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Something strange has happened to me recently. After a lifetime of swearing by silver, all of a sudden I feel like wearing gold! What is happening? Do these sudden changes come with age?

Not so long ago I had the same thing happening with chocolate. My whole life I have indulged in milk chocolate, all kinds and flavours. I couldn’t stand the taste of dark chocolate.

And then out of thin air, I wanted nothing but dark chocolate.

Strange things are indeed happening.

Hans Appenzeller golden bracelets
Jewelry from one of my favorite Dutch designers: Hans Appenzeller

Does our taste change with age? How do sudden changes like this happen?

If you have an answer to that, let me know!

Of course, the change of me suddenly wanting to wear gold is not very practical at all. All my jewelry and accessories are silver. There is absolutely nothing gold in my cupboard. But I was very keen for gold jewelry with my new bright clothes, so I decided to purchase some fake jewelry at Tang’s. But the main problem is a watch. I have plenty of watches and although they are very versatile they are all silver or metal coloured. No gold to be seen. I resorted to wearing 2 bracelets instead.

It’s going to be interesting to see if this change will hold. For the moment I will stick to fakes and coloured jewelry, but if this desire to wear golden jewelry persists, I will have to invest in some (fake or metal) golden pieces. I’m eying Linnie McLarty’s contemporary jewelry which I hope to personally view in July when I visit London for the Olympics, but will also visit my favorite jewelry shops in Amsterdam as well! If anyone knows of some great contemporary jewelry designers in London or The Netherlands that I should visit when I’m there, let me know!

Do you experience sudden (dramatic) changes in preferences as you age? Would love to read any examples you may have!

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