When you think of warm and chic in winter, cashmere immediately comes to mind. Not only is cashmere incredibly soft and luxurious, it is also quite functional.  Though lightweight, it still keeps you warmer than larger bulkier winter pieces in your closet.

Yes, cashmere has the reputation for being expensive and hard to care for (step away from the washing machine and gently hand wash, please). However, smart shopping can lead you towards incredible deals on timeless cashmere pieces durable enough to wear over and over again without losing their shape.

Some great places to look:

Cashmere comes in so many classic and of the moment styles, that there is a significant amount of versatility depending on your style personality. So, today we’re looking at 5 cashmere pieces (coat, short sleeve sweater, oversized sweater, cape, and joggers), and exploring 10 style options to inspire you.

The Cashmere Coat

Luxury Chic Cashmere Coat | 40plusstyle.com

Cashmere coats are the ultimate in outerwear luxury. Often, they tend to be very well-structured and add instant elegance to whatever ensemble is underneath. In this case, we have our eye on this funnel coat. Alongside the elegance of a full length cashmere coat, the funnel collar offers a utilitarian look that is fun to play with. On the functional side, your neck will never be cold again.

We paired ours with a white tapered trousers, which perfectly show off embellished heels (we were charmed by Kate Spade’s ostrich feather pair). We also went with a cashmere sweater dress (which is the best of two winter worlds). A flexible gray color will allow you to continuously find new ways to style what will soon become a fall and winter closet staple. In this case, we went with a more utilitarian look by adding a military style boot and gray cashmere leggings (yes, you will have no trouble facing the elements).

The Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater

Luxury Chic Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater | 40plusstyle.com

The first article of clothing that comes to mind when you hear the word cashmere is sweater. The options for cashmere sweaters are quite endless, but the short sleeve sweater is a chic way to go when putting together an outfit.

This pink P.A.R.O.S.H. sweater pairs well with silk culottes (yes, those are culottes). The luxury of both the silk and cashmere together creates the perfect canvas for luxe accessories (pony hair clutch and Monnier Frere leather elbow gloves) to take it to a new style level.

You can also pair the short sleeve sweater with a printed maxi skirt to go for a bold (add a striking statement necklace), yet comfortable look (neutral flats will keep you comfortable all day long). Balance the proportions of the sweater and maxi skirt combination by adding on a cropped blazer (like this one from J. Crew), which barely grazes your hip.

The Oversized Cashmere Sweater

:uxury Chic Oversized Cashmere Sweater | 40plusstyle.com

We’re dispelling the myth (and natural tendency) to only pair oversized sweaters with legging, jeans, or trousers. Instead we’re balancing and playing with proportions by pairing this blue Halsbrook sweater with a pencil skirt. Curvy (especially hourglass) figures will appreciate this silhouette. The key is to add some definition to your waist (a casual front tuck will do) and make sure you’ve selected a pencil skirt that shows off the curves as opposed to a fuller skirt.

Create an effortlessly chic look which can be easily replicated with items you already have in your closet. Wear the sweater over a button-up (we went with this classic Polo Ralph Lauren option). Slightly rolling your sleeves over the oversized sweater downplays the seriousness of this look and gives it another effortless, yet chic look. A floral trunk style clutch adds a feminine touch to this look, and is a perfect contrast to the menswear inspired booties.

The Cashmere Cape

Luxury Chic Cashmere Cape | 40plusstyle.com

While capes add a hint of drama to any ensemble, cashmere capes take it a step further. We love this Ted Baker cashmere camel cape that will last season after season, is timeless enough to outlast seasonal trends, and can be stylishly paired with any combination you can think of. The key here with such a dramatic piece, is to keep everything else underneath relatively simple. Adding on one surprise accessory or pair of shoes will add a quick hint of “off the runway” chic.

Wearing it with all black (like we styled it with a black turtleneck sweater and a charming black A-line skirt) gives a delightful colorblock look. For a casual chic look, we paired the cape with Tory Burch slim fit jeans and a bold sweater. The cape brings the entire look together and nicely plays second fiddle in drama to showstopping Ivy Kirzhner embellished booties.

The Cashmere Jogger

Luxury Chic Cashmere Joggers | 40plusstyle.com

Yes, we went with a jogger. In addition to this cashmere version being absolutely soft and warm, the jogger is also extremely comfortable. The key is to style if appropriately so you don’t look like you’re gym bound the whole day or only have one foot out of bed.

A perfect night out look is to pair joggers with statement heels (like these pearl charmers), a fringed evening top and a structured blazer. We also went for a great Saturday morning errand look by pairing joggers with gray Calvin Klein booties, a cozy plaid top, and a belted denim coat that bring the whole look together (we would recommend wearing it sans belt).

What cashmere items are you coveting this winter?


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