How to store jewelry – lots of jewelry storage ideas plus my own (temporary) solution

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How to store jewelry - lots of jewelry storage ideas |

You all know I love jewelry. I hardly ever walk out the door without either a bracelet, watch or necklace on. As a lover of good contemporary design, I’m always adding to my collection as I find well-designed original jewelry hard to resist. Plus, I like to support young independent designers who make the jewelry (at least that is one of the excuses I use for buying new pieces).

I also had my own jewelry online store for a short time, which has only added to my collection. As do my frequent travels; a piece of jewelry is often my souvenir of choice. Please note though that I tend to stick to affordable contemporary jewelry, so don’t really have a lot of precious or semi precious pieces.

As my jewelry collection grows, so does my storage problem. I’m not a fan of storing jewelry in boxes or hide it away. I believe that any clothes or accessories I own should be clearly seen. That is the only way it will actually gets worn!

This was my current solution. Not too bad, but my little rack of statement necklaces was way too crowded which did not give me a good overview.

How to store jewelry |

Although my jewelry cabinet that I had made in China (when I lived there) offers a lots of space, it’s very crowded in there and there is not really any space for my bulky necklaces.

Chinese jewelry storage cabinet |

I like to get a nice overview of all my jewelry so that I can get ideas and can quickly pick the right pieces for the outfit I’m wearing. It was way too messy for my liking.

Organising your jewelry |

Enter a new solution. I spotted this mirror while looking online for jewelry storage. A great solution for some of  you that don’t yet have a full-size mirror!

Jewelry storage hidden in mirror |

The mirror doubles as a cabinet for jewelry and offers a surprising amount of space. You could even put your makeup there! Although I realised that this would not solve my problem completely (still no good space for my bulky statement necklaces) I thought I would give this a try and see if it would give me a better overview of all my pieces.

How to store jewelry - storage mirror |

And this is what it looks like when I reorganised my jewelry: a much better overview of everything I own. Earrings, bracelets and watches are sitll in the compartments of my jewelry cabinet, but most of my necklaces and rings are now in view. I actually discovered quite a few of my old necklaces that I lost sight off! With this configuration I’m still able to close both the cabinets comfortably.

Get a complete overview of your jewelry |

And this is what it looks like when both cabinets are closed.

How to organise jewelry |

Although it’s a good temporary solution, it’s not ideal. I would love to have just one bigger custom cupboard just for jewelry and perhaps other accessories like scarves and belts. A girl can dream!

For more storage ideas, you can see some of the options you can buy online right now below. (RSS subscribers please click through to the website to see the product display).

You can also check out my article on how to store your accessories  for additional ideas or check out my storage ideas Pinterest board.

How do you store your jewelry? do you have any good ideas?


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1 Deborah

What a wonderful storage idea! Sylvia, I have a mirror from Ikea that you fix to a wall with hinges and it opens like a cupboard. I use 3m hooks on the wall behind the mirror and hang all my necklaces there. My collection is more minimal so it holds everything, great storage solution and I can see everything! Great minds think alike 😉


2 Sylvia

That is a brilliant idea Deborah! Thanks for the great tip.


3 Suzanne

I’d seen those mirrors, they look great. I really love your custom made storage from China.

I’ve done something much cheaper…I have used over-the-door shoe racks for my necklaces, scarves and some of my bracelets. The rest I have in large Ikea drawers with dividers. It is difficult to imagine how it works so I’m putting the link here so you get a better idea… overall I can see the majority of my jewelry and it takes up no space. There are double staggered bars so I can fit loads of jewellery on one rack and still have lots of space for scarves.

Staying organized is a full time job.



4 Sylvia

Great ideas Suzanne. I feel like organising again!


5 Rebecca

Great ideas, Sylvia! I really love the mirror with hidden jewelry storage but checked your referral and this is sold out but I’ll keep looking. I also love jewelry and have treasures from trips to Mexico and from other purchases. I use divided fabric boxes from TJ Max that I can stack as well as other more traditional jewelry boxes.
By the way, you have such a fabulous collection of contemporary jewelry pieces that I am always admiring.


6 Sylvia

Thanks Rebecca. Yes stacked boxes can work too. Great to read that you enjoy my jewelry!


7 Aileen

Great ideas Sylvia. I don’t have room for free standing units in my bedroom. I use a cutlery drawer insert on a shelf in my built-in wardrobe and the silver necklaces, bracelets and rings I keep in small plastic bags in a larger 2inch deep box. The small bags help stop the silver tarnishing. I have lots of small necklaces but not many large items; maybe I need to stock up on some new costume jewellery.


8 Lisa

I have an insanely small bedroom and all my jewelry is stored in boxes out of site by necessity. To avoid forgetting, I open my jewelry boxes up each week as I make outfits for the week, I hang necklaces and bracelets with the outfit. Earrings I have in ice cube trays. My top tray is for the earrings I’m going to wear that week.


9 Sylvia

Great ideas Lisa. You sound super organised!


10 Greetje Kamminga

You inspired me. I have to improve my jewellery storage as well. And you have given me an idea for my small house. I like to lay everything. Hang as little as possible, as not to stretch the threads of the necklaces. I might fit a chest of drawers in one of my clothes closets…. You have given wonderful examples.


11 Sylvia

Excellent. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


12 NeverSayDie Beauty

I thought I had a lot of jewelry, but I think you’ve got me beat! I adore your Chinese storage chest. I bought a lacquered 5 drawer table top chest in Chinatown years ago, and I have a traditional 5 drawer jewelry box. I hang some necklaces from the light switch on the standing lamp in my bedroom. Still need more room!


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