How to wear a romper if you have a plus size

by Delilah

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Rompers/playsuits have to be my favorite piece for the summer for so many reasons. Yet lots of plus size women may be quick to dismiss them, and to them, I say why not give them a chance?

They are the one piece effortless ensemble that is easy to style, versatile, and available in many different prints, fabrics, as well as lengths. With so many different options, there is a look for everyone regardless of your style.

When it comes to styling rompers, accessories can take your look from casual to dressy and day to night.


The longer length makes this culotte romper office appropriate and with a change of accessories, this look becomes ready for a night on the town.


If you are looking for the perfect alternative to a dress this summer, the mid-thigh romper will do the trick. Dress up a romper with a kimono or light weight wrap and heels or pair with your favorite pair of flats, and it still looks fabulous.

This pretty floral playsuit is the perfect piece for all your summer weekend activities.

Here are a few more rompers and jump suits available in online stores now!

Which look represents your style?

Plus size fashion blogger behind Pumps & Studz. Lover of black & white, hats, and all things sparkly. She contributes articles especially for plus size women to 40+style.

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1 Kris

Thank you so much for the younger style, plus sizes. Even though I am in my 50’s, I would still like to dress fashionably. This particular column is very good. Thanks again.


2 Paule


thanks for the article, but do you really recommend styles like this one:

or others in your post?

What is flattering in them ?
From the first view they seem to something to avoid especially for plus size women …


3 Sylvia

As Delilah has mentioned below, style is personal. Although rompers may not be the most flattering option for plus size women, you don’t always have to wear the most flattering things. If you wear a romper and it’s flattering enough and feel fabulous in it then you’re good to go. I think Delilah proves with the first image that she really pulls of this look and I think she looks fabulous. Would it work for every (plus size) woman? Probably not. But it can certainly wear for many for the right occasion.


4 Suzanne

My problem with rompers……restrooms. …..enough said!


5 Delilah

Yes, that can be an issue particularly with rompers that zip or button up the back. I prefer ones that have one tie in the back of the neck. It makes it super simple to loosen for those restroom breaks.


6 lkla

A grown woman should never wear something like this, no matter her age or size!!


7 Delilah

Thanks for your comments everyone. Style is such an individual thing and what works for some may not work for others, but differences in style is what makes fashion fun and interesting.

I realize that some 40+ and plus size women choose to stay away from jumpers and rompers for a plethora of reasons. Yet, as I have developed over the years into my own personal style, decided that trends and fashion are not just for those with flawless figures or those under a certain age. Fashion is for everyone and it is one’s personal choice of what they wear and how they choose to represent their own style.


8 Sylvia

I think you look fabulous in your romper Delilah and the combinations you created are great too. It may not work for every woman, as you say, but it certainly does for you!


9 Greetje

Delilah, I think you are so right. When worn in a good way, groomed and with grace and care, any woman can look stunning no matter what size. The photo of you at the top of the post shows a fashionable, fun loving, confident woman. Very appealing.


10 Pam

I think that the key to looking good in a romper is the LEGS! If you are blessed with great legs like Delilah’s, then a romper looks very cute. Rompers tend to have very wide leg openings and if you have skinny, or not so great shaped legs it’s just emphasized by the wide opening. But for those who have legs for days, I say rock your romper. Rompers are not for everyone nor every occasion. But I think as women of a certain age we know what to wear and when to wear it!


11 Sherry Edwards

I have been wearing rompers (and all the previous names they used to have). Every time the came back in style, I was there. This time however, I’m not sure how I’d feeling wearing them (they all seem so young looking). Where I live and work I have not seen anyone my age wearing them and I don’t want to be the first one. From what I recall from before they looked ok on me from the front, not great from the sides and terrible in the back. But I might try some on again and re-check.


12 Sandy Desjardins

Hi, and wow girls, how confident you are… May I ask what is Deliah’s body shape? Cause I am just about fit like her, and I cannot decide if I am an apple or else… In every description, it is told about small or middle size breasts, but mine are big, with almost no waist and big hips also…

Thanks for showing me that I can wear that kind of clothes… I would have never tried and now I will!


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