How much should I weigh for my height and age?

by Sylvia

This is a question I hear quite often. Do I weigh too much? How much should I weigh for my height and age?  Below you can easily find out with our handy calculator below!

Of course you could just look at yourself in the mirror and make your own judgement, but for health reasons it may be important to know what’s normal and what’s not for your age.

Then, if you find out that you are too heavy for your height and age, you can do something about it.

The Body Mass Index Chart

The Body Mass Index or BMI is generally used to measure human body fat based on an individual’s weight and height. Body mass index is defined as the individual’s body weight divided by the square of his or her height.

The below graph shows what the normal measurements would be (both in pounds and kilograms). The aim of course is to end up in the normal range!

how much should i weigh

Measure your BMI

Just enter your age, sex and height and you will automatically discover in which range you are.

unit US    
height ftin
weight lb
height cm
weight kg

Is this information reliable?

In most cases, your BMI score will give you an easy and quick indicator of your “fatness” or “thinness”. However, the results from the BMI test are not always accurate and should not be relied upon as an authority for medical diagnosis.

Some people tend to have a lot of muscles (which tend to weigh heavier) and for those people a completely wrong BMI range could result.

Your BMI score will, however, give you a good indicator and if you have any doubts or concerns, see your physician.

How important is a healthy weight?

A healthy body weight is not just about looking good, it is actually very important for your overall wellbeing.

Being overweight puts you at risk of many chronic and potentially lethal diseases, like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke and gall bladder disease to name but a few.

Being underweight is just as unhealthy and can lead to a number of health complications, some of them life-threatening. Have a look at some of the comments below, where myself and others give suggestions on how to help with this.

So do the test and find out how much you should weigh. And if you’re overweight or underweight, I hope that you will take the time to do something about it to optimise your health. It is well worth it!

I now believe that sugars are the main culprit for excess weight so I wrote about how to quit sugar.

Want more convincing that sugar and carbohydrates are the main culprits to your weight gain then read how to lose weight through cutting carbohydrates.

For more articles on this topic and to learn how I have managed to keep a steady and very healthy weight throughout my life, you can check out my article on how to lose weight with healthy eating and drinking habits or read my husband’s 26 rules for losing weight without diets.

If you are happy with your extra weight or cannot get the pounds off then I have a very good article from Georgette on how to dress when you have curves.

Disclaimer: I’m not a medical expert and this weight calculator is for adults and for information purposes only. Weight calculator may not represent your real life weight situation and you should consult a medical professional for expert advise and before you start a diet or exercising regimen.

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I’m a twelve year old girl and I am 4.7 feet tall and weigh 63 pounds is that too skinny


According to the calculator you are slightly underweight, but this does not mean that there is an issue. If you have any concerns though or an eating disorder, then please see your GP to check.


I’m 16 I’m 169cm and I weigh 73 kg. How can I decrease 2-3 sizes in 2 months? How many kilograms do I need to lose to lose 1 size?


I’m not an advocate of quick weight loss. I believe in slow, steady and permanent, which you can achieve if you read some of the articles linked in the article. I would not focus on size either. Every brand sizes differently. Look at your body in the mirror and choose clothes that suit it. If you pick the right clothes for your body type, you will automatically look a lot better. You may want to check and These tips are applicable to all ages.


Hi Sylvia,

I’m a 5’6″, 16 year old female who weighs 115lbs at the moment. According to the BMI calculator, I am in the “healthy weight” zone, and possibly teetering toward the “underweight” category. I would like to know if this is an okay weight for my height and age, and possibly how much weight I have room to gain. Thanks!


It sounds like you have a way to go before you need to worry Essa. The chart is a good indicator, although if you have doubts it’s always best to check with a doctor, as every person is different.


Hello Essa,

I’m 23 now. My height is 5’7″ and my weight tends to stay within the range of 125-130lb whenever I don’t exercise. However, when I was 14 I took Martial Arts 2x a week and weighed 115 lb. I was very healthy. So I don’t think weight alone is all you should focus on.

Diet is a big factor to consider. Are you eating healthy foods? A lot of veggies? If so, then your weight makes sense. Vegans, for instance, tend to be very slim. There are exceptions, of course, but certain healthy diets can keep you really skinny. Meanwhile, other healthy diets may keep you only relatively slim instead of “very slim”. Also, everyone’s body is unique and works differently. Foods react differently for different people. Some people can process grains very well, while grains might cause another person to pack on the pounds. It’s possible that your body is extremely efficient and naturally keeps off weight better than most bodies do. The best thing to do is to continue eating healthy foods that fuel you.

