Posing before Prada and the 6 inch heels

by Sylvia

Posing before Prada

This is what I look like when I have just had a keratin hair straighening (or in my case anti-frizz) treatment done. The hair looks super straight, a bit greasy as the treatment hasn’t been washed out yet, and grey roots are shining through since I always do this treatment before coloring. These photos were also taken before I had my haircut. (of which I already give you a sneak preview). First pictures with my new colour and hair cut on Monday!

Although I was meant to meet up Anja for lunch in China town and discover that area a bit more, it was raining hard so we settled for Marina Bay Sands instead. And here we are posing before the luxury Prada store. It seems like a good background, since I have just discussed the need for more mid heel shoes.

Not quite Prada

I was in casual mode today and was wearing one of my most comfortable white flats instead. Still, I always want to add a bit of interest to my outfit and whenever possible some asymmetry and colour and this goofy t-shirt from Alldressedup fits the bill perfectly. Paired with my ever versatile white bell bottom jeans from Kookai and a funky necklace from Alldressedup, this outfit fits me like a glove.

Anja in front of Prada store in Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Unusually, Anja wasn’t wearing much colour today. Instead she was showing us all again how to wear leggings.  She’s got the perfect legs to pull off this look and is able to combine it with a short tunic dress. Notice the perfect heels of these shoes which are in stark contrast to the advertised Prada heels behind? These shoes look elegant, are walkable and seem to have the perfect mid heel height! Anja is currently in Mumbai you can read her first Mumbai travel report on her blog.

What have you been wearing this week? Show it in our forum!



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Your t-shirt is not “goofy”! It is really cool with the zipper and in that bright color. And white jeans are classic. You can not go wrong wearing them. I also think you have the most amazing collection of necklaces I have ever seen. 🙂
Anja’s dress is darling and I like it over the leggings. She is so cute with her big earrings.
I saw those Prada shoes on Thursday. They are beautiful but I can’t imagine trying to walk on the thin heels. Did you see the new Prada collection that just showed in Milan? I loved it! Prada and Gucci are my F/W inspiration. And the owl tees at Burberry. I have to have an owl shirt!


Thanks Suzanne. You have not seen all my necklaces (yet) so hopefully I can entertain you some more with them… Yes, goofy is probably not the correct word. I actually really like the t on the pictures 🙂 Just saw Prada and am loving the new silhuettes! Not too keen on Gucci. Little too bohemian for me….


LOL! “Bohemian” did not occur to me but that would explain why I love Gucci so much. 🙂 What did you think of the Michael Kors runway? I did not like his S/S collection and I like the F/W even less. Those shaggy coats would make me look like a Yeti! The critics didn’t mind it though.


I agree. Nothing really new or exciting in there. Only pinned a few looks from it at my Fall/Winter 2012 pinboard. https://pinterest.com/40plusstyle/fall-winter-2012-trends/ I also didn’t like all that fur…


You look great! Love your casual outfit with that fantastic statement necklace.


Thanks Heather. Yes I do love my necklaces 🙂

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