A winter outfit fit for the snow

by Sylvia

Winter outfit fit for the snow

As you may know I have been on a skiing holiday and my big plan was to photograph all the latest ski fashions. Unfortuantely, I failed miserably at that. When I got over the initial shock of the cold and my lack of skiing capabilities, it started snowing and photographing became increasingly difficult.

winter outfit for the snow

So I will leave you with one of my pre-skiing outfits instead. On this morning I needed a bit of a break from skiing to catch up with this blog and comments and enjoy some wonderful hot chocolates with cream. As you know I have a black, white and red travel capsule this time, which is very evident from the outfit below. Comfort comes before style for me in this cold and snowy weather so the outfit will need to be warm and practical. I’m wearing many layers just to keep me warm. Any style added is a bonus!

winter clothing

Looking back I feel this outfit is actually quite fun. It looks so nice and colorful in the big pack of snow and I was certainly very comfortable indeed! I gained a new respect for all you fashionable ladies who live in cold weather for large parts of the year. It certainly is more of a challenge to say stylish and fashionable in cold weather!

What would be your ideal snow outfit?

1 chouette22

Oh my goodness, I just LOVE this outfit. So practical and absolutely stylish and fun!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Chouette. Welcome to 40+ Style and thanks for leaving your feedback!

3 tracey

You look fab. Love the colours in your capsule. And that striped turtleneck is fantastic.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Tracey. It came in very handy with skiing as well!

5 Cynthia

Heh. I grew up in Wisconsin (cold!) and now live in North Carolina (hot!) and I would say exactly opposite. It’s hard to style when you can’t layer. Or wear socks six months out of the year.

6 Sylvia

True also. It’s harder to be creative. Best to have ‘in-between’ weather for fashion I believe; not too warm, not too cold…

7 Lisa


I love this outfit, the perfect balance of color and pattern. You wear it well and look great against the snowy background. Enjoy the rest of your time on vacay!!

8 Sylvia

Thanks Lisa. I’m finally home now and jet-lagged. Holidays are fun but I could do without the long flights and huge time differences….

9 Suzanne

You look so cute! I love the layers. The red over the white over the stripes – and especially the way the stripes peek out at the top and bottom and at the sleeves. That is the best – that and the red socks. I like the black beret bookending the black boots too. There are so many great things about this outfit. It is perfect. 🙂
It is hard to look “polished” when you are struggling to be warm above all else. An insulating under layer helps and a good coat and boots and a hat and gloves. I have to put a lot more money into my Winter clothing than I do the Summer. I need better materials and more things and it is cold longer than it is hot. For 3 months it is fun to put on a little dress and a pair of sandals and go – but when it is cold a lot of thought has to be put into how to stay alive until you get where you need to be and then how to look appropriate once you are there. There is a big difference between fashion boots and snow boots. Thank goodness for valet parking. Also – it is so easy to lose rings, bracelets, and earrings when you are pulling wool layers on and off. Winter is difficult.

10 Sylvia

It certainly is a challenge. Many times when I thought about wearing my ‘nice’ boots I wore my snow boots instead, just to be practical and comfortable. I’m sure I’d get better at it though if I would ever get used to the cold again. Back in Singapore now and the difference in temperature is just incredible! The body can barely cope….

11 Suzanne

Please take good care of yourself! To go from hot and humid to cold and dry and then back again is a lot of stress, as is the time changes and just the hectic pace of the holiday season. You need a vacation to recover from your vacation! It was 53F here yesterday! Such an aberration. One of my best friends is in Florida this week and we actually had warmer weather than she did. I loved it! I went out without a coat and I could wear fashion boots rather than snow boots. 🙂 I wore shorter boots with a colorful sock peeking out of the top in honor of you Sylvia.

12 Sylvia

Your comments produced big smiles Suzanne 🙂 I can picture you wearing your colorful socks peeking out! As you say I find it usually quite tough coming back from Europe, certainly after 3 weeks. My body is usually in turmoil for a full week. Let’s see how I cope this year. I need my brain and creativity back to produce some wonderful articles for all of you!

13 Nanne

You look so cute in that outfit!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Nanne! Did you enjoy your holidays?

15 Amy G.

You look so cute — what a great look! The stripes peeking out make the look. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

16 Sylvia

Thanks Amy and welcome to 40+ style. Thanks for leaving your feedback!

17 Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

You look SO CUTE! You somehow remind me of a Swiss girl out there in the snow with your red sweater, skirt, and stripes. Love the beret too! I tend to wear jeans or a snowsuit in the snow, because I only see it if I’m going up to slide down hills on inner tubes, lol..no snow ever shows up where I live. If it did though, I’d definitely want to rock the cozy knit tights with a skirt or shorts and some boots 😀

18 Sylvia

It’s definitely a swiss (or Austrian) look. Fit only for the snow I would think. I actually wore that combi of sweaters underneath my ski jacket when skiing as well..

19 BespokeGina

I love seeing you in some cold weather clothes for a change.

20 Sylvia

Yes I can imagine that…. I’m always worried that all these summer outfits get a big boring for all of you in cold weather….

21 Jeannie

Great fun look! Wish I were on a skiing vacay!!

22 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie!

23 The Style Crone

I love your pre-skiing outfit! The colors are brilliant with the snow in the background. I grew up in Minnesota and now live in Colorado, so snow has been with me for a lifetime. Hats are very effective in keeping one warm!

24 Sylvia

I can see now why the hat would be the ultimate fashion accessory in a colder climate. It’s easy to add color, wear something unique and make a fashion statement. I would have bought several more hats if I was living in a colder climate! Perhaps you should also give us some tips on how to wear great hats in summer…

25 The Style Confessions

I think you look great! Love how you put on a skirt in the snow. That’s brave. You look spectacular.

26 Sylvia

Thanks Heather. Well. I did have a legging underneath, warms socks and boots.. It was was actually very warm and comfortable!

27 Bella

You look like your 20+ in those photos – too cute.

28 Sylvia

Hmm, not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing 🙂

29 Bella

Good thing! Thanks for the running tips – definitely taking it slow and starting Yoga next week.

30 Paula

ha ha there is no ideal snow outfit for me cuz I HATE THE SNOW! im in the boston area so we get too much snow.
Love this skirt with your winter wear! Great combo with the boots–must be fun for a change!

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