Brand focus: Porto & Inizio – Be stylish AND comfortable!

by Sylvia

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One of the brands that I wore a lot this year is Porto. It is a brand I discovered through GetDressed2 who felt it would be perfect for my style.

They were right!

The comfortable fabrics (often with stretch) combined with their unique asymmetrical designs are right up my alley. It’s perfect for 40+ women as the brand combines comfort with superbly designed pieces that are easy to mix and match.

I have fallen in love with the newest additions to my wardrobe.

This white blouse from Porto is perfect in so many ways. I love the asymmetrical lines it creates and the fabric is a lovely mix of cotton and elastane. The design complements the asymmetrical lines of the equally comfortable black skirt. Also a bland of 75% cotton and 25% elastane which makes it so easy to wear because of its stretchy fabric which eliminates the need for any buttons or zippers.

This is one of the outfits I wore to Singapore Fashion Week recently so I could not resist adding my fashionista shoes from United Nude.

blouse and skirt by Porto |

The bulky blue necklace from Cos finishes the look.

Cos chunky necklace |

Another skirt I’m going to love is this blue draped skirt from Porto. Again, really comfortable and made from stretch fabric. I like that the fabric is stretchy but still quite firm, which tucks in the belly area (cannot find this skirt on the site currently). The blouse is from In Good Company and previously feature here.

In Good company blouse with Porto skirt |

Inizio works a lot with linen fabrics for summer, which makes them ideal pieces for lazy summer days. This linen dress is ideal for summer. My only regret is that I did not pick one of the many fabulous colors that this dress comes in. Instead I added color by adding my Cigno Nero (a brand GetDressed2 also carries) leather jacket. Necklace is by Suzanne Carillo.

Black linen dress |

black Inizio dress with Cigno Nero jacket |

More clothes from Porto and Inizio that I featured on the site earlier

black and white layered top |

This multi fabric layered top is great for getting a fake-layer effect in summer. Available here.

White mesh blouse |

Another great layering piece is this sheer layered top. See how I wore it in my article on how to wear sheer.

Draped Porto dress with Inizio moto jacket |

Then there is this gray draped dress from Porto I showed you here. Super comfortable and does not wrinkle so ideal for holidays. It combines really well with the linen / cotton moto jacket from Inizio.

I also wore the jacket with my white pants. Full article here.



This burgundy dress was part of my winter capsule, but I wear it a lot in summer too. Using a thicker stretchy material, this is a super flattering dress that has proven to be a wardrobe favorite.

If you are looking for original design, while still feeling really comfortable in your clothes, I encourage you to have a look at the Porto and Inizio brands available at Getdressed2. They have generously provided a 20% discount for 40+Style readers if you want to give these 2 brands a try. You will get 20% off on all “in stock” Porto and Inizio clothing with the code 40PLUS20. It’s valid until June 15. If you are not sure what to get or need help with sizing, feel free to reach out to the people at Getdressed2. They are always happy to help.

All the above clothes were handpicked by me and provided to me for editorial consideration c/o Getdressed2.

What do you think of these 2 brands? Does their style aesthetic appeal to you?


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While you seem to look happy in those clothes I find the drag lines and wrinkles incredibly distracting. I want to get my iron and press them and pin out all the extra fabric in the pleats that just add to the width of the body where women do not need extra width. The grey jacket and grey dress look especially sad with an ill-fitting collar treatment and pleats in odd places. The white gathered waist blouse says, “I’m trying to hide something” and it just adds bulk to the waist. Sorry, these styles may be trendy but not flattering for any age.


I know these styles are not for everyone but I find these lines and pleats interesting and fun. I don’t believe it’s unflattering either, but I never dress for optimum flattery, just flattering enough. (see also this article I don’t feel the need to always show off the exact lines of my body and feel that these styles would work for many 40+ women.


I have sewn and studied garment making for years. You may dress for less than flattering ( which is hard to comprehend by someone putting out a fashion blog) but wrinkles and pulls indicate poor fit. I think the styles are lovely, the fit is off, particularly the grey dress. The styles would definitely work on the over forty but the fit,no. As far as not showing off the lines of one’s body, that can be done and still fit nicely and be flattering.

Fit has been dumbed down in America. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an interesting article on just that topic. It is much cheaper for manufacturers to make clothes in generic sizes like small,medium, ect as well as combined sizes. They specifically cited increased margins for manufacturers who did this. What happens is that you now shop, try on a small and a medium and then get the one that is CLOSEST to what should look good, not a garment that actually fits you. I am not saying this specific sizing method is part of the issue here, but that it contributes to an acceptance of poorly fitted garments that you see wherever you go. The concept of fit has been dumbed down and it’s pervasiveness, conscious or unconscious, reflects in our own choices of garments.


I agree with you that fit is everything. I personally pay a lot of attention to fit and don’t wear garments that don’t fit. The gray dress was meant to fit like this. There are pleats at the side of the dress which causes it be looser at the lower chest and not form fitting. If that had not been the case it would have been a form fitting body conscious dress which personally would have made me feel a lot less comfortable. However, I can understand that some may feel that this is not a good fit.

I also did not say that I advise to dress for less than flattering. In fact I have a lot of articles on this site that help women dress in their most flattering ways. But you don’t always have to dress 100% flattering and ‘flattering enough’ is good too. I certainly would not wear these clothes if I thought they were unflattering. I like pleats, asymmetry and interesting shapes and personally feel better in them than a super flattering wrap dress.

Of course you don’t have to like these looks, but I do feel that in this case it’s more a matter of taste rather than fit.


Oh, how nice! Thank you for putting all these pretty ones in one blog post. I just love asymmetrical designs in clothes 🙂


Thanks Annu for your first comment at 40+Style. Yes me too, it has kind of become my signature look 🙂


Oh my goodness Sylvia! You look fab in every single outfit, it’s as if this line was made for you! I love every single piece and as soon as I sign off am headed to check it out! LOVE the look!! Suzanne


Thanks Suzanne. I know and when I find a brand that suits me, I tend to be very loyal to it…


Some very nice pieces!


Thanks Denton1


A combination of elastine and cotton is lovely. I really like both white blouses. The necklace is very good on them. The black skirt is fun to me too. You know I am less into asymmetrical garments, but I do like it. Especially in the red dress. I can understand it is a dress you use a lot. The grey jacket surprised me. I know it already but on the photos with the white trousers it looks very desirable to me.


Yes elastane and cotton is a perfect combination and that black skirt is a new favorite. I’m sure you will see it as I will definitely take it with me on my travels.

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