The summer essential: a light (straw) hat!

by Sylvia

The summer essential: a light straw hat! |

What completes a great summer outfit? That’s right. The light straw hat! Great to shield yourself from the sun and often a stylish final touch to your outfit.

Enjoy this street inspiration from New York as well as the ever stylish Greetje in Barcelona!


156487316.QhjeUV8g.hats4.jpg 156487318.a9raylsu.hats5.jpg 156487319.bKbGhsWI.hats6.jpg

Below is the lovely Greetje during her trip to Barcelona. You can see her full article here.


Do you like to wear (straw) summer hats?


First 5 photos by Denton Taylor

1 Chicatanyage

I have at least 3 straw hats like the above in London and wear one nearly every day. I also have another 3 in France for when I am there. I often buy mens ones from M&S.

2 suzanne galloway

Living on the southeast US Coast a straw hat is a must for shopping and for many outdoor activities. However I must say that my favorite hat is one I wear for exercising and beach walking…an old bucket hat. It is about 15 years old.

3 Highland Fashionista

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a straw fedora that would fit me like that one in the first photo. I have a GIANT head, and I usually have to go to the men’s department. When I find it, the world will know….I will be shouting it from the rooftops. Or, at least my blog.

4 Patti

I do wear them when I bike and walk. These are such stylish examples!

5 Greetje Kamminga

I have great difficulty with wearing a hat. Often I think it looks too chic for me and it does not suit my style of dressing. Or it blows off by the wind. And if it is warm (it usually is) my hair looks terrible if I take the hat off.
So all in all, I am not sure yet how to overcome these things, but Judith, the Style Crone has definitely put me on this track. Thanks for showing my picture.

6 Petra

Love hats! I wear straw, and I wear a cap! Love the lady with the bright blue bag – check out the bangle and necklace!!!

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