Colorful style at the 40+ blogger meetup!

by Sylvia

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Here are a few more pictures of the colorful style at the 40+blogger meetup. These women are not afraid of color and print!

Above Vancouver Barbara and Anne (aka Spy Girl)

Below Pao or Pat from Project Minima. She wrote about the meetup here.


Patti from Not Dead Yet Style. She wrote about the meetup here and here.

stylestars-5opt stylestars-4opt

Organiser Melanie from Bag and a Beret. Find her resports here and here.

stylestars-3opt stylestars-2opt

Organiser Sue from A colorful Canvas. Find her report here.


Organiser Suzanne from Suzanne Carillo. Read her reports here and here.

stylestars-9opt stylestars-8opt stylestars-6opt

And this is how we all felt pretty much most of the time.


Many more reports have been written about the meetup and here is a full list of all the bloggers involved.

Melanie – Bag And A Beret
Sue – A Colourful Canvas
Suzanne – Suzanne Carillo
Patti – Not Dead Yet  
Sylvia – 40+Style
Greetje – No Fear of Fashion
Trina – Tea Time With Trina
Tami – Thrift Shop Commando
Sheila – Ephemera
Pat – Project Minima 
Ally – Shybiker
Louisa – Damselfly’s Delights
Anne – Spy Girl  
Shawna – The Director Of Awesome
Tiina –Elegance Revisited
Jodi – Day 2 Day Wear
Wendra – The Looking Glass
Tracey – Fashion Forward 40
Chloe – Fat Rabbit’s Delight
Michelle – starting her blog soon…
Jane – writer – The Island World

I will keep it short (as I’m still travelling) but suffice to say that I had a brilliant time at the meetup. I’m looking forward to meeting many more of you at the New York meetup as well, which has both a bloggers and readers version. If you are interested, you can sign up here.

Do you have a favorite outfit from the above?


1 denton

Great outfits! Everyone looks fabulous.

2 Greetje

It was a terrific meet-up. Laughed so much.

3 Melanie

Hahahaha! Oh, Sylvia, you brought it all back home with these photos. This city is sooo quiet not that you’re gone. How I wish I could make it to New York. Maybe next time!
You are so much fun to hang out with and talking with you gave me great inspiration for my blog.

4 Patti

Thank you for these, Sylvia. More for my memory book! xo

5 pao

What a blast, Sylvia. See? Even I can be taught how to pose, sort of… Did I read correctly that you’re stopping off for a bit in Chicago? Where I live? If so, do you want to meet at a cafe for old time’s sake? Send me an email for my number, etc. heehee.

6 Sylvia

We changed plans Pao so can’t make it to Chicago this time. It’s been scheduled for our next USA trip!

7 Suzanne

Ha ha! Love the gif : )


8 Anne the SpyGirl

Very funny gif, Sylvia!
Thanks for including me in the wrap-up.
My link for my Vancouver photos is here: if anyone has not yet seen enough.

Sketches of everyone are in the works!

9 Sylvia

Wow! You took lots of behind-the-scenes pictures. Fabulous!

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