Are fashionable phone covers part of your style?

by Sylvia

fashionable iphone 4 covers
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I think we can safely assume that most of us have hand phones. And very many of us will have something to protect that hand phone. So how do you pick your cover? Is it a style statement for you? Or will you just pick something for pure practical reasons?

I have gone through several stages when it comes to protecting my phone. I started with fancy covers and used those plastic stickers to cover the front of my iphone. But, oh how I dislike those stickers! I never seem to be able to get the ‘bubbles’ out or the plastic would start to loosen at the sides. So I would end up with a messy looking iphone. Not cool!

Marc Jacobs Iphone covers

I then tried those pocket covers. But if you then put your phone in a bag as well, it becomes impossible to actually hear your phone. The whole nuisance of getting your phone out of your cover before answering it, did not work well either.

Jimmy Choo iphone cases

So then I moved on to those double covers that you have to open up. These protect your phone and are easy to open. Plus, you don’t have to use the plastic stickers. But the covers themselves don’t last very long at all, as most are made of plastic. These kind of covers usually don’t come in very funky styles either, so I ended up with rather boring cases, which frankly did not add to my style at all. I have now succumbed to a leather red multi case cover to see if that lasts longer. It is a practical choice and I certainly don’t think it looks anywhere near as funky or fashionable as the covers highlighted in this post.

Tory Birch Iphone cases

 I’m very tempted to get myself a sexy cover again and make a bit of a fashion statement with my phone!

How about you? Is your phone cover part of your style or fashion statement or do you choose something purely for practical reasons and don’t you care about the look of your phone?

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I like Kate Spade covers because they are cute (camels, dots, or sayings like “Rock The Casbah”) and not too expensive. But iPhone5 will be out at Christmas and I doubt the iPhone4s covers will fit so no new covers until then. :)
The Dolce & Gabbana case above reminds me that I saw their A/W collection at a large store and it is stunning. The runway and ads did not catch my attention but irl the lace, floral prints, and needlepoint dresses are amazing – and out of this world expensive. I also saw an embroidered brown Jimmy Choo boot that is every hippie/boho/gypsy girl’s dream come true. It was a good thing they do not even come in my size because I really wanted them even though I would never wear them. LOL! And then I realized that in a few days NY Fashion Week will show us what we will be wearing in Spring 2013. It is always like this – just as I am getting really excited about the clothes that are seasonally appropriate – I will be falling in love with the next season! Fashion is not for sissies!!!


Suzanne…I saw those Jimmy Choo boots at Nordstrom and they are to die for! I don’t dare try them on!! I would never have a reason to wear them, but if they still have them in my size come last call sale, I may have to buy them just to admire them! Jimmy Choo has a purple-blue suede pump with the suede embroidery that is equally drool-worthy!


Rita, Rita, Rita. You made me look. And those pumps are not only embroidered – they have ankle wraps. Tasseled ankle wraps. And I have a shoe addiction – especially if it involves ankle wraps. This is not good Rita. You and I might have to ignore each others posts! LOL!


LOL, Suzanne!!! Yes, it seems like we shouldn’t encourage each other! :-)

I totally forgot to mention the ankle wraps! I have short legs so they wouldn’t look to well on me, but an easy snip on each shoe would remove them and they’d be perfect. :-) The heel is also a bit high for me…they’d have to be “sitting” shoes! Perfect for looking down and admiring during a long boring meeting at work.


Indeed Suzanne. And we constantly have to be strong and make the right choices as temptation is everywhere. (I guess I’m not making it any easier…)


I have a blackberry and don’t bother with a cover. I’m actually looking forward to the day I don’t need it for work and I can lay it in the driveway and run over it with my car! Ah, the peace and quiet!!


Yes, I can still remember a time before hand phones. Luckily I can just switch it off whenever I like.


I had to laugh over the conversation between Rita and Suzanne. There are so many temptations!
As for phone covers… It was not until I read your article that I realized I never hear my phone in my bag because of the white leather cover. How stupid can you get.
Then again it was not much better with a silicone (horrible but practicle) cover. I tend to be more practicle and if possible, elegant. I will not go for print, just plain leather in a nice bright colour. But I also wait for the iPhone5.


My phone contract has expired.. I may just be tempted too.




My cover is just a solid, practical one. I did a little bit of pimping, as I do with everything;-), but not really convincing. On Etsy they have a zillion custom-made, thus unique iPhone covers for sale. If I would go for a cool, stylish one, I might look there.


That’s a good idea also (Etsy). Must have a look some time…

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Love these fancy iPhone cases….but I’m just the classic hard-shell kind of girl!



Yes, that is nice too…

Kathleen Lisson

I love phone covers, but I have yet so see cute ones for Droid. I have a blue plaid cover on my phone I got from a kiosk at the mall.


That sounds pretty nice.


Well I tend to be practical in this. I just have a black suede, with some graphics in leather, small (the size of the phone) “pocket” in which I put my cell phone in. Nothing fancy just something I can carry with me with my folders and pen when I go to a meeting (in the silence mod of course) and easy to find in my handbag.

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