If you’re exercising, that could be something else to take in consideration. You might be exercising without knowing it. Maybe you dance a lot in your room or with friends, family, a significant other, etc. Maybe you have short daily sprints in order to catch the bus or get to class on time. This might also mean you run/speed walk up steps. You might be taking gym class in school. Especially when combined with a healthy diet (and genetics), if you’re getting small amounts of exercise on a regular basis then your weight might stay around 115 lb, which isn’t anything to worry about.

Stress also can cause people to lose (or gain) weight. If your diet isn’t healthy (tons of candy, chips, pizza, fast food, junk food, etc.) and you don’t really exercise, and you are undergoing a lot of stress in your life (academic, family, friendship drama, significant other, etc.) — then your weight might be due (at least partially) to stress. This wouldn’t be ideal or healthy for you. Although you can work on handling stress, it would be even more important to improve your diet. Exercise might be healthy for your mood, but I would say diet is most important. When weight loss is due to stress, I believe it’s very easy to be prone to malnutrition. Your body might not do a good job at absorbing nutrients from foods because your whole system is depressed, so you want to help your body out by modifying your diet to something healthy. Lots of veggies!! More fruits as snacks instead of candy, soda, or chips. Find high quality carbs like quinoa or brown rice. You might even want to take supplement pills. They aren’t very expensive and they are at least a little beneficial to the body.

There are a lot of considerations to take into account. As long as it seems that you’re doing everything right, then I don’t think you should worry about your weight. Just focus on maintaing a good diet and work on adding the habit of light exercise in your daily life to keep your inner body in shape (i.e. cardio). Staying healthy overall is the best way to stay worry-free!

If you begin to lose weight, then you might want to see a doctor to investigate what’s going on. You might have to modify your diet to include more of certain types of foods to keep your weight on. If you’re exercising more than usual, you might have to raise your calorie intake to prevent losing weight. There are a lot of useful calculators online, but you can also check with a doctor to help create a nutrition guideline for you.

Personally, I think a good weight range for you is 115-130 lb.

Once again, I’m 5’7″ so I have an inch on you. I feel my best when I’m 125-128lb. I found that I feel chubby and gross whenever I weigh around 130 lb., so I would say that you probably wouldn’t enjoy weighing more than that even if it’s consider to be healthy. This is because your body is naturally slim so you might not feel comfortable with that weight on you.

What matters is if you feel healthy.


jean brown

I am 85 years old, living in a nursing home. Weight is now 11st.3lbs. I never eat any sugar or chocolate or cow’s milk or butter. How can I lose weight?


Hi Jean. That is very tough for me to say. At that age other health issues may play a part in weight gain. Also I’m not sure if you are still able to do exercize? I think it would be best to talk to a doctor or nutritionist about this. Good luck!


Hi I have been trying now for 9 months to loose weight. I do exercise everyother day for 1-2 hours and I walk 2 & 1/2 miles daily with my dogs. Although I have lost 20 pounds my BMI is still really high. Am I doing something wrong I don’t want to use pilss or diet methods I want to do it naturally so I dont crave foods given up quickly. Any ideas? Thank you.


Hi Kelly. It sounds like you are doing the right thing. I’m reading a very interesting book at the moment why we get fat from Gary Taubes. It’s all about how sugars contribute a lot to getting fat. When I finished reading this I will write an article about it but some of my readers have given good feedback on this method. More info can be found here:


Hello I am a 40 year young women at 5.1 height and now 167lbs struggled with weight since high school, gained lost gained lost, I have recently started journaling my food exercise daily cut sweets out and watch my portion size, I have lost since aug. 40lbs and total loss since june of 2010 around 80lbs but not real sure what my highest weight was because didnt get on a scale, my question is this, it says my ideal weight should be 97 to 132 but I have also lost inches, people are telling me I shouldn’t lose much more weight but I am still obese according to charts, I want to lose down to 125 and kind of at a plateau right now, what should i do to kick back in and why am i still obese according to charts…? thank you for help.


The charts give a good general indication but if you think that the ratings are off for your case, please consult a doctor. In terms of weight, I believe in healthy eating and cutting sugars and doing exercize. You may not lose weight really quickly but when you change into a diet and exercize regimen you can keep up with you will arrive to and keep your ideal weight.

