My detox is over and I’m feeling fabulous. This is part 3 of my detox series, so if you haven’t read my previous articles Detoxing: how it works and why I’m doing it and detoxing in Thailand how I’m doing, you may want to do that first.

Yesterday was my last day of detox and today I started eating again. Although it’s nice to eat real food again I’m already missing the retreat and the mindfullness that comes with detoxing.

As expected I felt great on day 5. Lots of energy, not hungry, ready to take on the world. What is so nice about doing a retreat like this, is that it completely takes you away from normal life. The environment is very nurturing and you are able to completely focus on your health, both emotional and physical. As  described earlier, you are kept constantly ‘busy’ but in such a nice way that you feel totally relaxed throughout the whole day.

So did I enjoy my detox retreat in Thailand?

The short answer is YES. Detoxing really helps you to focus again on what is important, while at the same time completely cleansing your body. It completely energizes you and at the end, you feel like a new person. It can help some people get rid of some illnesses and help others lose weight. And if you do your detox in such a nurturing environment as Atmanjai, you can really grow as a person as well.

detox retreat in Thailand Atmanjai

At Atmanjai it’s not only about your physical being, they also help you with any emotional issues you may have. They have several therapists with all kinds of specialties and frequently organise meditation sessions. It was interesting to see that people who had never done meditation before really got into it and feet the benefits almost immediately. I have never been ‘good’ at meditating, if there is such a thing, although I have practiced it before. It was great to be reminded again that it is actually very beneficial to have a quiet reflection moment each day. I also really enjoyed the yoga each morning.

Detoxing: this is why you need to do it too! |

Tackling my issue: posture

As you know my focus was on improving posture this time and I was very lucky that I had a special therapist for that as well, Mandy who runs the Movement Clinic.  One of the services she offers is Feldenkrais, which aims to improve movement repertoire. You are shown ways how to better move your body and how to improve posture. I really like this method and aim to continue with this in Singapore. I feel this topic deserves its own article so I will come back to this later.

What happens after your detox retreat?

When your detox is over you start your day with some fresh fruit instead of  your usual ‘mud’ drinks. I was given some papaya which I had turned into a smoothie. Although that doesn’t seem like much, it really filled me up and it actually took quite a long time to finish it! For the rest of this day, you are advised to just eat some salad at lunch time and then salad and 1 steamed vegetable at diner time.

On day 2 you are advised to eat fresh fruit, cereal or a soft-boiled egg for diner, a large salad, 1 steamed vegetable or yoghurt and cottage cheese for lunch and then salad, steamed vegetable and 1 protein like salmon for diner.

On day 3 you can start eating as normal again, although of course it is recommended to be mindful of what you eat and don’t continue eating all of the ‘toxic’ foods.

It is also advised to begin the day with the honey and apple cider vinegar drink that we were having at the retreat and take a probiotic every evening.

Detoxing results for me this time

  • Feel more energized
  • Have more radiant skin
  • Lost 2 kilos
  • Have made a lot of progress in my posture improvement journey
  • Feel very grounded and more in tune with ‘now’
  • Have gotten a better idea of the direction I want to take in life
Will it help improve my eating habits and kick my desire for sugar and carbs? We will see. I don’t feel I’m determined enough yet to eliminate them yet, but I will make a renewed effort to eat less sugars and cut down on yeast products.

Detoxing with others makes it easier and more fun!

Although you can do detoxing on your own, it has many advantages to do it at a detox retreat. One of them is that you are there with other people doing exactly the same thing. They are all there for a reason and all of them were very committed. One of them was health writer Jon Gabriel, who started his detox on the same day as me. He has been on a very interesting journey in the last 10 years and went from working in New York and being obese to living in the Perth country side being very healthy indeed. He has developed his own method of losing weight without dieting and wrote a book about it. I will definitely read it as I still want to get rid of my sugar cravings!

Meet him and some of the other amazing people I met in this video and learn more about what they got out of detoxing. I filmed it the wrong way up and the sounds isn’t great, but you will still get an idea what detoxing will be like.

Want to go to a detox retreat too?

I can really recommend it! Atmanjai is a great detox retreat in Phuket, Thailand so if you want to find out more, you should check out their website.

If you don’t feel like doing a detox retreat like I did, just do it on a regular basis at home. I found this page from Gwyneth Paltrow’s site which gives some wonderful detox recipes. For those in Singapore a new cafe has just opened that offers a lot of raw and vegan food. Have a look at the menu. It looks amazing. This website also offers a lot of information of food and detoxing.

If you have any more questions about detox retreats, let me know and I will be happy to answer them!

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