Detoxing: how it works and why I’m doing it

by Sylvia

Detoxing in phuket thailand

As I mentioned yesterday I am currently detoxing in Phuket at Atmanjai  so today I will go a bit more into details on what Detox is and why I believe it can be good for you. For a total of 5 days I will not eat anything, apart from a vegetable broth in the evening. Throughout the day though I will be drinking special ‘mud’ drinks and take special vitamins.

So why do I do this detox. There are several reasons:

  • I still eat many foods that are not healthy for me, like refined sugars, and feel it’s is necessary to cleanse the body once in a while.
  • I feel it helps with headaches and stomach cramps and it generally makes me feel healthier.
  • It gives me time to reflect on life and just be ‘away from it all’ for a short time and I come back with a refreshed mind.
  • I felt it was a good way to kick start my yoga routine and my journey to obtain better posture. The opportunity was there so I took it!

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How does detoxing work?

Detoxing is aimed at cleansing the body and giving your digestive system a bit of a break while at the same ridding your body of accumulated toxins.

1. Pre-cleanse

The process ideally starts with a pre-cleanse, where you prepare your body for the cleansing program. At this stage it is recommended to gradually remove foods from your diet. You are advised to remove all meat, dairy, egg and bakery products, as well as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and any other drugs. So you will mainly be eating fruit and vegetables.

2. Cleansing & purification program

During your program you will not eat, but instead consume a variety of cleansing shakes, supplements and oils. These will help with the elimination of toxins and waste. Only one vegetable broth is taken in the evening and let me tell you that broth tastes devine!

The ‘shakes’ are actually the most challenging part of the program for me.  At Atmanjai we are required to drink 5×2 cleansing drinks:

  1. A mixture of magnesium oxide, bentonite clay and psylium: this shake is pretty awful. The taste is quite foul and the texture too to be honest. You will have to drink it really fast as the drink quickly becomes truly muddy.
  2. Honey & apple cider vinegar: this drink is a bit more bearable, but still not very nice.

how to detox

In between these shakes you also take vitamins and supplements.

Meanwhile you are kept pretty busy here at Atmanjai. The morning starts with a yoga session, which is a great start of the day.

Not so long after you will have your first colema. This is a mild form of colonics that you perform yourself. At Atmanja you have your own colema room for your entire stay which is kept clean by the staff. As I have done a detox before I was familiar with the process which is actually pretty easy and once you get used to it, quite relaxing. I find detoxing with the help of colemas very effective and effficient. Released toxins are elimninated much faster so you feel better much quicker. At my last detox I started to feel really well after day 2. I will let you know in an upcoming post how I will fare this time.

detoxing in phuket, thailain

Every day you will receive a massage. The Thais are experts at massage and I especially like their strong Thai massages, so this is is always a highlight of the day.

In addition to the massage there is also the ultrasonic zapper. This is a special machine that sends electro currents through the body and helps to increase the blood flow which in turn helps to remove  released toxins faster from the body.

There is also a steam room that further assists with that.

In addition you can participate in other therapies. I had a session of Feldenkreis today which will assist with improving my posture.

3. Post-cleanse

After your fasting (in my case 5 days, but some people do it for a whole month!) you will only want to gradually reintroduce all foods into your life again. For best continuing results it is recommended to not consume many processed foods, coffee, alcohol and others drugs and Atmanjai also encourages you to start your days with an apple cider vinegar drink and honey and then end your day with a probiotic forwever!

Friendship beach resort phuket thailand

I will tell you more about my progress and experience on Thursday. Tomorrow it’s back to fashion for those not interested in this! If you have any particular questions about detoxing, let me know and I can try and address them.

Have you ever done a detox? Would you consider doing one?

P.s. More on my detox experience: 2. detox retreat in Thailand, how I’m doing and 3. detox retreat results

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Heather Fonseca

You’re a Stronger woman than I! I don’t think I could ever do a fast. I get terrible headaches if I miss a meal and I used to have fainting episodes from low blood sugar. I like the idea of daily massage and yoga though!


You should try it sometime in a controlled environment. I have the same feeling when skipping meals, but here you get all the ‘shakes’ and calimas and it is much more doable. Still tough the first couple of days but the massages and beautiful scenery really help!


I think it sounds interesting, but I have no idea how my body would react to this treatment! I imagine it’s a little bit easier doing the whole thing when you can stay at a retreat and have the process organized. I did try some sort of home-detox once, where I was allowed to eat certain foods and drink a herbal drink several times each day. I remember losing a couple of pounds, but other than that it didn’t do much difference.


I think it will be a totally different experience when you’re doing it at a retreat. I’ve never been able to do it on my own.


I’m going to toast your adventure by eating a cupcake 😉


Will join you in a weeks’ time!


I think it is very interesting. What stops me is the fact I cannot have any coffee. Never again really, if you want long lasting results. And coffee is the one thing in food/drinks that I cannot do without. Truly a drug. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, eat moderate, but coffee… Still, your story clearly is about what we consume and what it does to you. My headaches are coming more frequently. Would it be because of the food? But if so, what food? Sugar? A couple of years ago I skipped coffee for months, but it wasn’t the coffee that gave me headaches. I don’t take sugar in my coffee anymore but sweets, but sugar is in nearly everything we eat. I should try and find a detox way here in Holland. See what it does. I am for it.
By the way, every time I go to your site, I am reminded of my posture. Really good. I am improving for longer periods per day than I ever did. Perhaps this time it will really become a natural thing….??


Few of us can always eat and drink the right things. That’s why detoxing can be good as it cleanses your body. Being in a retreat like this also clarifies your mind as well as your body so it has many benefits. Great work on the posture!


Sylvia, This is awesome, you are doing something amazing for your body and your health. I have done a few 3 day detox’s, but I find it difficult to do on my own in my everyday environment. The idea of a controlled environment is very enticing to me. I think I would like an experience that is totally focused on wellness without the distractions of home life.


Thanks Lisa. This is the second time I’m doing it and if you can find the time I can certainly recommend it.

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