As we age, there’s so much that we gain – knowledge, wisdom, family, friends, wrinkles, the confidence to be ourselves! But, there are also some things that we lose – and usually, our eyesight is something which deteriorates.

Luckily, for those of us who are challenged in that department, spectacles have never been so trendy, with many people opting to wear them as accessories even if they don’t have problems with their vision.

But for those of us who need reading glasses, one of the most annoying things about wearing them – because we don’t need them all of the time – is that it’s all-too-easy to lose them!

Spectacles hidden in your necklace

Neckglasses has a, very stylish, solution to the problem. They have created glasses which look like necklaces, meaning you can have them with you at all times, without the need to wear spectacle cords or prop them in your shirt, or atop your head!

How to use your reading glasses as a stylish accessory |

It’s the brainchild of friends who were fed up with going to a restaurant, only to have to ask someone to read the menu for them as they had forgotten their reading glasses. Or they would go to shops and be unable to read ingredients.

How to wear Neckglasses

Neckglasses look just like a statement necklace, only they have reading glasses hidden in them!

They come either in ‘full length’ designs where the glasses are incorporated vertically into a necklace, or folded, which would make the necklace slightly shorter.

reading glasses as a stylish accessory |

Either way, they’re designed to be worn as pendant necklaces, and you will want to ensure that the design you choose is a flattering length for you, whether you’re trying to draw attention to your top half or wish to create an elongating effect with a longer style. You can customize them to get the style you want, adding charms or even extra sets of glasses.

Reading glasses that look like necklaces |

We’ve taken inspiration from some of our favorite 40+ street style looks to show you how you could substitute your pendant necklace for Neckglasses with hidden glasses!

Layered with pearls

We love the simplicity of the Dianna style, which looks just like a glass pendant. You could team with pearls and wear over a white shift dress for a chic, summery look.

How to style reading glasses |

For rock style chic

Rock chick looks don’t always have to mean wearing black. Here, a coordinating waistcoat and pleated trousers are given an edgy vibe with a layered Chanel necklace. We think the Catherine glasses would give a similar kind of feel to an otherwise ladylike look.

How to wear reading glasses |

Instead of a long pendant

Here, a long pearl pendant brings interest to a plain white top. You could easily achieve the same kind of outfit by wearing the Karen Neckglasses over a top in one block color.

Outfits to wear with reading glasses |

With jewels

While there are a number of designs to choose from, Neckglasses also allow you to customize your reading glasses. So, you could add a bit of extra bling and wear over dark shades like black or navy to allow your accessories to pop.

Stylish reading glasses |

Over darker colors

Many of the Neckglasses styles come in silvers and metallics, which would look great worn over darker colors. You could go for an all-black ensemble and add a pendant to create interest. The tassel detailing on this pendant is particularly on-trend.

Reading glasses necklace |

While we’d all love to have 20/20 vision throughout our life, glasses can add style to your look, particularly if you opt for specs incorporated into necklaces!

If you’re looking for a unique way to wear yours, visit Neckglasses to choose and personalize your favorite style and never search for your glasses again!

How would you wear your neck glasses?



Article created in collaboration with Neckglasses
Photos by Neckglasses and Denton Taylor

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