How to wear navy and white this summer

by Sylvia

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I have very much embraced neutrals this summer. Black and white is always a favorite of course but blue and white will be forever chic too.

I recently added some fabulous blues to my wardrobe and my favorite way to wear blue is, you guessed it, with white. 

It’s a very effortless way to look chic and a great option if you ever wonder what to wear. Blue is softer than black and in terms of color will usually suit 40+ women better.

1. White top, blue pants

Navy flared pants and white multi fabric top |

My first look is the most trendy as it hints at the 70s trend. I’m not indulging much in this trend as boho chic (even though I love it on others) is not really my thing.

Instead I keep it simple and minimalistic with these blue flared pants that have been in my wardrobe for several years. They felt like the perfect base for this multilayered white top which is a hot summer version of the tunic I showed you earlier. The base is made of 100% hemp which is a similar fabric to linen. Lovely texture and it keeps you cool! The knit if made from linen.

2. White capris, blue knitted top

Knitted blue linen top with white capri pants |

You can also reverse the order and wear navy on top. I absolute love this knitted asymmetrical top. I love how the pattern of the top is different when shown over your skin and over your camisole and creates great texture within the outfit. No necklace needed therefore and you can go a bit wilder with either earrings, sunglasses or bracelets.

This top is perfect for summer as it is made of 100% linen. The beauty of knitted linen is that you get the coolness but not the wrinkles! I think this top would also look really good over jeans.

Blue knitted asymmetrical top |

3. Blue top, white leggings

White capri leggings with blue asymmetrical top |

Today’s last look features another great design. This top drapes like a cacoon across your body. Made of 100% hemp, it’s super light and super cool. In many ways it is much like linen even though it is a bit more structured.

White capri leggings with blue asymmetrical top |

Bare in mind therefore, that it will also wrinkle really easily (as can be seen on the photos), so if you mind wrinkles in your clothes too much than pure hemp is not for you.

Top look: top c/o Stella Carakasi, Flared pants by Alldressedup (old) (similar jeans), necklace by Cos, shoes are very old
Middle look: top c/o Stella Carakasi, Capris by In Good Company
Bottom look: top and leggings c/o Stella Carakasi, necklace by Alldressedup (very old), white slingbacks (similar)

Do you enjoy wearing white and blue? Which of the above looks is your favorite?


1 Pam@over50feeling40

I love that ayssemtrical top…all of these look great though! Navy is such a wonderful neutral!

2 cathy williamson

Love navy and white, it’s one of my favorite looks for summer! The flare pants are amazing!!!

3 Karen Daniel

Love the knitted top. Beautiful cut work. I have been reviewing the 21 steps course lately and discovering I like asssumetrical pieces!

4 Lisa

Lovely as always. I just may need to get myself an asymmetrical top or two. Sadly, I can only find these online, and I really like to try things on to make sure the size is right. 🙁

5 Sylvia

Thanks Lisa! Perhaps you should try to find out on the Stella Carakasi website where their tops are sold in US retail stores.

6 Bonnie Gough

I love all of these outfits – navy and white looks fabulous together and you wear it perfectly.

7 Patti

Loving those wide-leg trousers, Sylvia! xo

8 Suzanne

Those wide leg trousers look amazing on you. I tried some on and looked like a Hobbit! LOL


9 Glenda Bibbero

Love that 2nd look. Especially the knitted top. You look fabulous in all of them though. Rethinking blue as a good neutral for me. Seems like a great place to go (from black).

10 Nina Forrest

Love both the wide leg and the cropped pants. Different looks, but both great if they fit well like they do in these pics!

11 beate

blue and white suits you very well!!! love the look with the flared pants! so elegant! your legs look sky high!
i´m a bit biased with blue/white combos on me – i tend to look like a catholic school teacher if i wear this in my usual skirt&blouse outfits 😉
happy june to you! xxxx

12 Robyn

I love navy and white, on others, for me the colours need to be more cream/ off white and a lighter navy, so i am alwats on the look out for such colours. These outfits look great on you and zi love the blue sandals.

13 Greetje

You have got some really lovely new stuff. Those blue tops are terrific for you. I love the asymmetrical blue knitted one, but cannot wear it myself. My body hates the feeling of one naked arm and one covered arm. Strange but true. But it is a spectacular top.
Your first look makes me think I might be able to pull a flared look off. Usually my hips and bum had to be exposed with flared bottoms or bell bottoms, and that was not nice. But with the high / low tops, I might cover without looking bulky.
Have you thought of using another bag? Multi coloured or f.i. A red one? Or did you want to keep it blue and white?

14 sherry

Greetje, yes I would also love to see a different colored bag, red or orange. Just for something different but the navy is nice also.

15 Scina

Great colors and styles – love the site! White is my favourite and you are changing the way I look at blue.

16 Adrienne


First, thank you so much for joining How I Wear My: Spring Jacket today!
I am a HUGE Stella Carakasi fan and love these hemp pieces for spring and summer. I have the first top you’re wearing in this post in a flax color. I can’t wait for the temps to rise so I can wear it (still a little too cool here in Wine Country!).
You look fabulous in Stella clothing…it drapes so nicely on your figure and navy is a lovely color on you.

17 Angie

I love navy blue and white and added a blue long skirt and a tank top for this summer and I’m on the lookout for white bottoms. I like how special all your pieces are. Selected with great love and attention to detailing.

18 sherry

You look great in the wide leg trousers. I have a few pair that I need to get out and wear. Also love nave and white, nice bag!

19 Tammila Goodwin

Navy and white are so crisp and summer like, love your looks. I am thinking of buying some wide legged trousers and wearing them with a crop top ala 50’s style. (Crop to come right at waist of pants no skin showing lol) My waist is pretty small so this works for me. Thanks for the tips . Have a great week all you beautiful 40+ ladies.

20 Joann

Those flared jeans look terrific on you. Just ordered a similar pair you mentioned on the Nordstrom’s site…and they are on sale! Woohoo! Hope they look as good on me as those flares look on you.

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