How to create more interest to your outfits with sheer tops

by Sylvia

How to wear sheer over 40 |

I love to play with texture and sheer elements. Not only does sheer fabric keep me cool in summer, it often creates a great visual effect and adds something special to an outfit. A sheer top is also perfect for those who like to cover their arms while still staying cool.

The newest top in my collection of sheer items combines both sheer and asymmetry and is the perfect layering piece. It’s made of a double cotton mash and is super sheer so you will need to wear a cami underneath.  I layered it with my favorite Preen skirt.

sheer (3 of 5)opt

A sheer top like this is also perfect to combine with white for an all-white look, which is very fashionable right now. The sheer layers make the outfit more textural and interesting. Add a few accessories and you have a great look.

sheer (1 of 5)opt

It’s also perfect to combine with pastels. I enjoy combining white with gray like the gray jacket I showed you earlier.

sheer (2 of 5)opt

This is another blouse that makes great use of sheer elements and creates a great play with texture and design. (More details of this outfit here)

fauxLeatherSkirt (4 of 5)opt

This used to be my favorite top (until I lost it on one of my trips). It’s quite sheer as it was made from a thin linen fabric and covers just enough. (More details of this outfit here)

optcreamandwhite (3 of 5)

The top that inspired this article is from the brand Porto. It’s available in many colors.

sheer (5 of 5)opt

Do you like to wear a sheer top?


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1 denton

AIry and sexy (and I guess that’s the point!)


2 Jodie filogomo

I have that porto shirt only in the purple!! One of the boutiques downtown sells the brand—so I guess you’d say I’d wear a sheer top. The nice thing about the purple is I don’t need another cami under it! jodie
ps…can’t believe you lost that other shirt—such a bummer!!


3 Sylvia

How fun that you have the same top! Really can you wear it without cami? I would imagine it’s still pretty sheer….


4 Ruth

Hi Sylvia, we met at the Evernote presentation last week. I’m glad I swung by your site. It’s super inspiring. I have much to learn from you as a blogger.


5 Sylvia

Thank you for stopping by Ruth. Thanks also for the great presentation on Evernote. Picked up many great tips and am already using it so much better now!


6 Wendra

lovely article for spring, beautiful photos and also wonderful soft earrings to go with the sheers tops.


7 beate

your outfits are perfectly chic! i especially like the first one with the gorgeous floral skirt! that white sheerness suits you very good!
i personally prefer pure skin over sheer layers because a) i run hot easily and b) don´t like the look on me. but i can enjoy it on others 🙂


8 Greetje

I don’t really wear sheer that much because (for some reason) I don’t like to see the garment underneath the item. Which is of course what happens, like in your first photo. I don’t know why I don’t like it, but I don’t. Which is why I like your second photo very much. Makes such a nice hourglass silhouette. Sheer sleeves are perfect for summer when you want to hide your arms.


9 Petra

I have a few sheer tops and I love them for their simplicity and ease of wear 🙂 I like to make my outfits quite textural – you know, something soft, something shiny, something starchy – that kind of thing! I think it can make an inexpensive outfit look expensive.


10 Glenda Bibbero

I have a couple of sheer asymmetrical tops and am having a hard time finding a full slip to wear under them. If I just wear a camisole, my silhouette underneath is too revealing for me. It is very difficult with the asymmetrical tops. Have you had to deal with that Sylvia? What did you end up doing? Thanks for the help. 🙂


11 Sylvia

What do you find too revealing? No I don’t have this issue myself. A camisole with inbuilt bra usually works really well for me.


12 Glenda Bibbero

The problem I have is my belly showing in the silhouette b/c the cami’s are fairly form fitting. I guess I could look for a looser fit camisole huh? Any other suggestions? Thanks Sylvia.


13 Sylvia

My best tip would be to wear bottoms that have a high rise. This skirt for example goes all the way to the waist so no chance for the belly to show. For pants, you would also choose models with a higher rise so that it covers the belly nicely.


14 Rita Palazzi

Thank you Sylvia, sheer elements are perfect to wear also for me. I love the all-white look, so elegant and classy! These days I was thinking about to buy a sheer black skirt, lovely…


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