The best looks at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018!

by Sylvia

The best looks at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018! |

40+Style photographer Denton Taylor loves to photograph looking amazingly stylish in New York and the Veuveclicquot polo classic is one of his favorite events of the year.

And I can see why!

It’s not often anymore that women REALLY make an effort to look super chic.

So feast your eyes on these images and let me know what YOU would wear to this event

#1 Sexy neutrals

A subtle use of print and texture. I especially like the layered look of the woman in the white dress who has a fabulous hat to boot!

Sexy neutral dresses at the veuveclicquot polo classic 2018 |

#2 Lace and ruffles

These women also play with texture and subtle print. What a gorgeously looking trio which proves that style doesn’t stop at any age.

Beautifully textured neutral dresses at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#3 Minimalist in white

Denton’s wife Teresa Taylor (also on photography duty) also oped for a neutral and chose a minimal white dress with sheer elements. A pop of color is provided by a necklace of artist Carol Markel (read her style interview here).

White dress at the veuveclicquot polo classic 2018 |

#4 Gorgeous in pastel yellow

These ladies went for a lovely pastel yellow summer vibe. Together they do some mean print mixing too (see here our tips on how to mix print and pattern).

Gorgeous in pastel yellow at the veuveclicquot polo classic 2018 |

#5 Multicolored maxi dress

Now THIS is how you wear a maxi dress in style. Top it with a fabulous hat and you’re good to go to almost any event. Want more maxi dress inspiration? Visit our article on how to wear a maxi dress.

Maxi dress at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#6 Chanel chic in black & white

Proof that texture and sheer are very much on trend, here is another fabulous example. Her fabulous smile is the icing on the cake!

Chanel chic in black and white at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#7 Black & white statement looks

How gorgeous are these 2 women? With their short funky hairstyles, these women came here to make a statement with their looks! Want more, check 18 ways to wear black and white in summer.

Black & white statement looks at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#8 Vibrant color dress

This woman is making a statement too with her gorgeous colorful dress, blending perfectly with the more subtle colors of her companion. Want a bit of pink in your life? Check our article on how to wear pink.

Vibrant color dress at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#9 Beautiful print mix

Another color that seems to have color coordinated their dress for the perfect print mix. For more inspiration you may like our article on how to wear stripes.

Beautiful print mix at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#10 Happy summer style!

These looks just make me happy and wanting to go out inside the sunshine. Just love the combination of orange and pink!

Happy summer style at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#11 Vibrant colors

These women also left their muted dresses in their wardrobe and celebrated color. Their smiles are very infectous too!

Vibrant colors at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

#12 Elegant chic

Finally this couple gets the prize for being elegantly chic. This look would have been great for the royal wedding too!

Elegantly chic at the Veuve Clicquot polo classic 2018 |

I’m sure you enjoyed these fabulous looks from the 2018 Veuveclicquot polo classic. It’s going to be hard to pick a favorite but I challenge you to pick one anyway and let me know which one is your favorite and what you would choose to wear to an event like this!


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Veronica

I love all the looks its hard pick one. I go with # 12 the couple lady is pink dress, shoes ,hat and man is in jacket yellow tie. I have similar pink dress mine is pink capsleeve sleeveless dress from cato i have swede heels match. 10. The two ladies one is wearing white high low dress yellow hat and other lady is wearing orange and pink hat with white wedges and orange purse she has big straw bag. She is wearing beautiful white dress with pink and orange flowers.3. Is two woman wearing floral dresses. All looks were beautiful. If i was invited to event i would worn mu multi white dress has colors pink green purple . i would my wide white hat with pink green purple flowers my. Green shoes and green purse. All looks are beautiful i have dresses similar to these in my closet. Most woman have clothes but dont wear it. I syarted wearing my clothes. When i started mixing qnd matching putting time do my hair and makeup not only did i look great but i felt great. I was more productive and di better job.

2 Greetje

I am totally in love with 5 and 7. And the hats of number 10 are gorgeous. Number 12 is indeed elegant and chic, but how the hxll does she walk on grass in those heels???

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