As you may know I have been on a skiing holiday and my big plan was to photograph all the latest ski fashions. Unfortuantely, I failed miserably at that. When I got over the initial shock of the cold and my lack of skiing capabilities, it started snowing and photographing became increasingly difficult.

winter outfit for the snow

So I will leave you with one of my pre-skiing outfits instead. On this morning I needed a bit of a break from skiing to catch up with this blog and comments and enjoy some wonderful hot chocolates with cream. As you know I have a black, white and red travel capsule this time, which is very evident from the outfit below. Comfort comes before style for me in this cold and snowy weather so the outfit will need to be warm and practical. I’m wearing many layers just to keep me warm. Any style added is a bonus!

winter clothing

Looking back I feel this outfit is actually quite fun. It looks so nice and colorful in the big pack of snow and I was certainly very comfortable indeed! I gained a new respect for all you fashionable ladies who live in cold weather for large parts of the year. It certainly is more of a challenge to say stylish and fashionable in cold weather!

What would be your ideal snow outfit?

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