A new asymmetrical hairstyle and a green dress with sleeves

by Sylvia

draped green dress from Front Row

As I’m getting ready for my trip to The Netherlands the last thing I always do is to go to the hairdresser. I need to get the grey roots colored and I almost always change something about my haircut. 

This time I was aiming for a slightly more asymmetrical cut. Although as the below picture illustrates I can wear this style 2 ways. I can tuck both sides behind my ear for a more balanced look or let the hair on the left come forwards which creates a more asymmetrical style. I changed nothing about my color this time (apart from coloring the roots).


Since we were talking about dresses with sleeves yesterday I thought I show you one of mine. The dress was an absolute bargain found on a local fair where local shops like Front Row were giving massive discounts.

Regular readers will understand that I was attracted to the drapes and the unusual design of this dress. It is a great casual dress for the indoors here, as shopping malls (and hair salons) tend to get cold. It’s worn with one of my 10 wardrobe work horses, the simple white cropped pants and paired with my most comfortable white sandals.

Which of the 2 hairstyles shown above do you prefer? Tucked behind ears both sides or asymmetrical?


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1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I really like your new cut – both ways! It’s so smart and flattering. Wonderful new dress too, in a great color.


2 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. Sofar I’m very happy with it!


3 Ana from Mrs. American Made

Love the haircut and best part is its versatility!


4 Sylvia

Yes! And you know how much I love that.


5 Rebecca

I love the asymmetrical styling for you as it goes so well with your clothes. It is so funny to see you in such a summery outfit when I am freezing here in NYC! The green dress looks great on you.


6 Sarah

Love love love your hair, and the green dress looks gorgeous on you. I want that dress myself. It is so interesting! Beautiful look!



7 Sylvia

Glad you like it Sarah. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cap-a-tea. It was so cheap I got it in a light purple too…


8 fashmr paul

Wow – Love your hair – I think asymmetrical cuts are just wonderful!.
That’s a great dress/top you have on as well – love the folds in it


9 Sylvia

Thanks Fashmr. I’m always attracted to dresses that are just a bit different…


10 Petra

Sylvia – you look FANTASTIC 🙂 Your hair suits you so much. And the colour is gorgeous! The green and red look so flattering on you – and you just look so “alive”. Gorgeous 😀


11 Sylvia

Wow. Thank you for the nice compliments. I must admit that the photos turned out well.


12 Cynthia Peterson

Sylvia, I have been following your blog now for several months, but I don’t think I have commented before. When I saw your photo with the new hair style, the red sunglasses, and the green dress worn over white slacks, I just had to tell you how gorgeous you look. The red bag is a great zing of color.

I particularly like the asymmetrical hair style, but how lovely that you have choices.


13 Sylvia

How lovely to hear from you Cynthia. Thank you so much for taking the effort to leave some feedback. I’m happy to read you like the look and the blog!


14 Natalia

Amazing photos of you, Sylvia! You look wonderful with the new hairstyle. I like both ways with a slight preference to asymmetrical. 🙂 Love this dress on you as well! Green is my very favorite color – and this is such a lovely shade of green! You styled it beautifully with red and white – wow! 🙂


15 Sylvia

Thanks Natalia. Yes this color green suits me well. It has enough warmth to it. I too love it with the red.


16 Ann

Looking sassy and ready for holiday fun! I like your hair both ways, perfect color and beautiful shine. Green and red is great on you and this dress suits you beautifully. It looks both creative and chic plus comfortable. Very interesting draping.

blue hue wonderland


17 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. Ready for the holiday indeed!


18 Aileen Wrennall

I love it both ways too, but tucked behind one ear is probably my preference as it is sassy, young and modern. You always look young anyway Sylvia; I think you have great facial bone structure and a super slim figure which helps enormously.

I’m thinking the dress would look even nicer with slimmer trousers or skinny jeans, because the dress has a lot of draping fabric, making the shape wider at the top and the ‘rules’ I’m learning are if tops are wide, bottoms need to be skinny or vice versa.

I’d be interested to hear what you think about that nougat of wisdom! What do I know!


19 Sylvia

Of course you are right Aileen. Skinnier would be better although I find these quite skinny already. For some reason I don’t have the perfect white skinnies yet so these will have to do. As you know I don’t always stick to the rules anyway.


20 aileen

I’m wondering if long stretchy leggings would work too. They would give the sleek slimmed down leg look. What do you think?


21 Sylvia

Sure that could work too, but for myself I often find them too sleek. I mostly prefer skinnies or slim-cut pants.


22 Greetje Kamminga

I agree with Aileen. I would also wear them with white skinnies and not only because I am so into them. My solution for getting the right skinnies was to have a straight pair altered by a seamstress. Now they are modern and I wear them again. They are a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.


23 Kathy Johnston

Love your new hair cut and the new green dress is so beautiful! For me, anything that drapes is good because it covers my midsection which is a problem area. You don’t have to worry about that- you just look gorgeous! Have a wonderful trip!


24 Sylvia

Thanks Kathy. Yes drapes are great for many women, including me!


25 Greetje Kamminga

Great additions those sunglasses and the bag. And I like your hair both ways. Equally nice…. for short hair. LOL


26 kath

Nice haircut, suits you well.


27 Catherine

You look wonderful with your hair both ways, though I like the asymmetrical look a little better. I think that when you have the hair tucked behind your ears on both sides that the look could be improved with interesting earrings or a jazzy lipstick color to change it up — otherwise it looks a little too conservative (to my eye, anyway). The green dress is fantastic! I am inspired by how you styled it with white pants (which I am putting on my list of things to look for). I agree that I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing white leggings but white skinny jeans/pants would be just fine. Love the dress over pants combo!


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