Wow it’s 2019 already!

Are you excited for the year ahead? Or do you feel a bit deflated and feel like you didn’t accomplish as much as you hoped for in 2018?

For me the end of the year is always a time to reflect. I look back at the year that was and look at the year ahead and wonder what went well last year and what I’d like to improve or achieve this year.

I think about my lifestyle, career goals, freedom goals but also about style. I don’t really make resolutions but reflect on where I’d like to be at the end of 2018 and what I hope to accomplish.

You may want to go through this process with regards to your family, friendships, health, work etc. But it’s also good to reflect on your personal style.

Your style either directly or indirectly affects these other areas of you life too and if you feel happier and more confident it will have a ripple effect.

If I’m happy with my style choices I often feel better and can take on the world with more confidence.

First, let’s look back at 2018

If you like to set your own style goals you may like to first reflect on 2018.

  • What clothes worked well for me this year and made me feel amazing?
  • Which clothes did not work?
  • Which clothes did I frequently miss? (what are the gaps in my wardrobe?)
  • Did I buy too much or too little?
  • Which clothes suit my personality and body type?
  • Do I have enough accessories to complete my outfit?
  • How well did I groom myself?
  • Is my hairstyle up-to-date?
  • What are the words that define my style?

What are your style goals for 2019?

What do you want to achieve in terms of style in 2019?

How do you want to look and feel?

What areas of your style do you want to improve?

Do you want to spend more or less in 2019?

If you could only pick one word for the year, what would it be?

Here are some of my answers

What do I want to achieve in terms of style?

Although I’m happy with the color and print I added I want to go back to my graphical roots and focus more on simplicity and creating outfits with solid colors too.

I still aim to add fewer, but more high qaulity items. Simplicity is key.

How do I want to look and feel?

I want to feel comfortable, yet stylish and a bit hip.

What areas do I want to improve?

Simplify more. Do a good end of year edit and only leave all the clothes I still love.

More focus on special statement earrings.

Comfortable yet hip shoes.

Not too boring. My clothes need to have a bit of an edge. Be just a little bit different from what everyone else is wearing. The need to represent ME!

Do I want to spend or less in 2019?

I don’t feel I spent a lot this year, so about the same would be good.

My word for the year?


I want to simplify in all areas of my life.

Some of my favorite outfits from last year

Here are some of my favorite outfits that I still wear regularly.

Favorite look of 2018 #1 - colorful skirt with white blouse |

This Cos skirt has been a real favorite. So easy and light to wear and definitely the garment I have received the most compliments on, with people stopping me in the street to ask where I bought it. I wore it a lot with both black and white tops. This white top was from Cos too.

Cos navy dress |

This Cos dress gives me a bit of an Audrey Hepburn vibe. Made of stretchy cotton, it’s easy to wear and super airy when I wear it without the belt. I usually like to belt it to give me more definition.

Favorite outfit of 2018 #3 - colorful tunic over white pants |

I have also enjoyed wearing this Zara short dress that I wear as a tunic. Looks good with both black and white and gives every outfit an arty appearance and a bit of color!

Favourte outfit of 2018 #4 - minimalist chic in gray and white |

I’m also drawn again to simple plain colors so long as there is an interesting design detail which this top from In Good Company provides.

Favorite look of 2018 #5 - casual chic

These 2 pieces have been a real hit too. I’ve worn them in all kinds of different ways. The top is from Diane von Furstenberg and these are my favorite jeans from Paige.

Favorite look #6 - comfortable chic with a tunic over leggings |

This older tunic (or rather a short dress that I wear as a tunic / jacket) worn over Uniqlo leggings is still a favorite too. (Find out more about how to wear leggings here).

Favorite outfit #7 - Silk closwer skirt with Fly London shoes |

I acquired this top and skirt in New York. The skirt is secondhand from Celine bought at the Real Real. Since the outfit is a bit girly I needed to make it a bit more edgy with my trusted Fly London shoes.

Do you want a head start with achieving your style goals this year?

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In just 5 days, you will get a lot clearer on your style and where you want to take it this year.

What are your style goals this year?


Top photo by MisjaB


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