How to fit pants when your hip and waist have different sizes

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How to fit pants when your hip and waist have different sizes |

A challenge many women experience is finding pants that fit perfectly when your hip and waist are drastically different sizes.

There are a few approaches you can take.

First, is having your pants tailored. This is certainly a great option for pants you already own (or those without elastic waistband). When buying new pants it’s usually best to buy pants that fit the widest part. That way you can ask your tailor to fit the part that is too loose.

A second option (and the one which this post is centered on) is opting for pants with an elastic waistband.

Don’t automatically think that an elastic waistband means severely limiting your styling options or that you have to settle for a pair of very, very unflattering pants. Today we will show you the extensive options you have when it comes to selecting pants with elastic waistbands that create flattering and chic looks. From on-trend cropped jeans to wide leg black trousers, most every kind of pant you can imagine comes in elastic waistband styles.

Choosing the right pants means you no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort and function and it means you may be able to find a good fit without having to visit a tailor.

Some quick guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Keep your body shape in mind when dressing.
  • If you pick a dressy pair of pants that has a drawstring, it might be best to select a longer top to keep your look office appropriate.
  • Keep the style rule in mind that it’s usually best to combine a lose fit with a tighter or more tailored top. If your pants have a tighter fit a wider top may look better. Treat these pants the same way you would any other style. They might be more comfortable and fit better, however, you should still strive to style them appropriately.

Dressy pants

As mentioned above, there are a number of great elastic waistband options. Typically, if you are going for a dressier option in this style you should aim for pants that do not have those scrunchy type of hems. These can be a challenge when going for an office-appropriate look, and can be more appropriate for casual or after-work hours looks.

elastic waistband pants dressy office looks |

Casual pants

There are also a number of casual options with elastic waistbands. Some styles even create very flat waistband looks that almost appear to be button closure pants.

elastic waistband jeans pants comfortable |

Here are three ways to wear elastic waistband pants in a way that looks absolutely chic and current

To the office

elastic waistband office looks flora pumps black blazer |

To an evening out

elastic waistband silk blouse wide leg pants heels clutch box |

To a day spent in the park

linen shirt denim jacket elastic waistband cargo pants flip flops |

Bonus: The jumpsuit alternative

Another approach you can take is the jumpsuit, which creates a complete look (which you can take a step further by adding a jacket or vest). Select jumpsuits that have elastic waists, drawstrings, and/or belts for loosening or cinching the waist. This allows you to have a customized fit at the waist without having to sacrifice a significant amount of a good fit for your bottom half.

jumpsuit comfortable stretch |

You may find more jumpsuits that are currently available here

Find the looks and clothing items featured in this post here below

What are some your biggest challenges when it comes to dressing your body shape? What is your go-to style trick?


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1 Melisa

When I had to have pants for my dad’s funeral right after having surgery I knew I’d need something soft with an elastic waist because of the stitches and thought I’d have to wear “old lady pants” but I was pleasantly surprised by what was available. Even in my smallish town I was able to find some that looked good, hung well, weren’t baggy at the top and were comfortable. I always wear my tops on the outside, so that wasn’t a problem.


2 Greetje

I often have to take my trousers in at the hips. Fortunately I have a good seamstress. When I see the collection above, I always tend to go for the black jacket (Theory is such a nice brand) and the yellow bag haha.


3 Sherry Edwards

My biggest dressing challenge is when I drink water and gain weight (a lit sarcasm here). I need to hide the belly but I don’t want to hide my waist or butt. Therefore I prefer to wear a jacket or sweater open but is still fitted at the waist line and short enough to not cover the butt. Note to self: don’t eat too much!!!


4 Chris

I have to put elastic into the back waistband of my already waist elasticated jeans! So much for being pear shaped!


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