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by Sylvia

Stylish links

It’s been another great week here at 40+Style with a record number of visitors to the site. Thank you so much! I loved getting all your feedback on my striped dress and new lipsticks. Nola Johnson posted a great article on how to dress for the workplace.

I also saw that my website was featured on an Israeli blog in what looked like a great article. Interesting to read the translation from Hebrew to English via Google Translate. It came with some fun translations like: “Meet Sylvia, 45, Dutch swimming in Singapore” and “(rule) Nine, eat a good bra” 🙂

New on the forum!

Interesting on the web

  • I recently featured Ester van Eeghen in my article on mid heel shoes. I thought you might like to know that Amid Privilege currently gives away one of her bags!
  • I also liked The Sparkle in her Eye’s article on long, lanky, elegant Tassel necklaces

Links a la Mode

Lastly, my article on how to wear the graphical trend was featured at Links a la Mode, together with 19 other articles. It was fun to see blogger buddy Heather from The Style Confessions feutured as well, who actually published an article on lipstick the same day I did. How funny is that!


Edited by: Victoria of vmac+cheese

There was a time in the mid-90s when girl power was all the rage (thank you, Spice Girls!). While midriff baby tees might have fallen out of fashion, now more than ever bloggers prove that girl power is still in full effect.Whether it’s donning a lacy top, a beautiful lip color, or even raising a glass to the original girl power movement of Rosie the Riveter, fashion bloggers know better than anyone else how to celebrate being a woman! In honor of National Women’s History month, check out these posts that are all about the things that make being a woman fun.


Thank you so much for reading. Let me know what you think and what inspired you this week!

1 GreetjeKamminga

Eat a good bra… Hahaha. LOL.
I am going to look at all your links. If it wasn’t fashion it would start feeling like work.

2 Sylvia

It’s too funny. The women’s movement is back.. No more bras!

3 Nanne

Google translate can be hilarious at times;) Congratulations on the record number of visitors and the features! I’m going to do exactly the same thing as Greetje – look at all your links. I’m expecting a lot of interesting and enjoyable reading:) Have a lovely Saturday!

4 Sylvia

It can but it is also really useful. You can usually get the general meaning of an article and its sentences.

5 Nanne

Absolutely, I use Google translate quite frequently, and it’s very helpful. And from time to time these fun translations pop up:)

6 GreetjeKamminga

This blog is too inspiring. Went out to buy a cheap neon coloured chunky necklace. Came back with a multicoloured silk skirt, bright pink shirt and ordered a silk jacket. So bye bye savings.
Still feeling very cheerful. I am reading a book by an editor of the Dutch ELLE, called Happiness is a dress. You can guess that she would totally agree with me.

7 Sylvia

Congratulations on your new clothes but I don’t want to be responsible for losing your savings. You are reading my articles on shopping your closet as well yes 🙂 Sounds like you are reading the perfect book!

8 GreetjeKamminga

Ha ha, NO…. you are not responsible for my spendings. It is because of spring and all those lovely colours. And the fact that I do not have any discipiline as far as clothes are concerned.

9 Lisa

Sylvia, Congratulations on your Links A La Mode feature this week! Your 2012 graphic trends article was fantastic. Your posts are always so informative and insightful….and enjoyable 🙂 Thanks so much too for your mention of my tassel article. Much appreciated!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

10 Sylvia

Thanks Lisa for your kind words, It was a great feature and loving your blog too…

11 Lisa

Thank you so much for letting your readers know about the Hester van Eeghen giveaway on Privilege. It’s extraordinarily generous on her part. I do need to point out that since this is for the US arm of the the business, it’s US and Canada only.

Thank you!

12 Sylvia

Yes, a pity for me, but I’m sure my US and Canadian readers will enjoy this giveaway! We all need a colourful, stylish bag!

13 Bella

I running over to enter the giveaway….thanks so much for the link.

14 Sylvia

Good luck Bella! Run back here to 40+ Style tomorrow for another giveaway at 40+Style!

15 Sharon

Discovered you via Links A La Mode … so glad I did 🙂

16 Sylvia

Great! Welcome to 40+Style Sharon.

17 The Style Crone

Congratulations Sylvia, for your much deserved recognition! So impressive.

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