Drake Denny

Hi my name is Drake,
Drake Denny. I have been under weight most of my life. I am about 6 foot maybe 6,1 and I am 15 years old. I am very skinny and need help and motivation to get bigger. I have tried to work out but I just get ripped and skinny and I don’t get credit for my hard work because j am soo skinny. I really want help from someone, anyone to help me gain weight. Not only do I want to gain weight, I wanted to get big and strong. I’ll do what ever it takes.


I’m not a doctor so if there is a problem, you should definitely check with a practitioner. However, after reading this book I now believe that carbohydrates are the main culprit for gaining weight. So if you want to gain weight, I would advise you to eat a lot more carbs. To get strong and muscular, you will still need to hit the gym.


Hello I am 40 years old and 4’10”. I weigh 250 lbs. I work out excessivaly and still gain weight. Is there a way to get thin. I eat only healthy foods and record my diet. But over the past 4 months I have gained 15 pounds! Please help me!


Hi Shelly, It may have to do with your changing hormone balance, so you may want to check that out. Please also read this article I now believe that cutting down on carbohydrates (especially refined sugar) is the key to losing weight.


Hi my names Nikki im 24 yrs old and i have a son. I was 127 lbs when i got pregnant and i gained 60 lbs while i was pregnant. And it took me till my son was 4 to get back to the weight i was when i first got pregnant. Now hes 5 almost 6 and im down to 122 lbs. and the BMI caclulator says im in the normal range. Now im sure you cant help with everything but id like to get to around 115 and its difficult for me to diet because im allergic to dairy and i cant eat a lot of things as it is. And its hard for me to excersize because i take heart medication to keep my heart beat slow. So my excersizes choices are limited. Id love some information or a place i can find some on the dairy allergy and some diets i can use. Thanks very much for the time.


Hi Nikki, I now strongly believe in limiting sugars and carbohydrates for weight loss. I write more about it in this article: I recommend an ebook to quit sugar as well, which you may like to give a try. Good luck!


Hi my name is Vanessa and I’m 14 years old and 5 foot 5 in. I weigh around 105 pounds and the chart says that I am healthy weight. However, on the outside I look so skinny and especially because of my height I look like a stick. Is there anyway I could gain a few more pounds or at least look less skinner? Or is gaining more weight for me right now not the best idea? Thank you for your time and please help!


I feel that the best thing for you would be to accept your body as it is and eat healthy. You can also create a lot of ‘shape’ with the right clothes. Perhaps focus on that? Learn to dress for your body type. I’m sure that with the right clothes, you will look fabulous. However please note that the chart is not 100% accurate. If you feel that you are underweight, you may want to seek some advice from your doctor.


I notice there is no consideration for age in the BMI chart. Does that have any impact on the formula? I am guessing it does not, but it seems like it should matter.

I am 45 years old. I am 5′ 9″ tall and weigh 260. I started 7 weeks ago at 279 pounds. Because I am tall, many people are shocked by my weight. My goal is 170-175 which is what I weighed when I was 22. I am wondering if that is even reasonable for someone my age. Any advice is apprecaited.


Hi Lisa, It’s not in the chart but is part of the calculator below it. Just fill in your numbers and you will find out!


i am 58 kgs with 5.1 height i need to reach 50 kgs in 4 months how many calories should i burn daily?


I’m no good at maths and I don’t believe in calorie counting. Eat healthy and cut down on all your carbs, I would say. Good luck!


I am 88 lbs 11 years old and 5 ft 3 in. I checked my BMI and it says i am at normal weight but compared to mostpeople my height my friends consider me really thin i consider my self lanky but i want to look musclier but no matter what i try i just get thinner. What should i do?


Hi Joe, You are still very young and everyone develops differently at that age. It is very probable that all the energy you consume goes towards growing. You may develop your muscles at a later age. I believe that the best thing you can do is just to eat healthy. You may want to go to a gym to develop your muscles although it may not have an immediate effect on you. It will come with age so not to worry about that.


Hi I am 260 pounds, I am 5,9, and I am 20 years of age. I will love to lose about 60 pounds but I have no idea where to start. but I will start going to the gym when I get the chance. I just want to know what should I eat to trim down for right now. I really want help I hate being over weight please help.


My best advice is to eliminate all refined sugars from your diet as a start. You can read this article on why I think this is important and key to losing weight


Hi I’m Karen and I’m 13 yrs old with a weight of 110 pounds and a height of 5 ft is this good weight for my age and height?


Hi Karen, Please add these details in the little calculator on the page and you will have your answer straight away!


I am 21 years old and weigh 107 pounds my height is 5`6. I eat a lot but I also walk my giant mastiffs every morning is it bad that I’m that much underweight if so what can I do just to gain 10 or so pounds to look healthier.


