What I wore shopping in Amsterdam

by Sylvia

What I wore in Amsterdam

One of my favorite place for shopping in the world are the “9 straatjes’ or 9 little streets in Amsterdam. Those streets located in De Jordaan in Amsterdam always offer surprises and you can find some of the most unique fashion and accessories there. More on that later on! Let’s focus on my simple outfit in this article.

Amsterdam street style

As you can see I’m wearing a combination of my black, white and red (and grey) travel capsule. The warm corduroy trousers are perfect for cold Holland this time of year and when combined with a classic fedora hat, a pattern top and my JNBY jacket, it becomes quite a fun outfit. A little bit dandy, a little bit chic.

Jnby grey jacket in black and white outfit

Of course I would have preferred to wear my nice black boots, but after just 2 days of walking (and years of neglect) they had to be repaired. These simple snow boots that I bought for my ski holiday are super comfortable though and nice and warm!

new thrifted hat

Of course this was the perfect opportunity to wear my new black and white hat, which I had bought in a thrift shop in Haarlem the day before.

fancy black hat

My friend Liliane had just bought a great hat in another store as well and was wearing it with pride.

amsterdam fashion shoot with cyclist

And here you see the challenges of photographing in bicycle busy Amsterdam! For some more looks on this Monday check out Monday Mingle as well.

Have you had any fun lately with your clothes or accessories?

1 pomomama

No christmas fashion notes from me (head cold, not feeling especially festive but had a lovely day regardless – thanks boys!) but thanks for the Amsterdam pics, and the styling. You look fab.
My Wee Guy and I visited Amsterdam for the first time at the end of the summer. We loved it, and he happily pointed out some familiar sights in your blog post pics.
As for fashion, I found that out of all the European capitals we visited on our trip (we made it to five in total), Amsterdam was easily the most effortlessly chic. London folks were trying far to hard (and mostly missing the mark), while Paris was plain intimidating. Amsterdam had a lovely functionally beautiful and stylish vibe. We loved it (and watch out for the bikes)!

Ah yes, the fashion stuff – I need to make my peace with belts as my waistline needs some definition 🙁

2 Sylvia

It’s a magical place. Especially in summer. I used to live here and also studied there so it it reminds me of my youth as well. Can’t believe it’s been more than 20 years….

3 Suzanne

I love the first outfit! The hat is cool with the chic black coat and the red print scarf so artfully tied – it is all awesome. I remember this print top as one of your six sale finds. I am happy we get to see it styled. And your boots look perfect for walking on the brick streets. The buildings and the water are so beautiful it is hard to not be distracted but you do look wonderful. I think your friend Liliane looks very cute in her hat too. All of your posts with hats are very inspirational.
I have fun with my clothes and accessories every day. LOL! Santa brought me a pair of Coach shoes and I can not wait for it to be warm enough to wear them. I am already planning outfits to show them off. 🙂 I like my clothes but I adore my accessories!

4 Sylvia

Coach shoes! how wonderful. Happy you enjoy the hats still and luckily so as there are more hat posts coming up!

5 Jeannie

Hi Sylvia! You look so chic! I adore your hat. You wear it so well!. I picked up a couple hats recently, but haven’t had the courage to wear it yet. Maybe when it gets cold enough….Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie. I think you would look wonderful with a hat! I am even wearing them in hot Singapore so I’m sure you could wear it where you are. I look forward to seeing your future pictures!

7 Fashion By Alicia

Such a fun look for shopping and a gorgeous area.

8 Sylvia

Thanks! Yes, I think the area is far prettier than the outfit in this case!

9 The Style Crone

Your Amsterdam outfit is fabulous. And the background is beyond beautiful. Happy Holidays Sylvia!

10 Sylvia

And the same to you Judith. Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

11 GreetjeKamminga

I live in Holland and agree with Sylvia that the 9 streets is a fabulous shopping area. Really, really good. Have you seen the bags and shoes made by Hester van Eeghen? She gets quite renowned. And of course you also know what a wunderful town Haarlem is, scenery wise and shopping wise. Everybody: if you ever are in Holland, don’t miss these places.

12 Sylvia

Yes of course I know her. I have one of her bags. I love her shoes as well, but have not been able to succeed (yet) in that shop. I should feature her sometimes…

13 GreetjeKamminga

I had one of her bags, the baguette, but foolishly gave it away. It was a bit small for my VIP (very intelligent pocket), my bag in bag., which is such a nifty invention for women with several bags. But I now regret giving away the bag.. Still,, i have two pairs of shoes from her.
For the online shop you simply go to: http://www.hestervaneeghen.com
For bags, wallets and accessories, not for shoes.

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