A dress with movement for a beautiful summer day

by Sylvia

A dress with movement for a beautiful summer day | 40plusstyle.com

Some clothes are all about movement and this dress falls into that category. It truly comes to life when you start walking in it or swirling for that matter as this dress will encourage you to do so.

whitegraydress (3 of 3)opt

whitegraydress (1 of 4)opt

It’s the dress I wore out on most evenings on my recent holiday to Sri Lanka and the Maldives with red accessories and red wedges as shown below.

whitegraydress (1 of 2)opt

whitegraydress (1 of 1)opt

This dress has a LOT of fabric so it is not for those who want to minimise their frame. Rather it adorns you with layers of beautifully printed fabric that makes you feel feminine and beautiful.

whitegraydress (3 of 4)opt

I love how some clothes encourage movement and how it enhances the overall design of a piece. Every silhouette it creates while moving is different and gorgeous.

Many clothes with movement will give you a lot of freedom. You don’t have to worry about that belly or the garment being tight anywhere. All there is, is free movement and comfort. A dress that combines this freedom of movement with a unique design that creates different interesting silhouettes and is still flattering enough is a win in my book!

whitegraydress (1 of 3)opt

Dress: c/o Stella Carakasi
Red wedges: ToBe (similar here)

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Do you like clothes with movement?


1 Greetje

Very pretty. I love movement clothes though I haven’t got a lot of them. Is there a (white) dress underneath it? Or just a skirt? If so, did it come with the dress?

2 Sylvia

The dress is sully line with white rayon which feels like very soft cotton and is super comfortable! You normally would not see it but it was windy and I was swirling….

3 Patti

That’s a lovely dress and what a beautiful setting, too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

4 Sylvia

Thanks! Yes, you can’t beat the setting….

5 Glenda Bibbero

Love, love love the dress! Looks fabulous, feminine and comfortable. Can’t beat that!

6 Natalia Lialina

It’s a perfect summer dress, Sylvia! The one which makes you feel beautiful and feminine and empowered is always a winner in my book. 🙂 You look wonderful!

7 Lisa

I love it.

I have a flowing maxi skirt with loads of fabric. I know it is not the most flattering look on me, but it absolutely makes me happy at the beach!

8 Suzanne

What gorgeous photos Sylvia!


9 Rita Palazzi

I like dresses with movement and with brilliant colors. Orange, yellow and bluette are the colors I like for summer dresses. In the next days I’ll show you my choices.

10 Stacey

Perfect dress for the beach … where did you shoot this??

11 Sylvia

In the Maldives

12 dan

If a dress makes you feel feminine and beautiful, it is the perfect one!
Yours is lovely and really right for a holiday at the seaside!! That fantastic huge beach makes me a little jealous!! 🙂
Thank you very much for commenting on my blog …

13 Silvia DiPierdomenico

I especially love oversize or loose silhouettes in hot weather. It’s a versatile silhouette that works well as both a summer in the city look and a vacationing on the beach look.

14 Robert

Beautiful dress! I love wearing dresses that allows you free movement. Especially on a hot summer day at the beach…

15 Madame Hall

How right you are about the magic of movement to enliven clothing, making it a feast for the eye!
I always photograph my most popular skirt swirling and twirling…..and when walking down the street, thats when I receive the most compliments!

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