If you eat healthy and feel healthy then there is probably not much to worry about. Some women are just naturally thin and that is fine too. However, if you do feel that you health is not optimial you can always check with a GP. You may want to do a blood test that can check all the nutrition levels in your body so you can get a clear overview of what nutrient you may need more off. I would certainly not try get heavier for the sake of vanity. Being healthy and confident looks the most healthy and confident, no matter what your weight is.


Hey, I’m 14 years old, 5’6 and weight 130 pounds. Apparently this is a healthy weight but I feel as though I should weigh less. What can I do to lose weight?


Hi Angeline, I believe that the quickest and healthiest way to lose weight is to cut all refined sugars from your diet. So no sugary fizzy drinks, white bread, sweets etc.


is this a healthy weight for my height? 5 8″ 148?


That also depends on your age. You can fill out the numbers in the calculator above and you will receive an answer instantly.


Hi there,

I’m an athletic male, 39 years old and I’m 5′ 8″ tall. I weigh 185 lbs. According to the BMI charts, I would have to lose over 17 lbs. to be considered healthy (not over weight). That’s about 10% of my current body mass. This sounds a lot to me.
Should I really try to get to 168 lbs.?



Hi Nic. The chart is not always right. If you are very muscly for example, the numbers will be off. I would use your own judgement and when in doubt visit a GP for his/her opinion.


I forgot to mention, my body fat is 19% – so obviously I could get leaner. However losing 10% of my body weight seems like a lot.



hi Im Cora,
im weighing 136lbs at age of 34 and mother of 3kids 11y/o, 9y/o and 4y/o. what is the ideal weigh for my age?..


Just add your weight, height and age in the calculator on the page and you will find out!


hi I’m Shadow and I’m 11 and 5’8 and 137. How much should I weigh and is it healhty to be that much.


Hi Shadow. Just fill in your numbers on the calculator of the page and you will get your answer!


Thanks for your help


Hi I’m jay I’m 23 of age and 6’1 and weigh 249 what does obese class 1 mean and is it bad that every time I eat I gotta catch my breath ita kinda like yoning I do it about 10 times during my dinner more and when I’m going to sleep I yaln so many times to I get about 5 hours of sleep cause my back hurts so bad is all this warning signs??


Hi Jay If I were you I would definitely see a GP. You will need more sleep and a persistent back ache at your age is something you really need to look at.


Hi I actually have two questions. One, I feel underwieght and the chart said I was, but the calculatar says I’m just in the healthy range. I’m thirteen, weight 90 pouns, and am 5’2-5’3. I was wondering if you thought this sounded healthy, just in opinion. I don’t eat a lot of meat, or a lot of anythibg at all. I eat cheese, peanut butter, etc with protien but I’ve never been muscular, although I have started up softball and have gym at school. Do you know any easy ways to obtain muscle without becoming thinner? My rib cage shows and it makes me insecure, along with my legs which make me feel fat. I don’t want to change me diet too much, because Ireally don’t like worrying about eating constantly. A little over a year ago I saw a doctor for a regular check up and she said I was below average but that she was glad I was lean. This doesn’t really help me in finding out if I’m underwieght though. I plan on returning for a cvgheck up soon and getting advice there, but bhyour opinion would be much appriecated for the time being.
My other question is about a character I’m creatingb for a story. I want a thin, but not underwieght 16 year old girl. I’d like her to be short, but not so short she looks closer to 13 rather than 16. I’d like to know your suggested measurements for a person of this discription. This character will be strong, but not muscular, and will not have a very larger fat ratio. Any opinion or suggestion will be appriecated.


Hi Scarlett. At 13 you are still developing. Some girls are thin, others more chubby. It’s all normal. I would say that if you eat a healthy diet and you feel good, there is no problem there. However, I’m no doctor, so always check with a gp if you’re not sure. As an older woman, I would say to enjoy your youthful body. You are incredibly beautiful! Everybody is unique. Nobody is perfect. Yet every body is beautiful. To gain muscles just choose your favorite sport. You will not usually lose a lot of weight from it, because sport you will want to eat some more.
I can’t help you with your second question. Good luck!


Hi, I am 14 years old, 5’8” and play basketball year round. I am almost 160 pounds. This really freaks me out because i used to weigh like 140 before the school year started. Is there anyway to lose the weight with out any extremes?


Hi Anna, I think your best strategy is to limit refined sugars. I’ve also written a few articles with my best tips and the reasons why limiting sugars is so important (all links are listed in the article), so read those as well.

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