Thank you for 5 amazing years!

by Sylvia

Thanks for 5 amazing years!

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and promotions and this year I’d like to join in the fun.

First of all I want to give thanks.

I’m not very good with remembering or celebrating anniversaries but on 14 September 2011 40+Style was launched (I’m a little late celebrating…).

When I started 40+Style, I felt there was not enough information for women over 40 where they could get inspiration for their outfits or get help with style and dressing in general. I wanted to create a place where 40+ women are celebrated.

It had always been my dream to run my own magazine and build a community. I felt I should give it a go and I pulled the plug. It wasn’t easy and a little bit scary. Before that I had never showed my face online and I can assure you that the writing wasn’t top notch.

A total of 5 people were kind enough to show up that first day. Right now we get an average of 16,000 people daily on the site, so we’ve come a long way.

40+Style has become my full-time business and it’s still my passion project. It’s allowed me to do the work that I love, travel a lot and connect with many beautiful and interesting women.

It still feels like a dream come true.

I still see lots of opportunities for improvement for the site though and I’ve got lots of new things coming up in 2017, so stay tuned!

Not just a blog

I love that the site has become so much more than just a blog. It’s a thriving community full of gorgeous 40+ women that hang out on the site, on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. They support and inspire eachother and sometimes close friendships are formed.

I also developed 2 courses that helped many women find their style and feel better about themselves and the way they look. New students still enrol every month and I’m so thankful for their trust in me.

So thank you!

Thank you so much for showing up each day and reading the articles and newsletters!

Thank you for sharing the content and following on social media. 40+Style would not still be here today if it wasn’t for you!

Thanks to all those who enrolled in my courses. I so appreciate your trust in me.

Thanks to the many 40+ women who shared their wisdom in the style interviews.

Thank you for the personal friendships that I formed as a direct result of this blog. I feel so fortunate of meeting many of you in person during my travels.

Thank you also to the fabulous 40+Style team members and contributors who help keep this site running and thriving: Denton, Anja, Trice, Cheska, Rosemond, Julia, Cynthia, and Kelly. This site would not be the same without you.

And thank you to my wonderful husband and son who always support me 100%.

A special thank you to my friend Greetje who has cheered me on for so long and still continues to leave a comment on almost every single article.  I so appreciate you!

Thank you for being here!

You are what makes me return to this site every single day.

I so appreciate the kind messages you sent me and the many comments you left on this site and in social media.
It means a lot to me that you appreciate the work that I do.

Thank you for being the most amazing and positive community of women over 40 online (connected through the Facebook group, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter).

You are all amazing and beautiful!

Myself and the 40+Style team will do our best to keep you happy, inspired, entertained and motivated to keep you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous in the coming years.

Cheers to 5 more amazing years!


p.s. want to put an even bigger smile on my face? Please share your favorite memory of 40+Style. Has any of the information shared on this site impacted your life in some way? Perhaps a tip I shared has helped you? Or you met someone special through the site or the connected social media? Or perhaps this blog inspired you to start something for yourself? I would love to hear your stories!


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Beverly J. Taylor

Thank you so much Sylvia for the great pictures and your wonderful tips on how to dress the RECTANGLE BODY

Beverly Taylor


Thanks for the kind words Beverly!

Sherry Edwards

I am so thankful for you. I am new to this and I wish I had found you so much sooner. I had finished all my duties at work and was busy on the computer looking busy when I just happened to Google your site.


Well better late than never! It’s fabulous to have you as a reader and thank you for all the thoughtful comments you left on the site.


I am most thankful for meeting you, Anja and Greetje.

I am thankful for sharing time with you in New York and BC. You always manage to surprise me.

Congratulations! I wish you continued success in the future.



It has been such a blast to get to know you Suzanne. I hope we have the opportunity again to meet this coming year!

The Style Crone

Sylvia, I am grateful to you. I had so much fun meeting you during your stay in Denver, and hope to connect with you again at some point. Your blog impresses and inspires me. As do you as a person. I am thankful for all that you do!


Likewise Judith! Please know that even though I don’t comment I still read and am very much inspired by all your posts and your new adventures.


Sylvia it’s been a blast working with you and meeting and interacting with your readers and fans. Really enjoy what you do!


Thanks Denton. I’m so happy we are working together and can’t wait to catch up with you again next year in New York!


Ah.. you are a sweetie. Thank you for the kind words, the friendship, the kicks up my bum when I need it. You have helped me so much with my blog, with all the things I should or shouldn’t do. And I am smart enough to listen and do as you tell me haha.
The biggest things I learned from you stylewise are: an outfit with three colours is so much more interesting than just two. And proportions! It ook me a long time to understand it, but it is an important one.
I hope you will continue for many years. Congratulations.

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