A navy blue draped dress for hot summer weather!

by Sylvia

A blue draped dress for hot summer weather | 40plusstyle.com

Here is another outfit that went with me on my 3 month trip.

This draped blue dress is made from hemp and is light and breezy to wear, so perfect for the hot summer weather I experienced in Malaga, Spain.

blues (4 of 7)opt

Of course it’s the perfect dress for Singapore too and I already wore it there several times.

I first wore it as a monochromatic look with blue accessories and shoes. Although the red sunglasses add some color in these pictures, the dress was worn in the evening so no sunglasses were needed.

blues (2 of 7)opt bluedress (1 of 3)opt

Later I added red accessories when I wore the dress for a daytime event. I love the look of navy blue with bright red which makes the dress perfect for my warm complexion.

Since I use my red accessories with so many of my other clothes too, all these red accessories including the shoes went with me on my trip.


You have seen this bag so many times already on this site. It’s my absolute favorite bag. It’s super light-weight and I find it the perfect bag for so many of many of my activities. It’s the ideal travel bag too as you can fold it completely flat. So expect to see more of it the coming 3 months!

bluedress-3opt bluedressopt

Here is how I have worn the dress in The Netherlands ….


and in Spain.


Outfit details:

Dress: c/o Stella Carakasi
Red shoes: To Be (old) (similar)
Blue shoes and black sandals: very old both bought in Italy
Bracelet: Jewelry to Your Doorstep
Red bag: brand unknown (old)
Blue bag: brand unknown (old)
Sunglasses: Loewe (similar)

What is your favorite way to wear navy blue?


1 Pam@over50feeling40

What a great summer dress! I love it!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Pam!

3 Patti

That’s a wonderful versatile dress Sylvia! Maybe I will see you wearing it in a couple of weeks : >

4 Sylvia

It all depends on the weather, but it will be in my suit case for sure!

5 Aileen

It’s a great style, colour and overall shape for you Sylvia. We all know just how much you love your asymmetrical outfits. This one is perfect for you. I love it. Can you remember if it was an expensive purchase?
Anyway, it’s great.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Aileen. The link to where you can buy the dress is underneath the article 🙂

7 Aileen

Many thanks Sylvia. I’ll go have a look.

8 Suzanne

I can see why this would be a great travel dress. Love it with the red!

Looking forward to seeing you soon : )


9 Sylvia

See you soon Suzanne!

10 Vicki | The Fashionable Mum

You look amazing in navy, such a great versatile dress. Love it with the red, too.

11 Sylvia

Thanks Vicki!

12 Greetje

Yes, this dress is so you, I thought I had seen it before. Or perhaps on Instagram. A perfect summer dress which you can dress up or down. And a blanc canvas for all accessories: belts, scarfs, long necklaces, short necklaces, jacket. You name it. That Stella Carakasi is very much your brand.

13 Sylvia

Yes that is one of the disadvantages of Instagram. You will not be totally surprised by ‘new’ looks on the site….

14 Ann

Such a perfect dress that can be worn so many ways. Lovely pictures!

15 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. Yes it’s super versatile!

16 Susan

This dress is perfect for Summer. So light, breezy and the neutral colors it comes in can go with so many accessories. You have paired it wonderfully and I especially love the statement necklace! Hemp is a wonderful fabric and we must continue to push HARD for our farmers to be able to grow hemp right here in the US instead of having to get experimental permissions from the DEA or to import it from Canada and Europe. Ridiculous.

17 Sylvia

I had not realised that but yes I find hemp a great alternative to cotton and linen.

18 Rita

Very pretty and unique dress. I have been enjoying more Navy Blue this last year or so. It’s a nice neutral, but in a rich color, and can be worn any season. BTW, my in-laws go to Malaga every year. The are near 80 and have mobility issue, but love it so that they keep at it. It sounds lovely!

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