Taking the stripes from day to evening

by Sylvia

Taking a skirt from dag to evening

You may see something funny about these pictures. Yes, that’s right they are all crooked. But at least, they are sharp! I had been unhappy with the quality of the images taken on my terrace so I had to do something. I can’t rotate them, unfortunately, because that would leave me with no feet and half a head in most cases. I actually think it’s fun to have these strange images, so hopefully you agree!

My outfit today is very stripey and I’m taking it from casual to chic (evening . I’m still in Chanel mode, blue mode and generally understated mode, so this outfit suits me just fine. It’s also a very comfortable outfit, with flexible cotton jersey wrapping all my curves. I snapped up the wide striped skirt, just a few days ago, when my friend Anja lured me into her favorite store: H & M. That shop is a little out of the way of my usual shopping area so I hadn’t even been inside. It was great fun shopping there, as I recognise so many of the trends featured there from the runways. And H & M is super affordable as well.

The top dress is one of my casual dresses that I wear on the beach. I bought it cheap and it’s a nice comfy dress /tunic for very casual occassions. So when I wanted to wear my new wide striped skirt to a casual gathering, I was thrilled that it actually matched my other striped dress almost entirely. It’s so great to find a perfect matching garment for something you have just bought.

I was going to a very casual event, a fair, so needed something very sporty, comfortable and casual. Yet, I did not want to be boring, so matching both skirt and dress felt like a great option. It’s now a casually chic outfit. I would have wished that I had a nice orange (big) bag to go with it. But alas, I don’t have one (yet) so I took my big comfy black one. However, I do feel that orange would go perfect with this outfit, so for the photo I matched it with a little orange mini bag I snapped up in Cambodia. (perhaps I shouldn’t have, so you could more clearly see the transformation from casual outfit to evening outfit….)

When I saw this wide striped skirt and saw that it was only about $12, I was very tempted indeed. Only later did I find out that they also have a whole dress in that same pattern. Too short, of course, but what if I combined it with the skirt. It actually looks like a long knee length dress. Sweet! Now it looks like a nice tight, form fitting dress, yet with the 2 layers it’s still more comfortable and does not show every imperfection.

This time I added a bit more glam with an orange necklace, my cute hat, high heeled shoes, a gifted bracelet and my orange little bag. I’m happy with the results and with a total amount spent of only $25, I am definitely a happy mama.

You see, I’m really WORKING this dress!

I can see many opportunities for combining both parts of this combination. Great with my white pants, great with white blouses, orange tops and of course red. The possibilities are endless. This was a great little find and the good news is, it may still be in stores near you.

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Which do you like best, casual me or evening me?


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Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I cannot choose, both looks are so chic for you. I think the touches of orange really make the second look special. Great shopping, Sylvia! Love the new hair too. And thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.


Thanks Patti. I know, very proud of myself (thanks to friend Anja though for getting me into H&M). Hopefully I’ll get some better pictures of hair sometime soon…


Isn’t cotton jersey wonderful? If you hadn’t told us, I would never have guessed that the wide-striped look was actually two pieces. It looks pretty seamless to me! And the orange bag is the perfect accessory.


It’s great and even better with a classic pattern. That way I can wear tight cotton without being too body conscious…. I know it’s so practical to have it in 2 separate pieces!


I like the second dress. You look great in that color.



Thanks Kim

Pam @over50feeling40

This is really cute and I never would have thought to put stripes on stripes…I like your haircut…alot… Happy Monday!!


Thanks Pam. Stripes on stripes is my favorite way of pattern mixing!


I like both looks, but evening you is my favourite! Excellent idea to put the tunic over the dress anyway, it’s a cute look:)


I’m only wearing the skirt in the first look Nanne. Keeping it nice and cool….

Bella Q

You look fantastic in both looks, but I love the layers of the day look. I love the small stripes over the larger stripes. I actually cooed in my head like a happy pigeon with I saw you in the first photograph. Stripes are such a wonderful pattern, and I can tell you’re having fun playing with them. Kudos for the shot of citrus in the handbag. Great pop of color.


Your comment made me smile Bella 🙂 Happy I could please the expert pattern mixer!


I think the orange bag is an inspired touch. Very visible. While I like both looks, the layered is my favorite because it is unique.


Thanks Debbi!


I am passing on The Versatile Blogger Award to you! 🙂 Thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Please do not feel you have to respond but just wanted to let you know and hope it brings people your way!


Thank you Catherine. What an honour. Very happy that you like my blog!


LOVE! Love, love, love! The haircut is fantastic! You look so cute. I am sure you will really enjoy it. It fits your style.
The navy and white, the thin stripes and the wide stripes, the orange bag and necklace – this may be my favorite look you have ever posted. You can add almost any accessory or color to these outfits – heels or flats, red, yellow, hot pink, or lime green, a hat, a small clutch or a large tote – it all works. This look is so perfect I am now on the hunt for navy and white stripes! You could pack these 3 pieces and a pair of jeans, shorts, and a bikini and be set for a week at the beach. 🙂


Thanks Suzanne. I know blue and white is so versatile. And with splitting up the skirt and the dress, there are just so many options. Yes, it would be perfect for travelling too!

Greetje Kamminga

I like the second outfit the best as it is more fitted. And you can carry that off. Very clever to combine short dress and skirt. A friend of mine used to buy two short, wide skirts at H&M. She would alter one of them by adding a piece of plain material at the top and wear the two skirts together. Thus creating a two layered skirt at knee length with a big belt, a fitted shirt and a big, big necklace. Different style from your striped combination, but same idea and equally good looking. Having no hips or bum myself, I would have to go for the two wide skirts rather than your style which is more sexy.
Your hair looks good but it is a bit hard to tell from one photo. Looking forward to seeing more.


Great idea! Shall keep that in mind. To be honest, I don’t have a bum either, it’s very flat and has suffered from ‘gravity’. But when you combine 2 layers, that already adds a bit more bulk, so it actually works better than just a dress. I think you may be able to pull of tighter skirts / dresses as well…

Cindy Swanson

I think “evening me” is my favorite! I love that dress, and you have such a slim, lovely figure!

Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life


You look so sexy in your striped dress! Love love love!

Nicole Feliciano

Love the way you’ve taken on this stripe project. Fresh and inspiring for spring. Thanks so much for sharing your style on Monday Mingle.

Tamera Beardsley

Love, love, love this! I’m a huge fan of nautical stripes so I adore all of your adaptations!

Thank you for sharing and inspiring!


I love the combo of the thinner and wider stripes. The orange bag is the perfect pop of color!

Angel Collins

I love the dress, stripes are appropriate for any skin color.reveals the beauty inside.


I’m a stripes fanatic and I LOVE that second dress!


I love love love stripes, of all colors and sizes. Looking at this reminds me that I should get some new stripe knits because all my other one’s have died over the years.
You look fantastic! Not everyone can wear horizontal stripes but your figure is so fabulous it they look great on you.

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