Everything you have always wanted to know about shoe size!

by Sylvia

What is the average shoe size and how happy are you with your's?

Or maybe not. But here are some facts about shoe size anyway! Please find a few more reflections on shoe size further below.

What is the average shoe size and what size do your favorite celebrities have? | 40plusstyle.com

I have quite a large shoe size, 40 or 41. And it’s certainly true that it’s often not easy to find shoes in my size. Especially here in Singapore! It’s much easier in The Netherlands where my shoe size is much more common.

On top of that I have wide feet and rather fuzzy ones too.

Perhaps for those reasons shoes did not play such a huge part in my style in my younger days, but they are much more important now. Shoes can make a huge difference to an outfit and can create a certain mood. It’s a great tool in a 40+ woman’s style kit as there are really no restrictions (apart from your comfort level) to the kind of shoes you can wear and it’s an easy way to make your outfit hip and current.

Still, I opt for shoes that are both stylish AND comfortable. I also walk on bare feet indoors a lot as is common to do in Singapore.

Pointy toe shoes that are so fashionable right are tricky for me but I still managed to find a few that fit.

On the whole I have been pretty happy with my feet. Sure, I sometimes wish they were narrower and smaller, but at the end of the day, my feet carry out their main task, walking and supporting my body, to great effect and I’m very thankful for that!

How do you feel about your shoe size? Does it affect the kind of shoes you buy?


Infographic created by Walsh Brothers Shoes

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1 Lisa

I have only recently discovered shoes and have decided that shoes are going to be my midlife crisis. 🙂 I like them as a way to add color and interest.


2 Sylvia

How fun Lisa. Better shoes than cars or a new lover I would say!


3 Lisa

Definitely cheaper and less life destroying.


4 denton

This is how I feel about woman’s shoe size. BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Why the manufacturers can’t get together and actually make shoes that are the same size is beyond me!

My wife is a 38 in Gucci, 38.5 in Prada, 38 in Manolo, 39 in Paciotti. What a way to shop!!!


5 Sylvia

Yes it’s crazy… That’s why I always need to try them on before I buy. No 2 shoe sizes are the same….


6 Lisa

This is women’s sizes for EVERYTHING.

And we play this little mind game telling ourselves aren’t we really good because we dropped a dress size when really it’s just a designer who sells size 10 as size 8.


7 Suzanne

Shoes are one of my favourite items to buy and one of the least favourite items to wear. Sadly because 90% of the time after they “seemed perfectly comfortable in the store” after I’ve bought them once I walk for 10 minutes outside in them I can that in fact they will hurt my feet. They are 5 minute, 10 minute or 15 minute shoes. Not 3 km shoes.

Oh how I *wish* I could wear some stilettos… or even some flat shoes for that matter. I can’t wear those either. It makes for some rather difficult shoe shopping. What my heart wants my body rejects.

BTW…just thought I’d mention that your last 2 posts didn’t come up in my Bloglovin’ feed. Thought you should know.



8 Sylvia

Yes I have exactly the same issue. I find shoes the hardest to buy of all things.

Thanks for letting me now about the feed. It’s a tricky problem this time as I can’t locate what the issue is. Working on getting it fixed soon though!


9 Suzanne

I see they were there this morning…maybe there was a delay.


10 Sylvia

No I had to disable one of my plugins. There was definitely an issue as other feeds did not work either. Glad it’s solved now!


11 Loretta

Shoes have always been a favorite with me, but like you Sylvia, I must now consider comfort. Perhaps this is because I ignored it so long? Kitten heel is about as high as I can handle, even though I’m quite short. Unfortunately with more comfort, you tend to loose fashion sense. I think this could be a good market for a savy business person. Comfortable and yet fashionable shoes!


12 Sylvia

I agree, it’s a good and growing market. I maintain a list of good and hip arch support shoes here https://40plusstyle.com/arch-support-shoes/ so if you find any good ones, let me know!


13 Ruth

I am age 46 and have size 2 feet. That’s tricky enough, however a size two has changed over the years and can mean for me a 33 or a 34 – in other words I can measure as a size 1 in some brands, a size that is tricky to find. 35 is almost always too large. It means it’s a nightmare to find any shoes that fit! Some brands say that their 35 is a size 2 but it isn’t – more like a 2.5 or a 3. The other problem is that I like flats or quirky, androgynous shoes with a low to mid heel and many small shoes for women are high heel court shoes. Not a style I like. I have met so many women who seem to crave my small feet but it really is not great at all!


14 Sylvia

I can imagine that is tough Ruth and it’s probably not going to get any easier for you as sizes seem to increase all the time. Wishing you good luck with your shoe shopping!


15 Lorraine

I am 5.5 (38.5) and have always been haapy with my feet although sometimes the size is Sol out as it is so common. Unfortunately I am now facing an operation due to osteoarthritis. They look normal but are painful and I cannot wear everything I want to. I guess they have served me quite well!


16 Sylvia

Good luck Lorraine. I hope everything goes well.


17 Lisa

🙁 Oh no!
On two levels.
One, you’ve been through enough already.
Two my feet hurt first thing in the morning and I’ve been telling myself this is NOT arthritis. But it probably is, isn’t it?


18 Lorraine

Thanks Lisa. The osteoarthritis predates the other ‘stuff’ and is hereditary. I hope you don’t have it.


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