lite Three Strap Sneaker |

ECCO Street Lite Three Strap Sneaker
(Amazon / Zappos)

New Balance

New Balance is a sneaker brand often recommended by podiatrists. The velcro-fastening sneakers (below) come in black, white or the taupe shown.

New Balance 577 V1 Hook and Loop Shoe |

New Balance 577 V1 Hook and Loop Shoe

rag & bone

A designer option for you now, Rag & Bone’s sneakers (below) are retro cool. Plus, they have a leather upper, ortholite footbed, velcro fastening and a round toe – so lots of features that are good for swollen feet.

rag & bone Retro Court Sneakers |

rag & bone Retro Court Sneakers
(Amazon / Zappos)

Michael Kors

If you like to add a bit of height, but still need to be comfortable, look at high-top sneakers. The Michael Kors sneakers (below) are designed to be comfortable for long wears, and they come in four colors.

Michael Kors Gentry High-Top Sneakers |

Michael Kors Gentry High-Top Sneakers

Bernie Mev 

Bernie Mev’s ballet flats (below) are made from stretchy woven elastic so they have lots of give and they’re easy to get on. These would work well for your travel outfits too.

Bernie Mev Catwalk Ballet Flat |

Bernie Mev Catwalk Ballet Flat


We think the Besroad lightweight shoes (below) would be a great alternative for slippers in the house, or if you don’t need to walk too far. They’re super flexible, ultra-lightweight and they have easy velcro fastening.

Besroad Unisex Lightweight Walking Shoes |

Besroad Unisex Lightweight Walking Shoes


For more serious walking, weekends or running errands, the STQ walking sneakers (below) are a good choice. They come in 10 different colors, and reviewers say they offer great support. We like the elastic laces for ease of getting on and off.

STQ Walking Sneaker |

STQ Walking Sneaker


The Kwukoty sneakers (below) are specially designed for foot problems that are commonly associated with diabetes, including swollen feet, but look just like regular sneakers.

KWUKOTY Therapeutic Wide Sneaker |

KWUKOTY Therapeutic Wide Sneaker

What shoes to wear with swollen feet?

Remember you’re looking for shoes that are wide-fitting and adjustable to cope with changes in your feet during the day. We’re sure that’s given you plenty of ideas for the best shoes to wear with swollen feet.

What should I wear if my feet are swollen?

Apart from looking for the best shoes for swollen feet, what else can you consider wearing when you’re feet swell? Slippers and socks around the house, of course. Also consult your doctor and think about wearing compression stockings to prevent fluid from building up in your lower legs and feet.

What will bring down swelling in feet?

As well as the right footwear, elevating your feet where possible can help, as well as soaking feet in cold water, reducing salt and alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy weight, and regular exercise.

What are your recommendations for the best shoes for swollen feet? We’d love you to let us know in the comments at the bottom

shop the best shoes for swollen feet below:

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