Or maybe not. But here are some facts about shoe size anyway! Please find a few more reflections on shoe size further below.

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I have quite a large shoe size, 40 or 41. And it’s certainly true that it’s often not easy to find shoes in my size. Especially here in Singapore! It’s much easier in The Netherlands where my shoe size is much more common.

On top of that I have wide feet and rather fuzzy ones too.

Perhaps for those reasons shoes did not play such a huge part in my style in my younger days, but they are much more important now. Shoes can make a huge difference to an outfit and can create a certain mood. It’s a great tool in a 40+ woman’s style kit as there are really no restrictions (apart from your comfort level) to the kind of shoes you can wear and it’s an easy way to make your outfit hip and current.

Still, I opt for shoes that are both stylish AND comfortable. I also walk on bare feet indoors a lot as is common to do in Singapore.

Pointy toe shoes that are so fashionable right are tricky for me but I still managed to find a few that fit.

On the whole I have been pretty happy with my feet. Sure, I sometimes wish they were narrower and smaller, but at the end of the day, my feet carry out their main task, walking and supporting my body, to great effect and I’m very thankful for that!

How do you feel about your shoe size? Does it affect the kind of shoes you buy?


Infographic created by Walsh Brothers Shoes


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